WMV to GIF Converter: How to Convert WMV to GIF, GIF to WMV for Free

GIF files are image format files that support most browsers and are viewable across platforms. Hence, it is a very popular format for sharing animated files on forums, social networks and websites. Use animated GIFs as your avatar on Myspace or forums and attract attention. As this a versatile file format, many other files types like WMV (Windows Media Video) file are usually converted into animated GIF file so, that it viewable across browsers and platforms. Converting files from WMV to GIF, or from any format to GIF is simple and easy by using online WMV to GIF converter. You can even finish the process without downloading any software.

Part 1: Online Tool to Convert WMV Videos to GIF

Before you convert WMV to GIF, you might realize the video files are way to large and compression is required. iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe (Mac version) can help compress the video files and even crop or trim them before conversion into GIF.

This converter provides the platform to convert virtually all popular audio and video formats. It is able to convert all Camcorder HD videos and standard videos with regular format of video such as MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI and AVI supported. Audio formats are also converted such as M4A, AIFF and MP3 including the extraction of video audio into MP3. Also, iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe carries out conversion of web videos from websites into video formats popular with users.

Tutorial for Converting WMV to GIF Step by Step

Here we'll show you how to create GIF animation from WMV files on Windows using Zamzar.com online converter. Before conversion, keep in mind that there are some limits to convert WMV to GIF with Zamzar file converter.

Step 1. Trim WMV video file length for a smaller size

Launch iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe, drag the WMV files you want into the converter. And click the "Edit" icon to open the editing window. Here you can trim the part that you want to convert into GIF format. Click "OK" to confirm the modification. Choose "WMV" (or other as you like) as the output and click the Convert button to start trimming and exporting the files.

trim wmv files

Step 2. Go to Zamzar.com and upload WMV file(s)

When you open zamzar.com, the site invites you to upload the file you wish to convert. Either select the WMV file to upload - you are allowed to transfer files of size up to 100 MB - or even type in the url of the location of the video rather than WMV video file.

Step 3. Choose GIF as the output format

The third step of the conversion process involves choosing the format to which the selected file is to be converted to in our case - GIF. It takes time for the back end servers at Zamzar.com to convert the file to the requisite file type as there are several people making such requests all the time. If the file you uploaded is big then this might take a longer time.

convert wmv to gif online

Step 4. Input Email address to receive GIF download link

In the next step enter your email address. Once your file is converted to the required format a notification will be delivered to your email box with instructions on how to download your file.

Step 5. Start converting WMV to GIF

Hit the "Convert" button once your file is uploaded and you have entered all the above details correctly. If you need to correct either the file or email address now, is the time. Click on the "Convert" button and then wait a few minutes to see if the notification has arrived.

Step 6. Download GIF animation to your computer and use anywhere

As the converted files are retained on Zamzar.com servers for only 24 hours make sure you download your file before that time. Don't forget to download your converted file as soon as possible in order not to lose the file.

Part 2: Free GIF to WMV Converter to convert GIF to WMV

#1. Free GIF to Video Converter

This free tool helps to convert GIF files to video. It helps to ensure the image files have been converted into a quality video in popular usage with the image being of a high quality devoid of any loss. Free GIF to Video Converter supports all the popular video formats such as MPEG, MOV, FLV, MKV, MWV and AVI including batch conversion with a single click.

The free conversion tool converts into standard definition as expected.
The output is watermarked.

gif to wmv

#2. aTube Catcher

Apart from allowing the downloading of videos, conversion of files into diverse formats, aTube Catcher also allows DVD burning and recording of screencasts from a single interface including fast tab navigation.

aTube Catcher is packed with lots of features. It is promoted as a tool for downloading videos, but allows you to do additional things such as conversion of GIF to video files or WMV to GIF among others.
As much as it might be free, it does not have ads. It means chances of clicking unwanted links while using it are zero, or trying to maneuver around ads while using the app.
The app is not fast in comparison with others. While its time is not inconvenient, there are faster tools out there in case speed is everything.
The Help menu might be elaborate, but the aid provided is very inconsistent.  The feature of the app provides some important links to tutorials for users and while they might be very helpful, some guides and tutorials are not. However, if one has time and sorts them out, lots of useful information can be found.

gif to wmv windows

GIF and Video

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) refers to a bitmap image format created in 1987 by CompuServe. As a result of its portability and wide support, it is one of the most widely formats used on the internet. GIF supports 8 bits for every pixel and below, ensuring that one image can reference about 256 different colors in a palette. The colors are selected from the RGB 24-bit color space. In addition, GIF supports animations where each frame is accorded a 256 color palette.

GIF's video feature

GIF contains the dynamic picture video feature meaning that its video frames can be played without the need of plug-in, for instance watching movies through GIF files.

Difference between video and GIF

The GIF file might have some video features, but there are a number of areas where video and GIF differ. Firstly, video comes with its own sound while GIF animations do not. Also, GIF files are much smaller while videos are usually much larger in terms of size. At the same time, a number of video formats have a higher resolution as well as a picture of a higher quality with GIF limited to about 256 colors only. Video is habitually used for personal or family content, including movies, with GIF mostly limited to web pages only.

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