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CD Burner

To create a physical back up of all your favorite music files, UniConverter supports CD burning. The created CD can also be used for playback on supported devices. Audio formats like MP3, WAV, M4B, and, many others are supported by the software for the process.

Step 1
Open UniConverter and choose to create CD

Install and open the software on your system and choose CD Burner box from the Toolbox feature.

burn cd
Step 2
Load audio/music files

A new pop-up CD Burner window will open where you can click on the + sign to browse and load the local audio files to be burned. All the files that you want to burn to a CD can be added here.

burn cd
Step 3
Check files, insert CD, and choose the burner

The added music files will appear on the interface with details regarding name, time, and size. At the top-left corner, + and delete icons can be used to add or delete the files to the list.

Next, insert a blank CD into your system. Expand drop-down menu at the Burner: tab and select the relevant option.

burn cd
Step 4
Burn added files to the CD

Finally to start burning the added music files to the inserted CD, click on the Burn button. The bottom bar of the software interface will display the CD storage so that you have an idea as to how many more files can be added.

Once the process is complete, the interface will display the Burning Completed message.

burn cd