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MOV to GIF Converter: How to Convert MOV to GIF on Mac

by Brian Fisher • Jul 24,2019 • Proven solutions

Graphical and animation presentations feature predominantly in relaying and presentation of information over the internet websites. Among the many formats, GIF is very popular. GIF, an acronym standing for Graphic Interchange Format features an animated or avatar like presentation that pops up and keeps playing in the multimedia as a standalone feature or multiple presentation. GIF features a broken down or series of media frames or short snippets that have been compressed to present a single or multiple frames. GIF in its compressed nature and not fully fledged makes it easier to upload or download the format. But how to create GIF animations? This article will show you how to convert MOV to GIF animation for totally free using online GIF converter

Part 1. Simplest Way to Convert MOV to GIF

In the past, it was difficult to convert MOV files or any video format to GIF format. One could use online converters but it never produced quality GIFs. Today, one can convert MOV file to GIF using UniConverter effortlessly. The latest version of this software is designed with a GIF maker that makes it possible to convert MOV to GIF.

Best Video Converter - UniConverter

Get the Best MOV to GIF Converter:

  • iSkysoft iMedia Converter deluxe can create GIFs from photos and videos.
  • It is a video converter that supports standard video formats like MOV, AVI, FLV, VOB and others, as well as HD video formats like HD MOV, HD MKV, etc.
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  • Inbuilt DVD toolkit helps you convert, edit and burn DVD media.
  • It can also act as a video editor to crop, trim or add subtitles/watermarks/effects to your video.

How to Convert MOV to GIF using UniConverter

Step 1. Launch the Program and Click on “Toolbox”

Open the installed UniConverter. On the home interface you can hover the cursor to the top right and click on “Toolbox” button.

mov to gif

Step 2. Select “Video to GIF”

Next, click on “GIF Maker” on the program window and select the “Video to GIF” option. There is also “Photo to GIF” if you want to convert videos to GIF. From there, you can now upload the MOV file that you want to covert to GIF. Click on “Add” button at the top let and you will be able to browse videos on your computer and upload them. For the uploaded video, you can then select starting time and the length. You will see the size of the file indicated on the screen.

convert mov to gif

Step 3. Convert MOV to GIF

Finally, click on “Create GIF” and the program will convert the MOV to GIF.

Part 2. Try GIF to MOV Converter Online

Online resources like offer free video conversions without having to download any software. It supports converting MOV to GIF up to 100 megabytes. Below is an example of how to create a GIF animation from a MOV video file on Before getting started, do note that:

1. You have to provide an email address and download GIF animation via link in email message.

2. Your video files have to be smaller than 100 MB in size.

3. You cannot trim the GIF animation if it's too long and thus too large.

So here are the solutions. For No.1, try another MOV to GIF converter like which supports instant download but the supported file size limit is smaller - only 20MB. For the rest, you'll need a regular video converter to compress the video by using lower resolution or bit rate, or trim the video duration. Here, UniConverter is highly recommended to compress, and trim your video before creating a GIF animation from MOV files.

Step-by-step Guide to Convert MOV Videos to GIF

Step 1. Upload MOV to GIF creator

Choose the intended files containing the animations or video from the website. Up to 100MB is free.

mov to gif converter

Step 2. Choose GIF as the target format

Choose the format you would like to convert to. In this case we apply GIF file format.

Step 3. Provide an email address to receive GIF download link

In the defined field you enter your E-mail address as the deemed recipient of the converted file.

Step 4. Start to convert MOV to GIF animation movie

In the terms of agreement, click the "Convert" button to enable the file to be converted. is not only a MOV to GIF converter, but also a universal online video converter that is available on both Windows operating systems and Mac operating system. It is supplement in addition to other online services like video editing, video downloading, and PDF editing for Mac and Windows.

How to Compress QuickTime MOV Files for Converting to GIF Online

Step 1. Import the QuickTime video

Firstly, download and install UniConverter. Import your video by clicking "Add Files"; you can also import them by simply dragging them and dropping them into the compression window.

mov to gif converter

Step 2. Select your compression settings

Go to the format tray, click the Edit icon and an Encode Settings window will appear. Here you will change the settings to suit your needs. You can change the resolution of the video, the bit arte, the frame rate among many others. When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the “Create Custom” button, and the compression process will begin.

convert mov to gif

Step 3. Save the compressed QuickTime video

Once you click on the “Convert” button, your video will be exported to your selected destination.

UniConverter is a great tool for compressing videos at a high speed and without losing any quality. Ensure that you have made the right settings selection so your video suits your purpose well.

convert mov to animated gif

Tips: Why use GIF instead of other multimedia formats?

Quick and fast uploads and downloads:

The GIF files are compact and present parts of the total clip as well as they do not contain any sound hence make them easier, cheaper to display as well as faster uploading or downloading.

Occupy little space:

With limited internet space and broadband speeds, a GIF video fits best since it will occupy the least space as compared to the other multimedia video formats.

No user intervention:

GIF clips are ever animating continuously and do not feature the usual control buttons for start, stop or pause as the other video formats.

Compatibility and convenience:

GIF animations can be easily be converted to other formats easily, cheaply as well as effectively.

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