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It can be quite a task making your VR videos compatible with each VR device you own such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and so on but if you have iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate for Windows (Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista) you can convert every video hassle-free. If you are a novice photographer or someone who enjoys capturing a memory or two then you probably have dozens of files saved in varying angles like 2D 360 degrees and headers and this software can help you streamline your collection and perhaps do something useful with it like make a music video.

VR videos are typically saved in varying formats and modes and just a few are 2D 360 Degrees, 3D 180 degree left\right, 3D 180 degree top\bottom, 3D 360 degree left\right, 3D 360 degree top\bottom. This converter is perfect for adapting all these modes to the device you own.

The purpose of the iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate is to convert all your virtual media files into the format you desire and these files can originate from just about any media device you own such as RICOH THETA S, GoPro Omni, Samsung GEAR 360, and LG 360. The only thing to bear in mind is to get them stitched before they can be converted for use on VR devices using the iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate for Windows.

1.Import your video file

First you must import the VR files you want to convert and use. You can load the files onto the board provided browsing from "VR Converter" option of the "Toolbox" tab.

how to convert vr videos windows

2.Select video mode and output device

Next choose your video mode such as 3D 180 degrees top/bottom. After you have done this, select your output device of choice so that the software can convert according to the device you will be watching the video on.

convert vr videos on windows

3.Edit video (Optional)

If this video is one of your own creations and not one you have downloaded from the Internet or Youtube then you can make edits at this point such as adding watermarks, effects, etc. This affects how the video looks at the end and gives it a personal touch and iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate for Windows is one of the best software out there for making this happen.

how to convert vr videos on windows

You can save the video after you are done with editing and it can be played on most professional VR devices and mobile devices.

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