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The HDV format is common among professional and amateur videographers due to its portability, cost effectiveness and image quality. However, it comes with challenges. As you deal with HDV files, you will notice some problems, especially in Windows. The only solution to these issues is to convert HDV video to more acknowledged format like MP4, using an efficient tool. UniConverter is the best option to convert HDV files to MP4, since it can do so in Mac and Windows. Therefore, it can help you solve your dilemma, when you cannot play and edit recorded HDV files in applications like Studio. It enables you transform the format easily so that you can explore and manipulate your HDV footages.

Part 1. Brief Introduction of HDV Video

HDV video is high definition recording that was created by JVC to store data in a DV cassette tape. It is similar to the AVCHD’s high-definition recording, also known as M2TS files. Since it is an affordable format for digital cameras, many professionals and amateur used it in the past. It came at a low cost, had acceptable image quality and was portable. Additionally, it became available in the media file-base form. As a result, editing and multiplexing became easier.

Unfortunately, there are no suitable players to play HDV files, which often come in either M2TS or MTS format. So, editing as well becomes impossible. Additionally, Windows Vista and XP do not support HDV files. You are also likely to experience difficulties as you upload and play HDV videos despite having Windows 7 – 10 support.

Due to such issues, users are advised to simply convert HDV video to other formats like MP4, which do not have complications and are accepted by multiple video players. MP4 is one of the commonly used container format is storage of audios and videos. It’s significant in streaming of videos and audios online due to its quality, easiness and versatility. Additionally, it has high compression degree as well making it suitable as a HDV video alternative.

Part 2. Efficient Way to Convert HDV to MP4

You are likely to experience some difficulties if you do not know how to convert HDV video to any format. The process requires a reliable and effective software such as UniConverter, which specializes in converting video formats. With this application that is suitable for Mac and Windows computers, there is no struggle since the process to convert HDV files to MP4 or any other format is simplified, shortened and made understandable.

UniConverter is among the fastest software since it can convert HDV to MP4 at 90 times faster than other converters in the market. Professionals recommend it because it also maintains the parameters of the video quality. So, after conversion you will have converted MP4 files with the original quality. Its power enables batch conversion as well. Therefore, UniConverter is a time saving converter application that can handle multiple HDV files at once, without compromising any aspects.

UniConverter(formerly UniConverter)

It handles video editing to customize files.
Contains an inbuilt video player that helps with conversion process.
It is an online video downloader, which enables acquisition of videos from sites like YouTube.
Converts audio and video files to many formats including MOD, MKV, AVI, MPEG and MP4.

Since the HDV files are normally in MTS format, the process to convert HDV files to MP4 is the same as converting MTS to MP4. Here is the simplified procedure to convert HDV files to MP4, using the best efficient way, UniConverter.

Step 1

Upload HDV files to the converter

Start the process to convert HDV to MP4 by downloading the converter program, UniConverter. Upon completion of the installation procedures, access the interface and click on the Convert tab. The + Add Files option will enable you to upload the HDV files that you wish to convert.

add file to hdv converter
Step 2

Click on MP4 in the list of output formats

You must click on MP4 in the list of output formats, since selecting it is part of the process to convert HDV video. To access it, start with the function Convert all tasks to:, where you will select Video option to reveal the list of output formats. You are free to maintain the resolution or change it.

output hdv to mp4
Step 3

Convert HDV files to MP4

If you have many HDV files, you can convert HDV files to MP4 by selecting the Convert All function at the bottom, since it handles batch conversions. On the other hand, the Convert function on the right of the HDV files performs one conversion at a time.

convert hdv to mp4

You do not have to struggle if your memorable moments, such as a wedding video, were recorded as HDV files. You can still watch or edit if you rely on a functional tool such as iSkysoft Video Converter. This program helps you to convert HDV files to MP4, a more recognized and used format. It is powerful and hence can deal with HDV 1080i and 1080p 30fps sequences. You only need to download and install the software into your Mac or Windows PC and use the 3 step procedure to convert HDV to MP4. It also provides some editing features so that you can change various video aspects.

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