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How to convert MPEG4 to MP3?

For when the two formats were introduced, conversion was always in mind. MPEG4 formatted videos can be converted into MP3 format in a number of ways that have been explained below. Here we list how to convert MPEG4 to MP3 for Mac and Windows using iTunes and Windows Media Player, as well as the best solution for video and audio conversions.

Part 1. Best Software to Convert MPEG4 to MP3 on Mac and Windows (Must Try!)

UniConverter is such a prominent contraption to have in your arms stockpile when you want to convert MPEG4 to MP3 to have videos noteworthy for every one of your gadgets that you wish to watch them on.

UniConverter - Easiest MPEG4 to MP3 Video Converter

  • It supports a range of more than 150 video and audio formats including files such as MKV, WMV, MP4, M4V, MP3, MOV and much more. It converts MPEG4 audio to MP3 in seconds.
  • It has video downloading and video recording feature where you can browse and download videos from more than 1000 streaming sites.
  • It ensures the primary picture and audio quality since it wraps up your media records just in another holder while keeping the underlining codec unaltered.
  • It offers a bunch of editing functions like crop, trim, rotate, merge and cut. You can also adjust the volume, brightness, contrast and saturation, add watermarks, etc.
  • The converter decision grants you to exchange clearly to web based systems administration, for instance, Facebook and Instagram.
  • The best video changing over programming to convert video/audio to any setup on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista and macOS 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, and 10.7.

Steps to Convert MPEG4 to MP3 with UniConverter for Mac and Windows

Step 1. Add MPEG4 file to the Converter

After launched the MPEG4 to MP3 Converter, simplified the video to be changed over to the program. You can change over more than one mixed media files without a moment's delay.

convert mpeg4 to mp3

Step 2. Choose MP3 as Output Format

This MPEG4 to MP3 converter has advanced presets for all normal audio formats like MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV, MKA, AIFF, M4R, and so forth. To hold a similar quality, don't change any audio settings. For a superior audio quality, you can attempt to build the example rate and bit rate. Be that as it may, these will marginally expand the audio file measure.

how to convert mpeg4 to mp3

Step 3. Convert MPEG4 to MP3

Click the "Convert" catch at base to begin transformation. This is the longest piece of the change procedure. After the change procedure, open the file to check for any issues. In the event that no issues happen, you have quite recently changed over a file from MPEG4 video to MP3 audio.

mpeg4 to mp3 converter

Download UniConverter and try to experience the super fast speed of converting MPEG4 to MP3!

Part 2. How to Find MPEG4 to MP3 Convert iTunes on Mac

If you don't want to install a specialized MPEG4 to MP3 Converter, you can also convert by iTunes in your Mac. Follow the next steps to convert your MPEG4 file.

Step 1. Open iTunes then select the MPEG4 file you want to convert in your song library.

convert mpeg4 to mp3

Step 2. Click on the "iTunes" drop-down menu then select "Preferences", select the "Advanced" tab then select the "Importing" tab under the "Advanced" tab. Click on the "Import Using" drop-down menu then select the "MP3 Encoder" option.

how to convert mpeg4 to mp3

Step 3. Click on the "Settings" drop-down menu and select the "Custom" option. Wait for the "Custom" window to open. Select "64 kbps" in the "Stereo Bit Rate" drop-down menu then select "44.100 kHz" in the "Sample Rate" drop-down menu. Hit the "OK" button. Close the "Preferences" window. Select the "Advanced" menu then click on the "Convert Selection to MP3" and wait for iTunes to convert your selected song to an MP3.

Part 3. How to Convert MPEG4 to MP3 on Windows with Windows Media Player

For Windows users, if you just want to finish the MPEG4 to MP3 conversion with installed software in your PC, don't worry. Here you can find your best choice.

Step 1. Launch Windows Media Player on your PC. Open the MPEG4 file you need to convert in Windows Media Player.

convert mpeg4 to mp3

Step 2. In "File" menu, click "Open" and peruse for the MPEG4 in the "Open" window that surfaces. Come back to the "File" menu and pick "Save As", then click into the container beside "File name". Erase the "4" from the finish of the extension and replace it with "3."

how to convert mpeg4 to mp3

Step 3. Look down the "Folders" sheet in the "Save As" window and pick the organizer on the hard drive where you need to save the MP3. Press the "Save" catch. A duplicate of the MPEG4 file saves into the organizer you chose as a MP3 file. This is also the way if you are looking for MPEG4 to MP3 converter free!

Optional: MPEG4 to MP3 Converter Online

If you want to convert MPEG4 to mp3 online without installing any software program, just try this free online tool for converting MPEG4 to MP3:

MPEG4 to mp3 converter

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