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How Do I Easily Convert VOB to Xvid/DivX

by Brian Fisher

Xvid and DivX are not just formats, but more of programs that compress videos. They are very similar in various aspects and so may seem to compete with each other. If working with VOB files is not going great, you can always shift. With the right software, you can easily convert VOB to Xvid. You can also VOB to DivX if you wish. In this article, you will discover that UniConverter is the best program for such conversion. It is powerful and thus handles such milestones. There is also more information about Xvid/DivX files to satisfy your curiosity.

Part 1: The Process of Using Xvid/DivX Files

If you are using Xvid files, you should know that they use the Xvid codec. Xvid is nothing like MP4, WMV or other formats. However, it is a program that compresses and decompresses video to the compression standard known as MPEG-4 ASP. This compression mostly takes place to save on disc space or increase the speed of file transfer. If you compress a full-length DVD movie, the DVD quality will still be retained and the file will fit in a CD due to the compression supported in Xvid content.

The above also takes place with DivX, which stands for digital Video express. DivX files utilize the DivX codecs. If you compress a video using this program, the compressed video will be based on MPEG-4 technology. The DivX and Xvid codecs may differ at some point and the former files could be more widely supported. However, modern DVD players support both files, especially the video players displaying the DivX logo.

If you use both DivX and Xvid to compress videos, they may appear as competing compression formats. While DivX may be more popular, Xvid may seem to offer quality improvements after compression. However, if you take a closer look, you will find no difference. Both compress to small sizes and so you can choose the smallest if you wish.

Part 2: Convert VOB to Xvid/DivX with UniConverter

There are several video converter tools that can convert VOB to Xvid or DivX files or transform the Xvid/DivX files to file formats. Among them is UniConverter, which is the best program for this conversion.

UniConverter is a unique converter tool that surpasses the rest in the market. It has a lot of advantages such as working 90 times faster than other converter tools and being easy to use, hence favoring new users. UniConverter is powerful as it handles multiple functionalities, enabled by its features.

Main Features of UniConverter:

  • It converts online and stored videos into multiple formats. The supported formats exceed 150 and so, it comes in handy numerous times.
  • It is an online video downloader, whereby it downloads videos from more than 1000 websites. It can also stream or use its screen recorder to record.
  • It is a video editor, whereby it uses multiple editing features to optimize videos. Such features include trimming, cropping and rotating, among others.
  • It can burn DVD as well as Blu-ray discs. This feature can handle editing of DVD files and copying and backing up DVD.
  • iSkysoft also does transfer video files to storage devices like hard drives, or to devices with storage like Android phones and iPhone.

How to Convert VOB to Xvid/DivX with UniConverter

As usual, you begin by downloading and installing UniConverter. When this process is complete, proceed to launch the program and ensure that it runs well.

Step 1: Import the VOB video to this Xvid/DivX converter

As soon as UniConverter is up and running, go to the program window and choose Convert, which is the screen mid top. To import the VOB files, access + Add Files, and then browse for the files. If this procedure is too long, simply drag and drop the files into the software interface.

import vob file

Step 2: Specify the output Format, either Xvid or DivX

At this point, you will have to specify one of the formats to be the output, since you cannot select Xvid and DivX. Therefore, go to Choose Output and proceed to the button Videos. To convert VOB to Xvid, choose Xvid as the output. Otherwise, select DivX to be the result format. If you would like to make changes to the VOB video files, simply choose the Editting icon, which will lead you to the editing options. Feel free to use any.

select output format

Step 3: Convert VOB videos to Xvid/Divx

If there are no more changes to be made, it is time for the conversion. So, commence the process by choosing the Convert All button. The screen will indicate the progress of conversion on the screen, which should take the least time possible. When it is complete, you can access the Output folder and open the Xvid or DivX file.

convert vob to xvid divx

Part 3: More information about Xvid/DivX File

At times, you may come across various types of files with the .XVID file extension. You should note that multiple file containers do carry the Xvid video content and so an AVI file may be named video.xvid.avi, for instance. So, it is possible to convert VOB to Xvid AVI.

The Xvid/DivX Files are played using Blu-Ray and DVD players. You need to be aware of the possibility of incompatibility, whereby Xvid videos may not be compatible with the majorities of the DivX Players. This happens when Xvid videos are encoded with MPEG-4 features that are advanced, like multiple B-frames or MPEG quantization. Nevertheless, any software on a PC that can decode an encoded video with MPEG-4 ASP is capable of playing Xvid files. Such programs are popular and may include Windows Media Player, VLC media player, DivX Plus Player, MPlayer and Elmedia Player.

In conclusion, it is easy to convert various formats to Xvid/DivX, if you know the best program to use. Xvid/DivX may seem like complicated files. However, they are quite easy to understand once you explore them. UniConverter is powerful and thus can convert VOB to Xvid or DivX. Many may choose the latter since it is more popular.

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