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How to Play VOB Files on TV

by Brian Fisher

Do you want to play VOB files on TV effortlessly? The process involves converting VOB to DVD since it is the right format to watch on TV via certain players. This article will show you how to burn VOB files to DVD, so that you can comfortably watch on TV.

Part 1:What’s VOB files? Can It be Played on TV?

Any file containing the .VOB file extension is a Video Object file that stores audio and video data. It may also have movie related content such as menus and subtitles. VOB files are mostly encrypted and stored at the DVD root inside a folder named VIDEO_TS.

It is impossible to play the VOB format on TV due to many reasons. First, it is impossible to play any format directly on TV without the presence of a DVD player. Second, DVD players only play DVDs and hence cannot play a VOB file. Third, there are specific programs that are designed to open VOB files. They include VLC media player, Windows Media Player, Potplayer, Media Player Classic and GOM player. Unfortunately, these programs cannot be connected directly to the TV. One must use a computer, and then probably connect it to the TV through special cables such as a HDMI cable.

Instead of going through all this trouble to play a VOB file on TV, it is much easier to burn VOB to DVD. This means converting a VOB file to DVD, which can be played by a DVD player. From there, simply connect the DVD player to the TV, insert the newly created DVD and enjoy it contents.

Part 2: Best VOB converter on Mac/Windows

There are numerous programs that can convert VOB to DVD on Mac or Windows. These varieties work differently as they have diverse speeds, interfaces and results. However, not all programs are reliable enough to burn VOB files to DVD and give you the results you seek. Therefore, you must be cautious in your selection and find the best VOB to DVD converter that will not disappoint. The best VOB converter for both Mac and Windows is UniConverter.

This VOB to DVD converter is the best in the market since it has great speed and requires very little effort. UniConverter has an attractive and user friendly interface, which makes it easier to use. So if you are a beginner, you will still burn VOB files to DVD with ease. The best part about this converter is that it produces great quality DVD, making your VOB content enjoyable.

Main Features of UniConverter:

  • It supports other formats like MPEG, AVI, and MOV, among others.
  • UniConverter also has the capability to create DVD menus while burning VOB to DVD. This process also uses an easy to learn and use interface.
  • It downloads videos from other video sharing sites like YouTube, which you can burn to DVD at your convenience.
  • The program can compress videos to the size you require.
  • It can do batch processing, which is conversion of multiple videos at a go.

How to use UniConverter to burn VOB files to DVD

Step 1: Import the VOB Files

If it is your first time using UniConverter, ensure that you download and install it in your Mac or Windows PC. When done, launch the program to import the VOB files. Therefore:

  • Go to the Burn tab
  • Import the VOB files you need to convert

Step 2: Burn VOB Files to DVD

If the VOB file is a movie, video or audio, the program will effectively burn it into a DVD. So proceed to naming the DVD, mostly based on its content. Also ensure that you choose the DVD Menu. If your selection is pleasing, click on the Burn button.

UniConverter will automatically burn VOB to DVD quickly and eject the new DVD when done.


Part 3: How to Play DVD on TV and Knowledge about TV System

How to Play DVD on TV

A DVD can only play on a TV through a DVD player, which is a machine created to process and transmit its data. You simply connect the DVD player to the TV using the right cables to allow transmission. The two must be placed close to each other since the cables are often short. After connecting, you should turn on the both and insert the DVD into the player. If it has a menu, the DVD contents will not play instantly. So, you must use your DVD player remote control to choose the preferred content.

Knowledge about TV System

A TV system refers to equipment, technology and the networks that are used in processing, reception and distributing television signals. Therefore, a TV is an electronic system that transmits sound and image instantaneously. In the current times, a TV set is among the essential things, making it cheap since it is also produced by multiple companies from various countries. It is often found in homes, offices, hospitals and supermarkets, among other places since it is often a source of information and entertainment. There are different types of TV systems, which include Cable Antenna Television System (CATV), Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Satellite Master Antenna Television System (SMATV) and Master Antenna Television System (MATV).

In conclusion, VOB files cannot play on TV directly. There is a process involved, whereby you must convert VOB files to DVD, a format that a TV can handle. With UniConverter, which is the best converter in the market, this conversion should be quite easy and fast. This program can burn VOB files to DVD within a very short time. As soon as you acquire your DVD, play it with a DVD player that is connected to your TV. You should be able to enjoy the VOB files in DVD format perfectly.

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