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by Brian Fisher Proven solutions

A situation might arise where you need to convert MP4 to DVD format online. For instance, although MP4 is famous for its seamless compatibility with most modern gadgets, you can’t play your favorite MP4 movies on your old home DVD due to compatibility issues. In that case, you’ll need a powerful MP4 to DVD converter online program.

Moving forward, the reason why online converters are so popular is because they are free and come with great user interfaces. And yes, they don’t bother you with those tiring download and installation processes. So if you’re still undecided on which online platform to use, these 3 MP4 to DVD online converter programs should get your sorted quite easily.

Part 1: Top 3 Online MP4 to DVD Converters

As I’ve said, you don’t need to go through the technicalities of downloading and installing a desktop app with online converters. They are also very easy to use and are quite fast as well. Without any further ado, here is a list of 3 online MP4 to DVD converters to choose from.

convert mp4 to dvd with mediaio

Also known as Online UniConverter, is one of the best sites you can upload and convert your MP4 files to any file format, including DVD. With a simple to navigate user interface, quick conversion, and quality file output, should definitely be your first search on the internet when you’re looking to convert audio and video files. And of course, most online platforms can be used to convert files on both your smartphone and computer.

Step 1: Import your MP4 files for conversion by dragging and dropping to the site. Alternatively, click on the + button to add files to the platform.

Step 2: Next to your imported MP4 file, click on the provided drop-down menu and then select VOB as the output format.

Step 3 Now click on the Convert big button to start the conversion process. You can then click on the download button to access your DVD file. You also have the option to save it to your Dropbox account.

Pros and Cons
  • Simple to use
  • Extensive range of format support
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Only two files can be imported for simultaneous conversion
  • No video editing features
  • Limited to 100MB file size



convert mp4 to dvd with zamzar

Zamzar is another top-notch MP4 to DVD converter that needs no introduction. It supports over 1200 file formats, which is quite impressive compared to what its peers offer. What’s more? You can add in your file URL and download it directly from the internet for conversion. Without wasting any time, here is a simple step by step guide on how to convert MP4 to DVD online free using Zamzar.

Step 1: Click on the Add Files… button also labeled 1 on the site to import your MP4 files for conversion.

Step 2: Step number 2 is to choose your preferred output file format. You’ll click on the Choose Format drop-down menu and then select DVD from the Video presets section.

Step 3: Finally, click on the Convert Now button to begin the process. You can also select the Email when done? checkbox to enable Zamzar to send you the converted file on your email address.

Pros and Cons
  • Supports lots of conversion formats
  • Easy to use interface
  • No video editing features
  • No simultaneous conversion
  • File size limited to a mere 100MB

convert mp4 to dvd with convertfiles

Closing our top 3 list is another household name in the online file conversion space – Convert.Files. This free online program will not only convert your MP4 files to DVD but to a whole host of other formats like FLV, WMV, MPEG, M4V, AVI, 3GP, ASF, and many more. You will also get a download link where you can download your DVD file after the conversion process.

Step 1: Import your MP4 files from your PC or smartphone by clicking on the Browse… button. You can also download it from the internet by entering the video URL in the provided textbox.

Step 2: Now click on the Output format drop-down menu and then select Video Object File (.VOB) from the long list of available options.

Step 3: Finally, tap on the Convert button to start the process. But just like the other two options, you can click on the provided checkbox for the program to be able to send you the download link on your email.

Pros and Cons
  • Easy to use interface
  • Can download videos online
  • Free to use
  • No file editing option
  • The conversion speed is dependent on internet strength

Part 2:Convert MP4 to DVD without Limits with iSkysoft MP4 to DVD Converter

As we’ve seen in Part 1 of this post, most online converters have file size limitations that can prevent you from uploading large MP4 files. So if you have a batch of files you need to convert, then I suggest you look for a professional desktop app like UniConverter.

Steps on how to convert mp4 to DVD using iSkysoft MP4 to DVD converter

Step 1

Open iSkysoft MP4 to DVD converter and import videos

After downloading and installing iSkysoft, launch it and then select + Add Files from the DVD Burner tab to import your MP4 files. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the MP4 files to iSkysoft home page. You can also go ahead and edit your video files by clicking on the Edit icons below each thumbnail.

add video to mp4 to dvd converter
Step 2

Set your DVD menu template

Below the Burn Video to drop-down menu on the right side of the panel, select your preferred video template by clicking on either the right or left arrows to scroll through the available options. If you want to add your own background picture or music, click the Edit icon beside the template design name.

set template on mp4 to dvd converter
Step 3

Label your DVD

You can now enter your DVD name as well as other parameters on the spaces provided just below your DVD template. Now, insert a blank DVD on your PC and then choose the location from the Burn videos to drop-down menu located at the top-right corner.

label dvd on mp4 to dvd converter
Step 4

Burn MP4 to DVD

Finally, click on the Burn button and wait for the process of converting MP4 to DVD to complete.

burn mp4 to dvd to mp4 to dvd converter

Most MP4 to DVD online free converters are easy to use. And of course, there is no download and installation process involved. However, they have lots of limitations compared to a professional desktop app. With UniConverter, you’ll enjoy fast conversion speed as well as unlimited file size to upload. On top of that, you can edit your videos, burn DVD, record screen, and many more. It is because of these exciting features that iSkysoft should be your preferred file conversion tool.

Brian Fisher

staff Editor

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