How to Create Online Courses Successfully

Don't know how to share your expertise online? This guide can walk you through the whole journey of creating online courses, from selecting the right topic to bringing your instructional video online.

create online course

Part 1. How to Choose A Topic Before
Creating An Online Course

A football match can never start without a football itself. Before creating an online course,
You have to be decisive about the topic, not just choosing a topic
for creating courses but picking the right one.

3 Tips for Coming Up with A Suitable Online Course Topic

choose online course topic

Pick up a topic that you can totally handle with

What do you know? And what's your passion? This is what qualifies the first move in making an online course. A sincere response will guide you to pick a topic that lays its foundation on your desires and give you the confidence to handle it properly.

evergreen content

Choose a topic that can generate evergreen content

You can stay relevant with your sparkling ideas by creating a powerful and converting online course, by considering a topic whose contents stay fresh all season. just like the evergreen plants that retain their color for over a decade even in the autumn.

choose a specifc topic

A good theme is not too broad

Also, you can decide to browse through a topic's course content. If it isn't extensively broad, It's a notification that you're on track to run the race.

How to Estimate the Popularity of the Topic

After picking a topic, knowing the strength of the subject is also a footpath you can't ignore in this journey,
cause it can help generate the confidence and an insight into the demand and competition of the selected topic.

reference social media

Whenever you intend to learn a new skill within a second, your fingers are fast to search Facebook, Instagram, and most especially, YouTube. Therefore, It's helpful to apply the experience to do a quick keyword search for the topic to see if it's highly searched on social media sites.

google trends

Asking social media platforms is not enough, you should go the extra mile to estimate the demands. Just employ the Google Keyword Planner and search for the keywords of the subject. Going for a theme with monthly searches high and competition medium or low would be a stepping stone to sell online courses in minutes.


The consultancy has been the reason why most people have a success story. Visiting online course marketplaces like Skillshare and Udemy to check out the competition of the topic will reveal a complete analysis of the level of demand, average monthly revenue, top monthly revenue, trends, and other relevant topics to consider.


Audience will always be the strength, no matter how many they may be. So in testing the topic, you'll be sending out a questionnaire in the form of a blog, email, or post notifying people that you'll create online courses for them, give a brief description, ask for their opinions, collect all feedbacks and get hold of the helpful ones.

8 Hottest Online
Course Topics
for Your Reference

1. Business

Even local companies also search for escape roots to survive, whether the pandemic ends or not. To a recent update from Mykademy, the least sellers made $25000 - $50000 in the previous year by creating online courses. Therefore, you can build an online course under categories like Freelancing, consulting, Entrepreneurship, and more.

2. Cryptocurrency and Trading

Looking into the spontaneous inclination of cryptocurrency and trading during the lockdown, millions of people set to invest in the Stock Market, Forex, Blockchain / Crypto, and NFT daily as they're set to be future monetary values and assets. You can make an online course if this is what you are familiar with.

3. Marketing

An analysis by Global market insight revealed that the eLearning market made about $250b in 2020, which initially made $107m in 2015, and now projects to hit more than a trillion dollars before 2028. So, as a potential online course creator in the marketing, if you are knowledgeable about social media, affiliate marketing, or another marketing subcategory, this is a good win.

4. Health and Fitness

More than 90% of humans love content that will help them be healthy. Angela Giles revealed making more than $5000 monthly by setting up online classes and selling online courses on health tips. Creating an online course on any of its subtopics, be it Nutrition, weight loss, or fitness, would quickly our expertise to revenue.

5. Graphic Design

In 2020, the Bureau Of Labor Statement analyzed the median annual income of a graphic designer to be $53380. Now, assessing the lucrative impact of the Social media platforms and NFTs recently, many people desire to learn more about graphic design and photography as everything in the world now revolves around social media and visual content.

6. Video creation

From entertainment to coaching classes, video creation is the real deal. With the attention social media and streaming platforms have received, an online course creator: Vasco Cavalheiro made $1.6m creating and selling online courses.

7. IT and Software

With the rapid transformation of the world becoming a digital globe, sighting the success of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, and more, a lot of people have taken the wheel of becoming web developers and UI /UX designers. Giving rise to an online course on this topic wouldn't be a bad idea.

8. Academics

Analyzing how the pandemic has played its part and how students often search for online courses with technicality, you can develop eLearning courses not only to cater to them but also to generate income for rendered service as revealed by Forbes that the online education market would hit more than $350b in 2025.

Part 2. How to Create An Online Course

After choosing the topic, you can now learn the detailed steps to make an online course.
This part reveals the complete picture of preparing the online courses meterial,
from writing the course outline to editing the footage.

1. Step-by-step Guide on Writing Outline
Before Building An Online Course

Determine the destination
1. Determine the destination

People should be able to know what they are gaining when watching your video. Anyone can't create online course content without knowing where to drive to.

Breakdown the schedual
2. Breakdown the schedual

You must breakdown the entire course content into different modules, giving a list of the intended procedures to be followed sequentially as they will be building blocks to take audiences to the course's destination.

Write detailes and outline
3. Write detailes and outline

To have confidence in the created online training course, a good way is to organize the broken schedules or procedures and build the outline starting from the fundamental procedures to the complex processes.

Add some components
4. Add some components

Adding audio-visuals, infographics, and more as learning resources will not only make the course content unique from other competitors, but prove to audiences that you prioritize their needs.

Test the outline
5. Test the outline

An good online courses builder always learn to ask or confirm if the video outline created is fit for an online course. You can ask the audiences or consult skilled experts to achieve this.

Brainstorm the course description
6. Brainstorm the course description

Give the online course a thought-provoking or compelling description that will leave the audience in a state of unrest to trigger them to be curious about knowing more about the online course.


2. Choose the Right Equipment & Software
for Online Course Creation

Cameras & Microphones

There's no way to create an online course without capturing videos and audio. An successful online course creator will
need a camera and a mic as the catalysts to speed the course-creation journey.


Getting a camera and microphone without having a software to assemble these external tools to build an eLearning course is useless.
UniConverter - A recorder for capturing webcam, audio, and screen can help the online course makers to finish the whole process.

custom recording
Custom Screen Recording

It can record activities on the screen in the customized erea. Custom ratio, recording timer, and mouse clicks feature are also available on UniConverter

Picture-in-Picture Recording
Picture-in-Picture Recording

With this intuitive online course builder, people are privileged to feature in a video explaining the course content to the audience on their screen.

Webcam Recording
Webcam Recording

It supports both built-in and external cameras, with a 100% guarantee to record a webcam video on Mac or Win in the high quality for creating online training courses.

Switch Screens
Switch Screens

It offers an easy screen switching feature that permits users to change from one monitor to another if they have more than one monitor.

Audio Recording
Audio Recording

It provides promising input and output sound in the highest quality enabling the audience to connect well with the course.

Real-Time Editing
Real-Time Editing

UniConverter gives users the option to draw, add text and annotation, and earase the editing with one click while recording the online courses.

4. Four Editing Tips to Make Online
Courses Professional

trim your online courses
Remove the
Useless Segments

Watch and pay attention to every detail of the recorded content to note and get rid of unwanted parts that can ruin the standard of online courses.

make subtitle for online courses
Edit Subtitles

Not every audience could catch up with everything said in the course, so adding subtitles to online courses effortlessly can enhance audiances' online learning experience.

adjust the audio volume
Adjust Voice Volume

Every part of the course video should have a uniform, audible and noiseless sound, assuring that the course is a perfectly made type when audiances view and listen to it.

make online course professional
Edit Background

Beautiful and colorful background can make the video stunning and professional. By doing this, your online course will stand out among others.

UniConverter - A Versatile Online Course Editing Toolbox

Part 3. How to Sell Courses Online

After creating online courses, it's time to get ready and make some cool cash by selling thousands of copies. But where do you
sell courses online? How do you sell your online courses? And That's how you get to know digital marketplaces
and get sales for online courses for free or with expense by exploring this part of the guide.

Pick the Platforms
for Yourself to Sell Online Courses.



You can pick an affordable marketplace like Thinkfic that accommodates every course creator irrespective of their niche with a guarantee to create an online course for free and sell online courses to countless people.

Key features:A 20% discount for annual billing
Pricing:Free $0 monthly, Pro $79 monthly, Premier $399 monthly
Reason to pick:Allows live webinars and membership communities
Reason to avoid:marketing features are not outstanding



If you're looking for a platform to create and sell online courses - Teachable is another course creation platform where you'd achieve this. This digital marketplace can help you sell online courses conveniently.

Key features:It has an unlimited video bandwidth
Pricing:Basic $29 monthly, Pro $99 monthly.
Reason to pick:it's easy to build an audience with Teachable
Reason to avoid:It requires steep learning for new users



Podia would be a great platform to sell your online course. The platform allows you to connect and view all your affiliates in a place and make payouts based on your customized commission structure.

Key features:It supports instant payouts
Pricing:Mover $33 monthly, Shaker $75/month
Reason to pick:No transaction fee
Reason to avoid:You can't insert codes into your page.



Karta is another course creation platform you can pick to make money with online courses. It offers good templates for online course creators to organize their sales pages in a fashion that attracts more buyers for their course.

Key features:It has a sales funnel builder
Pricing:Starter $99 monthly, Silver $199 monthly
Reason to pick:Good for email marketing.
Reason to avoid:Plans are pretty expensive



Interacting with your audience is another reason to know a platform to create and sell online courses. With Learnworld, you can build relationships with your audience efficiently.

Key features:A mobile learning support
Pricing:Starter $24 monthly, $79 monthly, $249 monthly.
Reason to pick:You can link and sell online courses from your own website.
Reason to avoid:You can't fully customize your sales page

How to Protect the Intellectual
Property of Online Courses

Grow Your Business with
The Marketing Tips

Know Who You Serve

It's the kind of target audience you reach that determines how the online course converts. You can't be an online course creator for health and sell the content to people looking for business tips. So. you must be clear about the people you're reaching.
target audiance

Describe The Benefits of
The Course Clearly

Making money on Udemy as much as on other marketplace is so easy. All you need to do to convert the content is to give a brief description of the course, how it works, and the problem it solves on your sales page.
description on landing page

Select Multiple
Media to Promote

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, have high traffic. Therefore, you have to promote your course on these platforms to increase the chances of selling off online courses. But remember to focus on the most suitable platforms.
promote your courses

Choose Your Own
Pricing Strategy

Unlike other sellers, you can give a discount price to the first set of customers to buy your course. You can even go as far as agreeing to buyers paying installments for your course. This is not foolishness but a way to market and build a healthy community of customers.

Focus on the Conversion Rate

Just as you put a lot of attention into SEO, PPC advertising, and more, you must focus on the number of visitors and people who buy your course daily. Doing this would help you know how to compel more visitors to buy courses using promising captions, gifts, or any other thing.
convert your courses

Part 4. Q&As about Creating Online Courses

  • All you need do to create an online course assignment is as easy as having a canvas ( platform to create an online course) and asking the student to submit his/her requirement to a canvas that can easily access the submitted files as required and organize them into chapters to create the assignment without any discomfort.

  • To improve the quality of any online course you've created, you must learn to listen and note every comment of your students, then make adjustments and improvements to enhance the online course, and share with your trusted students by setting up online classes with them to know if their needs are met before uploading it.

  • You can create your own online course platform or your personal selling website for an online course using several tools like Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, Hubspot, GetResponse,, Landingi, ClickFunnels, Ucraft, ShortStack, Wishpond, and more. So all you need to do is select any tool of your choice and sell online courses from your own website in no time.