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Download Video Tips

To enhance and improve your video download experience using UniConverter, below tips will prove to be of great help.

Part 1
Download Preference Settings

Preferences settings can be edited and selected as per requirements using the software. Below listed are various settings options available.

Copy the video URL link and click on the "+" Paste URL button at the Download section on your UniConverter software interface. A dialog window like below will open which you can use for selecting the preferences for your download.

  • Select the output video resolution or the audio bit rate in which you want to download the selected video. The file size of the selected resolution is listed next to it.
  • download tips
  • If your videos have subtitles and captions in it, you can choose to download the same by checking the box at Original Subtitles. The subtitle language can also be selected from the drop-down menu. By default, the system language is selected.
  • download tips
  • The selected download preferences and settings will be saved for future download and this pop-up dialog box will not appear again if you check the box at “Set my choices as the default and don’t show me again”. So after enabling this option, the software will download your videos automatically without asking for these choices.
  • To get back the dialog pop-up window for changing the preferences go to UniConverter > Preference > Download and then uncheck the box at One-Click Download Mode for YouTube and click on the OK button to confirm the new setting. The preference window also allows making other changes to the download like:
    download tips
    • Maximum number of downloading tasks
    • Auto-downloading of subtitles
    • Auto resuming the unfinished tasks on startup
    • Merging the subtitles to the output video
Part 2
Accelerate Download Speed

The download speed using UniConverter can be accelerated by enabling the function.

Launch the UniConverter software and choose the Download tab from the primary interface. at the top-right corner, slide to enable the High-Speed Download mode and then from the pop-up dialog box click the Turn on button.

Next, when you paste the URL to download the video it will be downloaded at a fast speed.

download tips
Part 3
Priority Setting for Download

A maximum of 10 videos at a time can be downloaded simultaneously using the software. The videos are downloaded in the same order as they are added. So if there is any file that you want to download before the other, its priority setting can be changed to do so.

At the Download section where multiple video downloads are in progress, right-click the file that you want to download first and then click on Download on Priority button.

download tips
Part 4
Enable Download then Convert Mode

Using the UniConverter, you can choose the format in which you want to get the downloaded videos, instead of downloading it in the default format of the file.

Launch the software and choose the Download section. At the bottom-right corner of the interface enable the slider at Download then Convert Mode.

A new pop-up window showing the list of supported formats and devices will appear. Choose the desired format from the Video list. You can choose to keep the resolution as the source file or select from the available options.

download tips

The selected format will be shown and the files will be downloaded by default in this selected format and resolution.

Part 5
Booking Download Time

If multiple videos need to be downloaded using the software, you can use the task scheduler to avoid sitting in front of your Mac while the download process is going on.

Launch the software and add multiple videos to be downloaded. At the bottom-left corner of the software, interface click on the clock icon.

There will be a pop-up Booking download time window. Here enter the Starting Time and the Stopping Time. You can either enter the time manually or move the up and down arrows. To make the function work, you must be ensured that the program is working.

download tips
Part 6
Manage Downloaded Video

The videos once downloaded can be checked from the Finished tab on the Download section of the interface.

The icon next to the downloaded video name will let you rename the downloaded file. Clicking on the Open button will open the downloaded file location on your system.

download tips

Right-click one of the downloaded video and you will have multiple options for managing the file like play, delete, open file location, and others.

download tips

You can sort all the downloaded videos based on name, date, length, size, ascending, and descending order using the Sort by option.

download tips