FLV File Extension Supporting Software Guide

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Full name: Flash Video

Developer: Adobe Systems


Category: Video Formats

File Format Description:

Short for Flash Video, FLV is a container file format widely used as the internet standard to deliver video using Adobe Flash Player and its web browser plug-in. Originally developed by Macromedia, FLV was later absorbed by Adobe and is the format used by most major video streaming websites, such as YouTube and others. Technically speaking, FLV content can be embedded within SWF files and the video stream is usually a derivative of H.263 or On2 VP6 codec. Adobe Flash Player is the recommended software to playback FLV, however, due to the high use and demand of the format nowadays, many other video players also support the format.

Many video players can play AVI files, however it must be assured that the player supports the codec for AVI files. Scroll down to learn more.

Part 1: FLV Players

Some of the best FLV players can be found in the following list. FLV players for Windows, Mac and Linux. Even though the Flash Video format is mostly used online, many people will download those videos and need a place to play them offline. Given the high demand, many common video players are nowadays compatible with FLV. Top FLV video players download options:

Name Company Platform Fee Download File Size
QuickTime Player * Apple Inc. Win/Mac Free Download 557.33KB
VLC Media Player VideoLan Organization Win/Mac Free Download 22.42MB
RealPlayer RealNetworks Win/Mac Free Download 755.17KB
DivX Player DIVX Win/Mac Free Download 96.14MB
GOM Player Gretech Corporation Windows Free Download 12.30MB
GOM Player for Mac (Beta) Gretech Corporation Mac Free Download 12.30MB
KMPLayer Pandora TV Windows Free Download 30.68MB
Windows Media Player ** Microsoft Windows Free Download 24.55MB
UMPLayer Ori Rejwan Win/Mac/Linux Free Download 146.82K
ALLPlayer ALLPlayer Group Windowns Free Download 41 MB
Winamp Nullsoft Windowns Free Download 16.85MB
Media Player Classic Gabest Windowns Free Download 7.1MB
XBMC XBMC Foundation Win/Mac/Linux Free Download 49.56MB
SMPLayer Ricardo Villalb Win/Linux Free Download 17.31MB
xine Apple Inc. Linux Free Download 4.63MB
MPlayer MPlayer Team Linux Free Download 9.5MB
RealPlayer RealNetworks Linux Free Download 755.17KB

*Use Perian codec to play FLV on QuickTime Player.
**Requires DirectShow filters.

Part 2: FLV Codecs

Some players may have incompatibility issues when reading FLV video files. The reason for this is usually the lack of a proper codec. The right codec, when installed, will compliment the video player files formats supported. Here you can find some of the top codec packs for download. This include not only FLV codecs, but also others for other files. Notice that only Perian is available for Mac.

Name Platform Download File Size
Cole2k Media Codec Pack Standard 7.1.0 Vista/Win2k/Win98/WinME /WinXP Download 9.22MB
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.1.0 Win7/Vista/ WinXP Download 20.09MB
AVI Codec Pack + 2.3.0 Win7/Vista/ WinXP Download 17.1MB
LEAD Video Codec 2.0 Win7/Vista/ WinXP Download 76.70MB
The Codecs Win7/Vista/ WinXP Download 5.38MB
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 9.9.5 Win7/Vista/ WinXP Download 19.70MB
Storm Codec 08.02.01 Win7/Vista/ WinXP Download 39.8MB
Perian Mac Download 3.4MB
CCCP Win7/8/Vista/ WinXP Download 8.9MB
Ligos Indeo Codec 5.11 Win7/Vista/ WinXP Download 1.97MB

Part 3: FLV Editor

Video editing may be both fun and required, as an activity. That is why video editors are always on high demand. Search no more! These are some of the best video editor programs for FLV that you will find. Edit FLV with any one of these programs. Options for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Name Platform Fee Download File Size
iSkysoft Video Editor Win/Mac Paid/Free Trial Download 41.9MB
Camtasia Win/Mac Paid/Free Trial Download N/A
Windows Movie Maker Windows Free Download 213KB
AviSynth Windows Free Download 4.2MB
Cinelerra Linux Free Download 69.5MB
Blender Win/Mac/Linux Free Download N/A
Lightworks Win/Linux Free Download 72.7 MB
iMovie Mac Free Download 1.36 GB
LiVES Win/Mac Free Download 3.4MB
VirtualDub Windows Free Download 667KB
VideoPad Win/Mac Paid/Free Trial Download 4.2MB
VSDC Free Video Editor Windowns Free Download 26MB
Wax Windowns Free Download 2.59MB
VideoSpin Windowns Free Download 148.97MB
Kate's Video Toolkit Windows Free Download 10.2MB
Free Video Dub Windows Free Download 23.85MB
MPEG Streamclip 1.2.1b6 Win/Mac Free Download 542KB
Vegas Pro Windows Paid/Free Trial Download 203.14MB
Jahshaka Win/Mac/Linux Free Download 8.3MB
Kdenlive Mac/Linux/BSD Free Download N/A
Avidmuxe Win/Mac/Linux/BSD Free Download 17MB

Part 4: FLV Converters

Converting files can become a serious necessity more often than we would like to. Not all devices and software programs will read all kinds of media formats in existence. So sometimes, the best and quicker solution is to convert. Convert FLV files to virtually any other format using the options listed bellow. for Windows, Mac and Linux, these are some of the top video converters available.

Name Platform Fee Download File Size
UniConverter Win/Mac Paid/Free Trial Download 25.9MB
Free Video Converter Windows Free Download 242KB
XMedia Recode Windows Free Download 5.92MB
VirtualDubMod Windows Free Download 955KB
Transcode Linux Free Download N/A
Handbrake Win/Mac/Linux Free Download 13.2MB
Any Video Converter Win/Mac Paid/Free Trial Download 29.8MB
Tunebite Win/Mac Paid/Free Trial Download 1.36 GB
Free Studio Windows Free Download 77.96MB
Dr. DivX Win/Mac Free 970KB
Online AVI video converter Online Free Link -
MediaCoder Win/Mac/Linux Free Download N/A
FormatFactory Win/Mac Free Download 50.2MB
Cloud Convert Online Free Link -
Media Converter Mac Free Download 18MB

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