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Online and desktop converter software have always been available to convert MTS to MPG/MPEG . MTS format is not common, but it shows up now and then. On the other hand, MPEG is a common format that works with multiple platform. In this article, discover the best converters to convert MTS to MPG/MPEG.

Part 1. Convert MTS to MPEG Online Free

Online UniConverter is a free MTS to MPEG converter that is powerful enough to handle various tasks. It is among the popular online programs that can convert MTS to MPG/MPEG. It comes with a simple interface and conducts fast conversion, since you can process two MTS files at once.


  • Uploading and downloading videos takes zero seconds.
  • It supports more than 1000 audio and video input and output formats.
  • It allows batch conversion, whereby more than one file can be processed.
  • It is a video and audio converter that transforms video and audio formats online.
  • It is a video and audio compressors, and hence provides you with well sized audio and video files without affecting quality.
uniconvrter convert mts to mpg online

Convert Files is a very reliable MTS to MPEG converter, since it supports multiple file conversions. It is a simple tool that carries out conversion through a very short process. It allows you to choose the respective MTS file from the desktop or download from an online source. The next few steps involve confirmation of the output format and conversion.


  • It is a video and audio converter.
  • It processes a maximum of 250 MB files.
  • It provides privacy and security for your files.
  • Facilitates downloading of videos from other websites.
  • Supports about 300 output and input formats.
convert mts to mpg online

The free MTS to MPG video converter, Convertio, is a recommendable tool since it is easy to use. Its interface is quite intuitive, making it easy to beginners to explore and converts files. The site loads quickly, has minimal ads and carries out the conversion process using easy steps.


  • It supports more than 300 formats, making it reliable to convert MTS to MPG/MPEG and others.
  • Conversion happen in the cloud, and hence no computer space is used up.
  • Allows video editing with editing features like rotation and flipping.
  • Allows video customization, whereby you can change settings like quality, codec and aspect ratio.
convert mts to mpg online

Part 2. Desktop MTS to MPEG Converter Recommended

Since MTS is a format with flexibility issues, it is better to opt for a format like MPEG, since it has compatibility options. This format is compatible with multiple platforms and hence has fewer limitations compared with MTS. To convert MTS to MPG/MPEG, you should use a reliable MTS to MPEG converter that can ensure lossless conversion and deliver output at a high speed, regardless of the number of videos converted.

UniConverter is the most recommended desktop MTS to MPG video converter, since it is fast, easy to work with and maintains video quality. It comes with powerful features that enable more activity, eventually making your videos interesting, desirable and entertaining.

UniConverter(formerly UniConverter)

Transform MTS video files to other formats like MPEG, AVI, MOV and MKV, among others supported formats.
Edit videos using diverse editing features such as cropping, cutting, trimming, merging and applying effects. It also creates and edits video metadata.
Burn video files to DVD, which you can also edit as you create you DVD custom template.
Comes with tools like GIF maker and CD extractor, among others.
Step 1

Choose the MTS files and upload to Desktop MTS to MPEG converter

To convert MTS to MPG/MPEG, you must upload the MTS files to the program’s dashboard. So, acquire the MTS to MPEG converter, UniConverter, and launch it after installation. Go to the tab labeled Convert and access the option + Add Files to choose the files that need conversion.

add mts file
Step 2

Indicate MPEG as output format

Since UniConverter is a MTS to MPG video converter that supports multiple formats, you must indicate the specific output format, MPEG. So, go to the function labelled Convert all files to: and obtain options by clicking on the arrow next to it. Click on Video and choose MPEG from the list presented. You will then have access to various MPEG resolutions, you may choose any you desire.

output as mpg on mts to mpg converter
Step 3

Destination folder verification and conversion

At the bottom left, find the Output function that will enable you to verify the converted media destination folder. After verification, click on the bottom right corner function, Convert All, to convert MTS to MPG/MPEG.

convert mts to mpg

Part 3. Difference between Online and Desktop Software

Both online and desktop software can efficiently convert MTS to MPG/MPEG. However, they are different considering that they function in dissimilar platforms. Here are the major differences.

1. You must download the desktop software, while the online converters function perfectly without download and installing.

2. The majority of the desktop software require purchase, while the online converters are free to use

3. After downloading the desktop software, the internet connection is no longer required for functionality. On the other hand, the online software cannot work without internet connectivity.

4. Desktop software are powerful enough to convert multiple files at a go. On the contrary, the online programs can only handle two files at a time

5. Online program seems to have limited features, while the desktop converters come with multiple features.

Considering the differences between online and desktop software, it is clear that iSkysoft Hd Video Converter is the best MTS to MPG video converter among all the above. It comes with more features than any free MTS to MPEG converter and handles more files at once. Therefore, it is more reliable.

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