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How to Convert/Download Vimeo to MP4 in 3 Steps!

by Brian Fisher

Videos on Vimeo are of utmost quality, due to the way they have been shot and synced. But, there are times when you want to enjoy them offline, rather spending your data every time you play the video on Vimeo. So, for that matter, you need to download Vimeo to MP4 and enjoy at your own convenience. If you are doubtful about the right method to download and convert the video from Vimeo to MP4, we are here to bail you out!

In this article, we are going to explore the best solution for convert Vimeo to MP4, the top Vimeo videos, and how to work around Vimeo videos.

Part 1. The Best Way to Convert Vimeo to MP4 - via iSkysoft

While speaking of the best method for convering Vimeo to MP4, none other than UniConverter wins the race! This high quality video converter plays multiple roles to become the all-in-one video converter. It can convert video, download them, compress and edit audio/video files at high speed irrespective of their source format.

Get the Best Vimeo to MP4 Converter:

  • This software can convert video at 90 times faster than the other converters.
  • There is NO quality loss during such fast audio/video conversions.
  • It can also convert links to download online video from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, and 1000 plus other video streaming sites by using their URL. Moreover, it allows you to download the whole playlist as well.
  • The inbuilt video editor allows you to enhance videos by editing them. Cropping, trimming, rotating, adding watermarks, subtitles, special effects and metadata info to the videos made easy.
  • You can even burn Blu-ray and DVD using free templates from your computer or phone.

How to Download Vimeo to MP4 with UniConverter

Step 1. Copy Vimeo video URL

Install and launch iSkysoft on Mac or Window PC. Then go to "Download" tab. Meanwhile, visit your favorite vimeo video link and copy the URL of it.

Copy Vimeo video URL

Step 2. Paste the URL to the converter

Click "Paste URL" option in the program. It will detect the URL and automatically start downloading your vimeo to MP4 soon. It will download it in MP4 by default, or you can change the output format as needed.

Paste the URL to the converter

Step 3. Vimeo video downloaded

After a few seconds, you will get your Vimeo video downloaded on your computer. Find it from the "Finished" tab.

Vimeo video downloaded

Part 2. Online Vimeo to MP4 Converter


With you can easily download videos you can download videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, AOI.on, Ustream, Facebook etc. you just need to copy the video URL and then hit download to let the site download your favorite video from Vimeo.

2. Online Video Downloaders

With Online Video Downloaders you can not only download videos from Vimeo but get them from other popular video sharing platforms like youtube, facebook, twitter. Not just you can convert Vimeo to MP4, a unique feature to create Thumbnails for your videos is quite amazing.

Online Video Downloaders


In comparison to other online Vimeo video downloading sites, this one has something different. While saving Vimeo to MP4, you can download even the playlists and define the start and end point for achieving the desired result with a video clip.

Convert Vimeo to MP4 Online


This doesn’t embed any Java plugins and works well with Android and iOS devices. You can open the site on any browser and directly download the desired video from Vimeo to MP4 without much hassle.

online converter

Part 3. Top 10 Hottest Video on Vimeo 2019 that You Can Download

1. California X Level Up Film


This beautiful video captures the picturesque Californian coast, with the mesmerizing waves lazily lapping on the shore. Birds, mountains, bushes, and sunlight peeping through the branches, everything across looks breathtaking.

vimeo video

2. Happiness


This beautifully animated video would make you laugh and think about the unending struggle of human life. Though, the video has been made about a rodent’s life and his struggle to get happiness. How he runs after happiness from job to Friday sales and the luxury car drive. The emotions depicted are wonderful.

vimeo mp4

3. Drug Runner


This video was picturing a teenage boy and how he was used to drugs rather than what life should be about boys of that age should be doing. The narrow lanes he traversed and the lonely nights he would keep wondering. His silence and the emotions have been well shot here.

vimeo to mp4 video

4. Hopptornet (Ten meter tower)


The video is very funny depicting the emotions of people having fear for height and water. They step back from diving into a swimming pool from 10 meter height. Then after a long time a couple step in and dared to jump in. some of the video is shot in slow motion.

download vimeo mp4

5. 3000 miles


This is an amazing video shot as a documentary, where the creator’s mother’s voicemail is synced across the year. The video captures beautiful mornings with pigeons, kids bursting water bubbles, couples dancing in the park, protests, pets playing, skaters, and the winter snow and much more. A year in a nutshell captured with love.

vimeo video

6. Thank you for playing


This video is one of the heart wrenching ones, where the father creates a 3D game to vent out his pain for having his son suffer with terminal cancer. It was shot by the couple to capture their time with the child and keep him close to their heart when he is gone.

convert vimeo to mp4

7. Leningrad – Kolshik


This video was pretty funny, where everything is moving in the reverse direction. And the music is adding a real charm to it. People running, fighting with each other everything looks humorous as its depicted in the other way around in a circus.

mp4 vimeo video

8. Samsung VR


This video shot the 4D experience for Samsung 837 in New York about how Skiing would be experienced in 4D. The technicalities involved as too defined here.

vimeo download mp4

9. The Gate


This one is shot on a stage where squandering figures are wondering, a voice calls them and they move towards a gate. They look as if caught by some unseen force, unable to follow their own mind.

mp4 vimeo video

10. Daniel Boulud VR


Here is a video walkthrough of a world-renowned chef Daniel Boulud, whose restaurant Daniel in New York has a Michelin-two star. The efforts put by everyone at his restaurant has been beautifully depicted in this video.

download vimeo videos mp4

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