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Screen Recorder

The screen of your system can be recorded using the UniConverter. So if you want to record your Skype video calls, streaming videos, or live screen, the software facilitates the task in a hassle-free manner.

Step 1
Choose the screen recording function

Open the UniConverter on your system select Screen Recorder option from the Toolbox section.

record screen
Step 2
Choose recording frame and other preferences

A frame for recording will appear on your screen that you can move and adjust to select the recording area.

  • Moving the edge of the frame will increase and decrease the recording area.
  • The centre cross sign can be used for moving the complete frame.
  • You can also enter the exact width and height of the capture area.
  • Click on the Full Screen option to capture the complete screen.
  • Option to choose the System Audio off or Microphone off can be selected as needed.
  • Next on the bottom-right corner, click on the Settings icons that will expand the settings options like destination folder, automatic recording timer, mouse controls, and shortcut. You can also select the frame rate and the quality of the recorded video.
  • record screen

To get back to the original settings click on the Reset to Default button.

Step 3
Start recording

After the frame is selected and the settings are made, click on the REC button. The software will start 5 seconds timer to prepare after which the selected screen will start recording.

record screen
record screen
Step 4
Stop recording

The bar will show the time for which the recording is done and in progress. To stop the recording, click on the Stop icon.

The recorded video can be located from the selected destination folder.

record screen