Does Google Drive Compress Video Or Reduce Video quality?

Google Drive playback size, if counted at its maximum, is 300 MB. As a result of this default, you will find the resolution to be 4k, a bit higher than 1080p and resized to 1080p. Videos with less or 1080p will always look closer to the original. On downloading the files on your system to be played offline, you will find the video resolution the same as the original. So, why does Google Drive often seem to compress the video? The answer is simple: Google Drive saves the bandwidth for the user and itself. There will be a low-bandwidth and seamless video experience for the users because video compression helps them spend less bandwidth in data transfer, which reduces pressure on the server.

While playing the video, there are many transcoded versions of the video on Drive that can be seen. While playing the YouTube-like videos, there is a list of video resolutions like 1080p, 720p, 360p, etc., to select for playback. But there is another thing to notice while uploading the 1080p video to the Google drive. The user has a choice of 360p only as Google Drive can be seen processing your video; we hope that more options will be available in the coming days. It is why the video quality can be seen as compressed on playing the same file.

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Let's know more about the Google Drive video compression experience:

  1. Google Drive provides various resolutions like 1080p, 720p, 360p, etc., for the video so that you can preview it speedily and smoothly without costing a lot of bandwidth.
  2. You can also opt for compressing the file via Google Drive. Compressing files will lower the file's size and allow for easy transfer. Here you can compress one of your files or many of them simultaneously. You can select files/folders you like to include in the compressed file in your Google Drive.
  3. Do you know that video storage on Google Drive is limited in file size, storage space, and playback resolution? Here the largest size is 5TB to store, and you need to purchase this much storage at least; else, you will be limited to the storage for the plan you have opted for. Also, you can upload the video for any resolution, but remember, the playback resolution will be 1920 x 1080.
  4. The files uploaded can be large and support files of sizes up to 10GB. In that context, the 10GB is approximately 400 times bigger than any Gmail attachment size limit.
  5. While using Google Drive, the original quality of videos will never change, and the file types that are not compatible with the images (RAW files at a time) will stick on the Drive and start using storage. On the other hand, the normal files do not take up any additional storage on the Drive.
  6. You can also resize any video you have by just controlling/right-clicking and then choosing "Encode Selected Video Files," then choosing 720p or 480p from your many. You will have a reasonably sized video with you.
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