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Downloading YouTube videos with subtitles makes it simple to watch movies in a foreign language. When the background noise is too loud or the speech isn't heard, captions are a terrific way to grasp what's going on. Furthermore, subtitled videos are advantageous to persons who are hard of hearing. The finest tools to extract YouTube subtitles with videos are given below.

Part 1. How to Export YouTube Auto-Generated Captions with Ease

The steps for extracting auto-generated subtitles from YouTube are outlined below.

  • Step 1: In your system browser, go to YouTube and click the sign-in symbol in the top-right corner.
extract youtube subtitle auto 1
  • Step 2: Next to the settings icon, click the Creator Studio button after providing the user account information.
extract youtube subtitle auto 2
  • Step 3: Expand the Edit menu's drop-down options and select Subtitles and CC
extract youtube subtitle auto 3
  • Step 4: Select English from the PUBLISHED drop-down menu.
extract youtube subtitle auto 4
  • Step 5: Under the Actions tab, click the settings and select the.srt option. The video captions will be downloaded as an SRT file with the name caption.srt.
extract youtube subtitle auto 5

Part 2. How to Extract Subtitles from YouTube with Uniconveter

To easily extract YouTube subtitles, you'll need a powerful tool like Wondershare UniConverter. To perform this work, you only need to follow a few steps. When YouTube subtitles are extracted, the viewer may clearly grasp the video's content without any confusion. It gives the films purpose and aids the viewer in gaining more knowledge.

How to Extract YouTube Subtitles in a Simple Way

Step 1

Type in the URL.

On the top menu of the screen, select the Downloader tab. It will take you to a download window where you may extract the YouTube subtitles.

extract youtube subtitle Uniconverter 1
Step 2

Extract the YouTube subtitle.

1. Click the add files icon in Wondershare UniConverter button in the Downloader menu. A window appears, instructing you to copy the URL of your favorite YouTube track.

2. The video content is analyzed in a subtitle window. You must click the Original Subtitles checkbox and choose English as the Language option in the last menu, Download Subtitles.

extract youtube subtitle Uniconverter 2

3. Finally, choose the Download button to begin extracting the YouTube subtitles.

Bonus Features: Use Wondershare Subtitle Tool to edit YouTube video subtitles by following these steps:
Step 1

Open the app and select a YouTube video

On your PC, open Wondershare UniConverter and select the Converter option. Drag and drop the YouTube video onto the timeline for editing. You can also open your system directories and add the downloaded YouTube video by clicking the Add Files button.

extract youtube subtitle edit 1
Step 2

Open the subtitle tracks that are contained in the video.

Press the drop-down arrow on the Subtitle menu after you've successfully added the video. In the Embed Subtitle (s) area, you'll notice the incorporated subtitle. To open the subtitle editing window, click it and then press the Edit icon. Click the Export Subtitle (s) checkbox to extract the subtitle.

extract youtube subtitle edit 2
Step 3

Edit the subtitle tracks that are incorporated in the video (optional)

UniConverter lets you change the font type, color, transparency, and placement, among other things. Finally, press the Apply to All button, then confirm by tapping OK.

extract youtube subtitle edit 3
Step 4

Extract and convert the subtitle.

To begin, change the File Location to the folder path for your new video file. Now select a video format and resolution by clicking the Output Format, tapping the Video, and then selecting a video format and resolution. Remember that if you choose MP4 or MOV, the subtitle tracks will be saved as internal, which means you won't be able to change them. Click the Start All button after selecting an acceptable video format to begin extracting the subtitles and converting the video.

extract youtube subtitle edit 4

Part 3. Bonus Tricks for YouTube Captioning and Subtitling

Here are a few helpful hints for extracting subtitles and captions.

1. How to Translate YouTube Captions Automatically

Google Translate is a good option if you want to translate the captions of your Youtube videos. The original caption file must be present for this method to operate. You have the option of creating captions using YouTube's automatic captioning function or submitting a file to a captioning organization. After the caption file has been successfully uploaded to the video, follow the instructions below to translate it.

Step 1: Go to YouTube and sign in using the sign-in icon in the upper right corner. Enter your login information, then select Video Manager by hovering your mouse over the Creator Studio icon. Then, under the video file you want to translate, click the Edit button.

Step 2: Select the Subtitles/CC option in the video editor.

Step 3: When you choose Add additional subtitles or CC choices, you'll see a search field where you can type in the language you want the captions to be translated into.

Step 4: Select Create new subtitles or CC choices from the new menu that appears on the left side.

Step 5: Now you'll see the YouTube video editing interface. Above the transcript option, select the Autotranslate tab.

 extracting subtitles 1

Step 6: The translations will appear under the original script, and you can alter them by clicking on the translated version.

Step 7: When you've finished with all of the settings and edits, click the Publish button.

2. How to Move YouTube Subtitles to a Different Position

If necessary, the caption location on YouTube can be changed. Simply drag the captions to the correct area with the mouse to change the position of the YouTube video captions. The solution is applicable to both your own and other videos.

 extracting subtitles 2

2. Using Shortcuts to Change YouTube Subtitles

The keyboard shortcuts can be used to change the subtitles for YouTube videos. The feature is useful for users who have trouble using the mouse, such as those who have low vision, movement difficulties, or other limitations.

The C key on the keyboard can be used to turn on or off the captions. The + (plus) key can be used to increase caption size, while the – (minus) key can be used to decrease caption size.

Captions from YouTube videos can be easily recovered utilizing online and other SRT extractor software.

 extracting subtitles 3

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