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Trim Video

If your videos have ads and other unwanted portions you can get rid and remove them using the Trim function of the software’s editing tool. You can choose to remove the parts from the starting, end or middle of the file and then merge the remaining ones.

Step 1
Run UniConverter and add video

Run the software and to load the local video, click on the + Add Files button from the Convert section. You can also add the file from a camcorder, smartphone, or any other device. You can also add the downloaded or recorded video on the interface.

trim hd quality video
Step 2
Choose the Trim function

The added video can be seen on the interface with details under the Source section and a thumbnail image. Under the image, the icons for Trim, Crop, and Effect are present. Click on the first Trim icon.

trim hd quality video
Step 3
Trim the video

A new trimming window will open that will enable you to select the part to be removed. Now to remove the video part, move the green slider to the portion that you want to get rid of. Alternatively, you can also mention the specific time of the video that you want to get trimmed off. Next, click on the Cut part and the software will mark the selected part as Segment 1, 2, 3…. and so on as multiple segments can be created. Now, choose the segment that you want to remove and click on the Delete button. Multiple segments can be deleted similarly.

The remaining segments can be merged into a single video by enabling Merge All Segments checkbox. Finally, hit on the Save button to confirm the settings.

start trim video
Step 4
Select the output format and start processing

Choose the target format from Convert all tasks to: tab on the top-right corner. The Output tab will enable you to choose the Mac location to save the processed file.

As the final step, click on the Convert All button to start process the added video.

save trimmed video