3 Ways to Compress VOB Files on Mac and Windows Computer

by Brian Fisher • Oct 30,2018 • Proven solutions

The Video Object, more known as the VOB, is the primary container format found across all DVD-Video media. It is capable of holding digital audio and video, DVD menus, navigation contents, and subtitles all put together in a stream form. Its main usage in DVD-Video media s is the primary reason for the .vob extension in the files found under the VIDEO_TS folder within the disc. While the VOB format has its roots on the MPEG program stream format, there are noticeable additional limitations and specifications in its streams. This means that VOB files are basically MPEG program streams themselves, but not all MPEG program streams fit the limitations and restrictions set under the definition of the VOB file. When on the DVD, these VOB files, although broken down into files with sizes of 1 GB at most, still function to produce continuously-playing content. Consequently, videos embedded in DVDs typically comprise of several VOB files and summing up the sizes of these VOB files would result to quite an enormous file size for a video or movie, especially when you consider the video quality that the DVD can hold.

Solution 1: Compress VOB Files by Using iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

Converting your VOB files to other formats increases the chances of you getting smaller video file sizes as more video file formats are better than VOB in terms of file size. You would have to use conversion tools. It is recommended to use iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate as their software have built a good reputation on the Internet for quite some time.

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Tutorial on How to Compress VOB Videos using iSkysoft

Step 1. Load VOB videos

Launch the program and start importing your VOB files by dragging and dropping the DVD disc icon or the VOB files you have on your Mac. You may also opt to select "Load DVD Files" to import the VOB files directly from the disc.

compress vob files

Step 2. Compress VOB

Your imported video will be listed in the window. Select a video and under the "Video" category found at the lower portion, you can set "FLV" as your output format, which can reduce the video size.

vob compress

If you don't want to change the video format, you can also make the size of the resulting video much smaller by adjusting the video resolution and audio settings.

vob compressor

Step 3. Save VOB video

Hit "Convert" once you're ready and you shall have your VOB files compressed in no time.

vob compression

Solution 2: How to Compress VOB Files by Using HandBrake

To do this method, you'll have to get HandBrake online. It's a free tool that's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It does a clean job when it comes to compression, as it significantly decreases the file size of any video you may want to use with it.

Step 1. Open Handbrake. To locate your VOB file, click on Source, then Open File. Once you've found it, double-click on it to have it imported.

Step 2. Now you'll have to specify where you want your output file stored. Hit the Browse button just beside the Destination field then set the destination of your compressed file.

Step 3. The next step is to tweak the output settings to maximize compression while not compromising video quality. From the Container drop-down menu, select "MP4". Don't forget to tick the "Web Optimized" checkbox.

Step 4. The last thing to worry about before conversion is the codec you're going to use. Under the Video tab and the Codec drop-down menu, select H.264.

Step 5. You're all set for compression. Hit the Start button located beside the Source button. Take note that the time you'll have to wait depends on the size of the VOB file you imported.

how to compress video files using handbrake

Solution 3: Reduce the Video Size to Compress VOB Files

Compressing your VOB files will reduce their sizes but keep in mind that you may have problems with your movie's continuity as messing up with each of your VOB files will cause them to be unlinked from each other and act as individual files. Since VOB files have specially been made for DVD media only, they aren't exactly supported like files of other formats (MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV) when it comes to compression. Should you really need to compress your VOB file, you'll have to enclose it in an archive or use a third-party tool.

Using an Archive

Note that you can compress more than one VOB file in an archive. Just do the following steps if you're on Windows:

· In Windows Explorer (or File Explorer, if you're on Windows 8 or later), right-click on your VOB file.
· Hit Send to, then Compressed (zip) Folder.
· If your VOB file is at the maximum size of 1GB, it might take some time to compress it so you may have to wait.

If you're using a Mac:

· Put your VOB file in a folder.
· Right-click on that folder and select Make Archive.
· Finder will make your folder into a compressed ZIP archive.

compress vob

Tips: Why you need to compress VOB files

A typical full-length movie is usually broken down into at least three or four VOB files. All but one of these files have a size of 1 GB. Just imagine how large the total file size would be if you were to get all the VOB files and combine them into a single video (which is practically impossible as VOB files are restricted to a size of 1 GB). That means you get a movie that's about three to four gigabytes in size. This is very impractical especially if you want to save copies of the contents of your DVDs into your computer.

When you feel bothered by such a problem with VOB files, you may feel the need to compress them. You wouldn't want to store hundreds of movies in your computer with each of them having a size of about 4 GB. Instead, you would probably want to get just the right file size for the quality of movies you're getting from the DVDs you have and that is why it really is a great idea to compress your VOB files when you plan to get them over to your computer.

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