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by Brian Fisher • Mar 26,2018 • Proven solutions

How can I convert YouTube MP3 music to iTunes?

This is one question that bothers a lot of people in need of MP3 Music especially when one finds the music clip they have been looking for on YouTube and is looking to store them in MP3 format. Well, there is no need to be worried about that anymore as this article will offer you a solution to that problem. It is a simple three step process; First, you need to upload the relevant MP3 files to the music converter. Second, select one of the preferable and supported iTunes format. Finally, continue to the process of converting the MP3 music file to the selected iTunes format and the file would be ready. Let’s as now get into the details.

Best Way to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iTunes

For starters, there are instances when you may have music files of MP3 format that perhaps you may want to be converted to a format supported on iTunes. One of the means through which one can achieve this is by downloading and installing a media converter into the computer. There are several media converters that can carry out the task of converting one music format to the other. However, one such great examples of a media converter is the iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate which has proven to be quite efficient and produces formats that are supported on iTunes. The application is a professional converter that can be used to convert audio formats such as MP3 to an iTunes supported Media format. iTunes, on the other hand, is an Apple Application, found on Mac computers and is a media player that offers one the opportunity to play videos, music, manage Apps and gain access to the iTunes store.

Best Video Converter - iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

Get the Best YouTube to MP3 Converter for iTunes:

  • iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate allows a user to convert multiple MP3 files to a file supported on iTunes at ago.
  • There is also a variety of qualities supported on iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate, including HD videos and standard video conversions, giving an assurance of the quality of output iTunes files.
  • Editing of videos is efficient since you can add effects, layouts and adjust brightness, color, volume and saturation.
  • It can input file formats from computer, camcorders, and external mobile devices.
  • You can burn DVD media edit DVDs and Copy DVDs.
  • It is built with a toolkit that consists of a GIF maker, metadata editor, VR converter and a screen recorder.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 for iTunes with iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1: Upload YouTube videos to the converter

Open the iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate. Select the “Convert” button and then click on “Add Files" in order to upload your YouTube files to the converter platform. Alternatively, one can also search for the relevant YouTube files then drag and drop it on the converter interface. This will automatically load them to the converter.

youtube mp3 converter itunes

Step 2. Set output format

Once the selected files have been uploaded to the Converter, one can proceed to the next step, which calls for the user to choose the format, to which he or she would like to convert the YouTube, i.e. either MP3 or AAC (or any other that is supported on iTunes platform). To select the format, click on “Convert All Tasks” and select “Audio” category. From there, select on the "MP3" format.

youtube mp3 converter to itunes

Step 3. Convert YouTube to MP3 and out on iTunes

After doing this you can proceed to select the folder into which you would like to save the converted file. Proceed to the bottom right part of the screen and click on the "Convert" icon to initiate the process. From this point, it will only take a few seconds to convert the file. Once the conversion process is complete, you will be prompted to open the files from the destination folder selected earlier on. It’s that simple! You can now convert your YouTube videos to MP3 and enjoy!!!

how to convert youtube to mp3 and put on itunes

Want to enjoy YouTube videos on iTunes? Don't worry, iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate will add converted YouTube videos to iTunes automatically as long as you choose "Automatically add files to iTunes Library after conversion" from the "Preferences" option.

convert youtube video to mp3 for itunes

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