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The following are the preferences of Uniconverter:

General Preferences

There are four sorts of settings available in the General section:


1. When the task is completed, play a sound: This option can be utilized if you want an audible reminder when the task is completed. If you don't need this reminder, turn off the option.

2. Subtitle coding mode: The software supports several languages, and this part can be used to choose the Display language.

3. Check for updates: This part allows you to automatically check for software updates. You can also choose the frequency with which you want to check for updates to the software here.

4. Reset all dialog warnings: Use this option to restore the default settings for all pop-up warning dialogs.

To confirm the new changes, click the OK button.

Convert Preferences

You can choose and select parameters relating to conversion functions on the Convert tab of the Preferences window.


1. Automatically add files to iTunes after conversion: Enable this option to automatically add converted files to your iTunes library after conversion.

2. Keep Chapter Markers: Select this option to keep the original chapter information on your DVD. The information will be present in the converted disc when it is converted to another format. If this option is not used, the chapter's information will be erased following the conversion process.

3. Keep Media Metadata: Select whether to enable or disable this feature.

4. Remove the source file(s) from the Converting list after conversion: If this option is enabled, the files will be automatically removed from the converting list after the conversion.

5. Load Contents in a DVD: You can choose to load All Movies or Main Movies Only when loading the contents of a DVD for conversion.

6. Maximum convert tasks: This number is set to one by default, but you can change it to two for simultaneous conversion.

7. Reset: This option can be used to restore all of the convert section's settings to their factory defaults.

When you click the OK button, all of the specified options will be confirmed and saved.

Download Preferences

This settings section allows you to handle the downloaded files.


1. The maximum number of jobs that can be downloaded: You can select the number of simultaneous tasks here. The values range from 1 to 8, with 4 being the default.

2. Enable YouTube's One-Click Download mode: Your YouTube videos will be downloaded according to the settings you choose. Choose a video or audio file, as well as the quality and language of the subtitles.

3. Automatically download YouTube playlist subtitles/CC: This option can be used to automatically download YouTube video subtitles.

4. Automatically continue incomplete tasks on startup: If this option is enabled, unfinished tasks will be automatically resumed as soon as the software is launched.

5. Merge the subtitle/CC to the output video: This option allows subtitles to be merged into the video.

6. Reset: When you click this option, all of the Download settings will be reset to factory defaults.

The settings will be confirmed by clicking the OK button.

Location Preferences

This option allows you to choose the location of the downloaded, transformed, and recorded files.


1. Save the converted files to the following location: Choose a location on your Mac where the converted videos will be saved.

2. Save Recorded Files to: Select the Mac directory where the recorded files will be saved.

3. Save Burned Folder/ISO Files to: Choose a location on your Mac to save the burned CDs and ISO folders.

4. Downloaded Files Will Be Saved to: Downloaded files will be saved to the location you specify here.

The changes will be confirmed once you press the OK button.

Account Preferences

Uniconverter lets yo add the details of your Facebook, Vimeo, Lynda, and Nicinico social networking accounts so that you can download both private and age-restricted videos that have been shared with you on these accounts.