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Tips on How to Download Videos

Here are a few downloading strategies that will help you have a better and faster downloading experience.

Part 1. Download Preferences Setting

After copying the video URL to be downloaded, click the button in the upper-left corner to bring up a pop-up dialog box where you may select your download choices.

You can choose the format in which you want your videos to be downloaded under the Download Video or Download Audio option. The resolution/audio bitrate, as well as the matching file size, displayed next to the format. Choose the Download Thumbnail option if you only want the thumbnail of the video URL to be downloaded.

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You can choose to download the Original Subtitles if the videos have subtitles. Though the system language for subtitles is selected by default, you can change it by selecting Language from the drop-down list.

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By checking the box next to Set my choices as the default and don't show me again, you can make the selected download preferences the default option. When you click the button again, the setting dialog box will not display, and the download procedure will begin instantly.

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To restore the pop-up window or adjust the download preferences, select the Download tab from the Preferences menu in the top-right corner of the main interface. To confirm the updated configuration, uncheck the One-Click Download Mode for YouTube option and click the OK button.

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This Download Preferences box can also be used to select the maximum number of downloading jobs at a time (1-10), subtitle auto-downloading, unfinished task auto-resuming on startup, subtitle merging to the output video, default subtitle language, and default quality.

download tips 5

To confirm the settings, click the OK button, and to return to the default settings, click the Reset button.

Part 2. Improve the download speed

The software has a high-speed download option that speeds up the download process by three times. The option can be utilized either before or after the download is complete.

Turn on the High Speed Download button in the top-right corner of the Downloader interface to enable the feature.

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To enable the feature, a pop-up window will open, and you must click the Turn On button.

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Part 3. Priorities settings for the download

The software supports simultaneous downloads of up to ten files. By default, the downloading sequence is the same as the order in which the files are added to the interface. So, if you wish to download a specific file, you can specify a preference, and the chosen item will rise to the top of the download list.

download tips 8

After you've added many video URLs to the interface for downloading, choose the one you want to download first, right-click, and select Download in Priority. The video you've chosen will rise to the top of the list.

Part 4. Enable the Download and Convert modes

The software downloads the videos in their original format by default. You can turn on the Download then Convert Mode if you need to download files in a certain format.

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Click the Download then Convert Mode option in the bottom-right corner before beginning the downloading process. A pop-up box with a list of supported video, audio, and Device formats will display. Select the desired option as well as the output file quality from the drop-down menus.

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The Download then Convert Mode option will now appear beside the selected format. Begin downloading the videos, which will be instantly converted to the format of your choice.

Part 5. Scheduling your download time

If you need to adjust the download time, the software allows you to do so by setting the start and stop times.

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Click the clock symbol in the bottom-left corner to open a pop-up Booking download time window. Enter the Start Download and Stop Download times in this box. You may either manually enter the time or use the up and down arrows to adjust the time. You must guarantee that the software is running in order for the function to work.

Part 6. Manage downloaded video

The Finished tab on the UI allows you to examine and manage the videos you've downloaded.

When you click the Finished tab, a list of all the videos you've downloaded will appear, along with a thumbnail image and other information. You can rename the downloaded video file by clicking the icon next to its name.

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The Open button will take you to the downloaded file's location on your computer.

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When you right-click the video, you'll see a menu of options for managing the file, including Play, Delete, Open File Location, and more.

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When you right-click the movie and select Sort by, you may sort the downloaded files by length, size, name, ascending, and descending order.

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A play icon will show when the cursor is moved over the desired downloaded video. When you click the icon, the downloaded file will open in a new player window and begin to play. Rewind, forward, alter volume, use subtitles, use audio tracks, and capture the screen are all available in the built-in player window.

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