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Brief Introduction

UniConverter is a professional conversion tool that supports more than 150 formats for the conversion tasks. In addition to the conversion, other supported features of the tool include batch processing, video editing, video download, transfer, etc. To help you accomplish various tasks using the software in a hassle-free manner, the step-by-step guide is given below. So let’s get started with the UniConverter guide.

Note: The following guide lists the steps based on the Windows version of the software. Though the steps on the Mac version are almost similar, we will make a note where there are changes.

Part 1. Download & Install

Step 1
Download UniConverter

Open the Home Page on your computer and then click on the Download Now button.

Step 2
Install the software

Double click the downloaded installation packge.

install hd video converter

From the pop-up window, select your preferred language and click OK. Then click the Next bouton, choose "I accept the agreement", selct the location of instalation, and then click Install to start installing.

select preferred language to install hd video converter
Step 3
Launch UniConverter

Once completed, click on the Finish button to launch the program.

hd video converter main interface

The following is the main interface you'll get.

hd video converter

Part 2. Register & Update

Login UniConverter with Wondershare ID

UniConverter comes with a free trial version that helps the user to get the feel of the software and know about its functioning and features. The free version though has several limitations, which can be seen in the below image. So after using the trial version, if you feel that UniConverter is apt software for your requirements, you can purchase the plan and enjoy functions without any restrictions.

uniconverter trial limits

To purchase the software, click on the See Pricing button.

buy uniconverter

Once you get the Wondershare ID and Password of using UniConverter or if you have already purchased it, you can activate the program for full use by selecting the icon with the following detailed steps.

  • Step 1: Double click on Wondershare UniConverter program icon to launch it, and click on the button on the top right corner, you will get the following window.
    log in uniconverter
  • Step 2: On the Log In your Wondershare ID part, enter your Wondershare ID with Password or Licensed Email with Registration Code, then click on the Log In/Register button to login in to. A pop-up window with account status will appear.
    enter uniconverter

Tips: Click here to view more info about Wondershare ID.


The UniConverter keeps updating with its software regularly to improve the functions and remove the bugs if any. For checking the latest available software version and also to update it, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Menu icon on the top right corner of the program > Preferences > General.

update uniconverter

Step 2: A new pop-up window will open, under Check for update option, you can change Check for updates automatically to Every Day/Week/Month/Never accordingly. If there is a new version available, a pop-up window will appear along with details of the new version. Click on the Update Now button to download the latest version. If the latest version is already installed, you will get a message that You’re up to date!

how to update uniconverter

Note: If you are running UniConverter, you will receive the following notice. Click on the OK button to close your running UniConverter to continue.

Part 3. Basics

To perform various functions, the main interface of UniConverter comes with 5 main modules which are – Video Converter, Audio Converter, Downloader, Video Compressor, Video Editor, Merger, Screen Recorder, DVD Burner, and Toolbox. Details about these modules are listed below.

Video Converter

This module of the software allows converting your multimedia files from one format to the other. More than 150 formats for conversion are supported by the software. The Convert section further comes with a Converting and the Converted tab where the former is used as a file processing window while the latter stores all the processed and converted files.

convert video
Audio Converter

UniConverter can easily convert audio files to different formats with easy-to-use interface, also, you can batch convert as many files as you want just by selecting files or folders from the computer. After conversion, you can choose the output file quality from the supported options. Other than that, there is even an editing tool for you to edit audio file parameters like sample rate, channel, and bit rate.

convert audio

The module of Downloaderfacilitates video download from more than 10,000 sites including some of the major ones like YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, Metacafe, Vevo, and others. The process of video download is simple and quick and the program also allows extracting the music from the video files for playback on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and others. The section has a Downloading tab where the added files and their progress are shown while the Finished tab shows the downloaded videos and audio files. In addition to video download, the section can also be used for recording the streaming videos and desktop activities using the Record Video button.

convert online video
Video Compressor

One of the most frequently used function in Uniconverter is Video compressor, it allows you to compress the files in just two steps, and in the settings you can not only choose the quality or size of the video, and also there are video and audio settings like video resolution, frame rates, and birate for you to do customization before the output.

compress video
Video Editor

The section of video converter can be used for file customization. Supported editing features include trimming, cutting, cropping, adding watermark, adding subtitles, and others.

burn video to dvd

Uniconverter can help you merge multiple files into one fast and simply, which supports importing files from your PC, device, camcorder, or DVD. You also can convert it to different format you select with just one click.

merger videos
Screen Recorder

UniConverter has built-in functionality that can record screen, webcam, or audio. he recordings will automatically stored in the software and you can directly convert them to the many popular formats.

record video
DVD Burner

To burn your videos to DVD, this section of the software can be used. Files to be burned can be added from the local system, a device, or directly from a camcorder. The Load DVD button on the tab allows adding files from the DVD folder or ISO files.

burn video to dvd

To perform several other additional features, the Toolbox of the software can be used. The features Image Converter, GIF Maker, Fix Media Metadata, Transfer, CD Burner, CD Ripper, VR Converter are enlisted.

video converter toolbox

Part 4. Add Files

Method 1
Add multimedia files from Media Browser

UniConverter allows you to sync the files present on your iTunes, iMovie and Photo Booth. The steps for the syncing are as follows.

Step 1: Launch the software and on the main interface hit on the Media Browser button present on the right-hand side at the top. A new window will pop-up where you can check all the multimedia files that are present on your iMovie, iTunes, and Photo Booth.

Step 2: Next, to import the selected file, click on the + icon which is placed at the left-hand side corner at the bottom of the interface.

Option to preview the file is also facilitated before adding it to the interface. Choose the file and click on the play icon at the bottom-right corner for the preview.

NOTE: This function is supported only by the Mac version of the software and not the Windows version.

Method 2
Add files from the camcorder for processing

The multimedia files present on your camcorders can be directly added to the UniConverter interface for conversion, editing, and other functions. The steps for adding the files are as below.

Step 1: First of all, your camcorder needs to be connected to your PC. Next, expand the drop-down options at + Add Files button and the list of the connected camcorder and other devices can be seen.

Step 2: Select the camcorder from the list and all the multimedia files present on the camcorder will be visible. Choose the files to be processed and add them to the program interface.

Method 3
Add files from a device

UniConverter also allows importing multimedia files from several devices like iPad, Android smartphone, iPhone, and others. The added files can be converted, edited, and processed using other features of the tool.

Step 1: Using a USB cable, connect the desired device to your PC. Expand the drop-down options at + Add Files button and all the connected devices will be listed by the program.

Step 2: Choose the connected device and the files present on it will be listed. Select the desired files and then click on the Add To List button to import them to the interface.

Part 5. Preferences

Several preferences on UniConverter can be selected so that you can enjoy working on the software as per your convenience. To edit and select your preferences launch the software and then select UniConverter > Preferences at the top-left corner.

hd video converter preferences

There are 4 sections at the software from where you can choose your preferences. These sections and their options are listed below.

General Preferences
hd video converter preferences

There are mainly 4 types of settings that can be selected in this section on the Winodws version.

  • Play sound on task finished: By default, this option is enabled where you will get the sound notification when a certain task is completed using the software. You can also uncheck the box to disable the function.
  • Subtitle coding mode: Multiple languages are supported by the UniConverter software for its functioning. The drop-down menu in this section can be used for selecting the desired language.
  • Reset all dialog warnings: If required, you can reset all the warning dialog to the original ones using this part.
  • Check for update: If you want to keep a tab on the software updates this section can be used. Here you can select the period to look for the updates automatically.
Convert Preferences
hd video converter convert preferences

Various settings related to the conversion feature of the software can be selected in this section. The available options are as below.

  • Automatically add files to iTunes after conversion: If you want your converted files to be automatically added to the iTunes account after the process is complete enabling this option will do it.
  • Keep Chapter Markers: If you enable this option, the chapter information on your DVD will be kept as the original one even after the conversion process. If the option is not enabled the information will be lost.
  • Keep Media Metadata: If you wish to retain the metadata of your media files, this option can be selected.
  • Remove the source file(s) from the Converting list after conversion: To have a clutter-free interface you can choose to remove the files from the Converting section after the process is completed using this function.
  • Load contents in a DVD: This option allows you to choose All Movies or Main Movies Only for the disc contents during the conversion process.
  • Maximum convert tasks: For the simultaneous conversion process, you can select 2 as the option here, though, by default, the value is 1.
  • Reset: All the above settings can be returned to the default one using the Reset button.

Hit on the OK button to confirm all the new settings and preferences.

Download Preferences
hd video converter download preferences

The files which are downloaded using UniConverter can be managed with their preferences in this section.

  • The maximum number of downloading tasks: Number of tasks for video download that can be managed at a time can be selected here. There is an option to choose from 1 to 8 and the default value is set at 4.
  • Set One-Click Download mode for YouTube: If you want to download videos from YouTube in a quick manner, settings can be selected here for quality, subtitles, video, or audio file.
  • Auto download YouTube playlist Subtitles/CC: If your YouTube videos have subtitles and captions, you can choose to download or not to download the subtitles automatically from this part of the preferences.
  • Automatically resume unfinished tasks on startup: If for any reason you have to close the software during the file processing, this option can be used for completing the pending tasks automatically upon the launch of the software.
  • Reset: Going back to all the default settings can be done using this button.

To finally save the settings click on the OK button.

Location Preferences
hd video converter location preferences

This section of the preferences enables you to select the system location to save various processed files of the software. Options available are as follows.

  • Save Converted Files: Here select the Mac location where your converted and processed files will be saved by default.
  • Save Recorded Files: Here select the Mac location where your recorded and processed files will be saved by default.
  • Save Burned Folder/ISO files: Here select the Mac location where your burned discs and ISO folders will be saved by default.
  • Save Downloaded Files: Here select the Mac location where your downloaded and processed files will be saved by default.

Clicking on the OK button will save all selected locations as a default value.

tips of hd video converter
TIPS: The Preferences options for the Mac version can be selected by opening the Menu icon at the top corner. The functions for the preferences are majorly the same for both the versions.