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Easy & Quick Way to Convert BUP to MP4 on Mac or Windows

by Brian Fisher • • Proven solutions

How to convert BUP to MP4?

BUP is an extension for backup file format and this file is used by an array of programs for creating automatic backup of the data. One of the most common uses of BUP files is the DVD info file (IFO) backup. So, now we know BUP files are not media files, and they can not be converted and played, then to realize the BUP to MP4 conversion can be said to achieve the conversion from DVD that contains BUP file to MP4.

Good conversion software will get the task done accurately. See the easy steps to convert BUP to MP4 format below.

Tip 1. Best Video Converter to Convert BUP to MP4 Mac (with Guide!)

To get your BUP files converted to MP4 and other formats in a professional manner, UniConverter is the best software. Using the program, local BUP files, as well as files from devices, can be converted to MP4 in just a few steps. Multiple files for batch processing can be added to the interface.

Get the Best BUP to MP4 Video Converter:

  • Supports over 150 formats for conversion in lossless quality
  • Batch processing for converting multiple files is facilitated
  • Editing can be done using a built-in editor with features like trim, crop, effects, watermark, and others
  • Super-fast conversion speed (90X) faster
  • Supports downloading videos from more than 1000 sites including Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, and others
  • Recording of online videos is facilitated by the software
  • Supports latest and popular versions of Windows and Mac system
  • Allows to change file parameters like frame rate, bit rate, and others for file compression and other needs

Guide to convert BUP to MP4 using UniConverter

Step 1. Load DVD that have BUP files on UniConverter

Open UniConverter software and choose Converter tab. Drag and drop the DVD files on your PC to the program interface. Clicking on +Add Files option helps to browse and import local files.

Multiple files can be added for batch conversion. If you wish to add BUP(DVD) files directly from a device, connect the same to your PC and from drop-down menu at +Add Files, choose the connected device.

Load BUP files to iskysoft bup to mp4 converter

Step 2. Select MP4 as the output format

To choose target format, open options at Output Format: tab on the top-right corner of the interface. Select MP4 format and desired resolution from the Video list. The file parameters can be changed by clicking the pencil icon that will open a new window.

Select MP4 as the output format

Step 3. Convert BUP to MP4

As a final step, click on Start All button to start converting all added files to the target format. To convert one file at a time, hit the Convert button next to the added file. You can locate the converted files at the location mentioned on the File Location tab. The destination can also be changed if needed. The Finished tab also shows the list of processed files.

Convert BUP to MP4

Tip 2. Difference among BUP, IFO, TS and VOB format

BUP, IFO, TS, and VOB are all related to a DVD disc. Know the difference between these formats.

BUP: BUP stands for backup and the file is created from DVD as a backup of image files. In situations when IFO files are damaged or cannot be read by your drive due to scratches or other reasons, BUP file data is used for loading the disc content. BUP files are not media files and cannot play independently but a disc cannot be recognized or played when BUP file is missing.

IFO: Commonly known as ISO, an ISO image file is an archive file that contains all the data present on a disc- DVD, Blu-ray or a CD including the file system as well. ISO files can be used for creating the backup and for distributing large programs that need to be burned on an optical disc. The file has .iso extension and the name is taken from the file system that is used by optical media that is usually ISO 9660.

TS: Standing for Transport Stream, TS is a video stream file that stores the video on a DVD disc. The file is also capable of storing audio as well as data information. The file compresses the video data using MPEG-2 compression. These files are saved in multiple numbers on a DVD disc and can be played by different players and editing tools.

VOB: It stands for Video Object, and this is a container format in the DVD-Video media. VOB file stores the majority of the data on a disc including video, audio, subtitles, navigation, and DVD menu content which is multiplexed together in a stream form. A VOB file is stored in the VIDEO_TS folder at the root of the disc. These files are formatted as MPEG-2 streams. Since there is copyright protection on the commercial DVDs, the extracted VOB may be encrypted and show error while copying the file to some other location.

No matter what format it is, you can use UniConverter to convert video to MP4 easily.

High Quality Video Converter, 90X Faster Speed! - UniConverter

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