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compress music
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Music Lovers' Club - Pour Out the Difficulties You Have in
Listening to Music

What kind of problems you've encountered when it comes to listening to music? Internet is poor?
The format of music is not supported? Or the music file is too oversized to be saved? Let’s
find out the solutions others provide and listen to your music freely!

I want to get BGM from movies
and listen to music for free

"One day, I was streaming a movie online and fell in love with the soundtrack. I immediately knew I needed to have it on my playlist so that I could play it over and over again. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find the song online because I didn’t know the name. Also, when I eventually found it, I realized I could only listen to it when I paid. Help, please! Any idea for getting the song?"
"Have you tried visiting music sites where you can listen to this song for free? Some of these websites have obtained copyright of this song, and they grant you the free access to it, without taking up time. Alternatively, you can record the movies' background music. For example, an audio recorder can work in music recording in this circumstance."
how can i do it
get background music from movie

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Record Audio - Enrich Your Music Playlist with UniConverter

Step 1:
Launch Uniconverter’s Audio Recorder.
Click Screen Recorder (at the left side of Uniconverter’s interface). Then Select Audio Recorder.
Step 2:
Choose Your Most Preferred Audio Format.
To record music, you have to choose your most preferred audio format. Then Select the system audio you want to record.
Step 3:
Open the Movie You Want to Record Audio From.
After step 2, play the movie you want to extract the music from. Then click on the part where the piece appears. After that, click the Rec button. The music recording will start immediately.
Step 4:
Finish the Recording.
Look closely, and after ending the recording, you will see the recorded clip at the Uniconverter’s interface. You can edit, merge, or convert the music from there too.

Can I listen to music offline?

what should i do
"I’m gearing up for a very long and boring trip. What's worse, the train has an unstable internet connection which makes it almost impossible to enjoy my journey! Any ideas on free music download for offline listening?"
"My younger brother was once in your shoes, except he was at the subway and bus in his case. Here’s what I can say for sure, since the internet is shaky, you may not be able to stream directly from the web. However, how about you download music to your phone? You can download music to your phone and enjoy it offline. Remember it is best to download it before you enter trains or buses; use a solid internet connection to avoid being frustrated with long download durations."
download youtube music

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I’ve found that I can’t listen
to offline music on iTunes, what should I do?

"I have a song I already downloaded before, but iTunes refuses to play it. Are there any ways to fix this? Is it possible for iTunes to play music downloaded from other websites?"
"Yes, iTunes can play songs downloaded from other websites, but the format must align with its algorithm. Songs may not be played on iTunes because the audio format is alien to iTunes. I also had a Flac music that refused to play on iTunes. I learned that iTunes only supports AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, or WAV. So, I converted my songs to AAC, and iTunes played it successfully."
Convert Music

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Convert Music - Listen to Your Favorite Music on Different Players

Step 1:
Open UniConverter to Convert Audio.
Open UniConverter to convert audio. Install and launch the Uniconverter app. Then go to the primary interface and click on the ‘Converter’ tab.
Step 2:
Upload Music And Choose MP3 Or Any Other Formats.
Upload Music and Choose mp3 or any other format. When you click on audio, it will load an interface to select the music you want to convert. You can convert audio into mp3, MP3 into AAC, MOV into AIFF, etc.
Step 3:
Choose Your Desired Resolution.
Next up, you will need to choose the resolution you want to convert into, like ‘High Quality’, ‘Medium Quality’, or ‘Low Quality’.
Step 4:
Click the Start Button to Convert Audio.
Click the ‘Start All’ button to start the conversion. You can find the converted version under the Finished folder when the conversion is done. So there you have it! That’s how to convert music to the supported formats.

I’ve run out of storage space, Is there any idea to help me
listen to offline music with no storage limits?

question 2
I love music, and I love to keep a playlist of all my favorites. The great part is that I have a packed library where I can listen to any song I want, but the bad part is that I am running out of space on my device. Meanwhile, I have found new songs I’d like to save again. I’d appreciate some insights.
You can try to get an external drive, but that would be counter-productive because you can’t easily listen to them when you want. Have you tried compressing the large songs to give more space for new songs?
have an idea
compress music

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There is some free offline music on my laptop,
how to enjoy them on my mobile phone?

how to do it
I have all my playlists on my computer, but I want to transfer them to my iPhone and listen to them anytime, anywhere, even when on the move. What is the easiest way to do this?
I prefer downloading music with my laptop because it has a larger storage space, and every time I want to listen to them, I use iTunes to transfer them to my iPhone. You can try this, or you can also use other transfers to do it.
good idea
transfer music

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Transfer Music - Listen to Music without A Computer Using UniConverter

Step 1:
Launch UniConverter's Transfer.
Launch the UniConverter app to transfer music to iPhone. After launching, click on 'Toolbox' and click on the "Transfer" option.
Step 2:
Plugin An iOS Or Android Device into Your Mac.
Connect your mobile device to your PC with a USB cord. To connect your device, follow the instructions on the mobile device and the software interface. The device will appear on the program interface once it has been linked.
Step 3:
Add the Musics You Want to Transfer.
To transfer music from computer to iPhone, you need to add the local music by tapping the + symbol in the center of the Transfer tab or clicking the Add button in the left corner.
Step 4:
Start the Music Transfer.
To transfer each video to the linked device one time, click the Transfer button. To transfer multiple files, click the Transfer All button to share all of the music you've added.

I’m worrying that the old CDs will be damaged,
How to enjoy these free offline music from CDs forever?

what can i do
I am a lover of music and a fan of CDs. The challenge now is that CDs have gradually grown out of fashion. I have some of my favorite collections on my old CDs, but most devices don’t come with accessories for CDs, and it is hard to find one that can play CDs. Additionally, I worry because the CDs may get damaged. Is it possible to link my iPhone or MacBook and listen to them from there? Has anyone ever been in a tight corner with CDs? Every insight will be appreciated.
Yes, there is a way you can access your CD music. But you will need a computer with CD-ROM. With that, you can use your Windows Media Player or any other program you have to rip music from CDs. After ripping a CD, however, the resolution is usually lesser than the original one. It is better to convert the ripped file to a higher quality in such an instance.
answer problem
rip cd music

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Q&As: Hot Topics about Listenning to Free Music Offline

can music improve our productivity
Q: Can listening to music
improve our productivity?
A: It depends. Human reactions to music are influenced by preferences, the type of work, the genre of music, and even the climate.
listen to sad music
Q: Why some people
indulge in the love of sad
musics while others can't
stand them?
A: It's to do with one of the chemicals our body generates. People like sad songs cause there is enough prolactin that can bring comfort. And others feel depressed when listening to sad music just because this hormone is not enough in their bodies.
listen to old songs
Q: Why do we especially
get nostalgic about the
music we heard when we
were young?
A: We tend to remember more things that happened in our teenage when our firsts happened most, and our neural connections were most strong. And the more we get older, the more complicated the music we search for will be.
the voice
Q: Which coach in "The
Voice" wins the most
A: Alicia Keys,who has 15 wins and 29 nominations.
electronic guitar
Q: When did the first
electronic guitar
the 1920s, the 1930s, or
the 1940s
A: The correct answer is 1930s
heavy metal music
Q: Is heavy metal bad for
our mental health?
A: Scientists have found that the heavy mental music can not make the fans do something crazy or bad, in fact, heavy metal music can make fans happier and relaxed.
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