Does PS4 Play 4K Movies? How to Play 4K in PS4?

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Can PS4 play 4K movies?

The answer to this question is simply a YES. The PS4 can efficiently play the 4K movies. The software updates and the highly compatible PS4s enable the users to play the 4K videos on their very own PS4 devices. Sony has particularly released an app for playing the 4K videos on their PS4 devices. Hence, it is very much possible to view the 4K videos and movies on the PS4.

Part 1. How to Play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in PS4

It is possible to play the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray videos in PS4. The increasing trend of 4K videos and online streaming led to the launch of the 4K video playing apps by Sony PS4. One thing that the users have to look into is the format which is supported by the PS4. The common and popular MKV format is not supported by the PS4 rather, it is only the MP4 format that is needed to play 4K videos in the PS4. It is important to convert the videos into suitable formats so that the movies can run smoothly and without any issues in the PS4. The best possible converter which is widely used for converting 4K videos is the UniConverter. It has amazing features and is also highly reliable.

Best Video Converter - UniConverter

Get the Best 4K to PS4 Video Converter:

  • Easy conversions: Converting videos by using the UniConverter is extremely easy and simple.
  • Various formats to choose from: You can choose from a wide variety of options that are available for conversions. Also, the device on which you have to play the video can be chosen to narrow down the list of formats that you can choose from.
  • Numerous editing options: There are way many options for editing, cropping or adding something to the video which you can find while converting videos on the UniConverter.
  • GIF maker: By using the UniConverter, you can select the options for making a GIF out of your video.
  • Online video conversion: The users have the option of converting videos while working or viewing the videos online on YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform.

Guide to Convert 4K Videos for Playback on PS4

The conversion of the 4K videos to the PS4 supported format is easy and simple. The following steps can help you in achieving a format that suits the PS4.

Step 1. Load 4K videos

Firstly, the UniConverter has to be downloaded. The video then has to be imported on this format by selecting the "Add Files" option.

does ps4 play 4k

Step 2. Choose output format

As soon as the video is imported in the video converter, the option of "Select format" can be selected from the main menu bar. Since the PS4 supports only the MP4 format, this has to be selected along with the selection of the device. This will narrow down the list of formats available.

does ps4 play 4k movies

Step 3. Edit your 4K videos if necessary

The next step is ‘Editing’ of the videos if you wish to make any further changes after the selection of the format. In terms of editing, you can add subtitles to the film, crop the video, add watermarks or even increase or decrease the brightness of the videos. You can choose the option that suits you and avail the chance of completely customizing your video as per your desire. The only thing that you have to do is select the "Edit" option in the main window when you open the video file.

can ps4 play 4k

Step 4. Save converted 4K videos

After editing the file, you simply have to select the file or folder in which you wish to save the video. Here, you have to select the "Output" which becomes available when you click for saving the edited video. After you select the location, click on "Convert" to ensure that all the editing has been saved and the file has been converted accordingly. After that, you can import your 4K videos to PS4 for playback.

can ps4 play 4k movies

Part 2. Can PS4 play Blu-ray?

It is very much possible to play the Blu-ray on PS4. With the passage of time and the advancements of the software, Sony developed and launched software that are capable of playing the Blu-ray on the PS4. The online streaming, camera captures videos and the YouTube videos can all be played on the PS4. However, one needs to remember there is a need to download the upgraded software to ensure that there is no interruption or problem in running the Blu-ray on PS4.

How to Play Blu-ray in PS4?

To play the Blu-ray on the PS4, it is important to ensure that the system is connected to the internet. Once this ensures, the following few steps have to be followed for playing the Blu-ray movies on your PS4.

1) Go to settings and select the option of “System Software Update” so as to update your system to the latest version of the software. If there is no internet, this step can also be conducted by using a USB or disc based updating software.

2) Once the update is complete, add the Bly-ray DVD in your PS4.

3) Select the disc icon on the PS4 and click on "Play".

If your system has been correctly updated, the video will play immediately and smoothly as soon as you click on the play option on the main interface of the menu. Therefore, you only have to go through a few simple steps to ensure that your video is converted into a suitable format and that the Blu-ray runs fine on the PS4.

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