MP4 to MKV Converter - Easy Way to Convert MP4 to MKV on Mac/Windows

MP4 and MKV are the most popular formats for Windows PC. MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) is used to store compressed HD video. So when you have a bunch of MP4 videos and want to convert these MP4 to MKV for a change, you will definitely get some useful tips here.

Part 1. Best Way to Convert MP4 to MKV on Mac/PC

MP4 to MKV conversion would be a nice convenience with the assistance of a professional iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe. This article is just such a step-by-step guide for doing the conversion with an excellent program, which has super fast conversion speed and can finish the task without losing video quality. Moreover, it has some good edit functions to enhance videos.

Get the Best MP4 to MKV Video Converter:

  • Convert videos: In addition to MKV, it supports to convert MP4 files to 150+ formats (such as MOV, WMV, FLV, AVI, VOB, DV, etc) with zero quality loss.
  • Convert audios: It converts audio between any two audio formats, including WAV, WMA, AC3, AAC, AIFF, MP3, and so on.
  • Extract audio: Extract audios from your MP4/MKV videos with ease.
  • Edit videos: Before converting your MP4 files to MKV, you can edit your MP4 videos with built-in video editing tools.
  • Burn to DVD: If necessary, you can easily burn your videos to a blank DVD.
  • Download online videos: While watching videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Facebook, Dailymotion or other popular sites, you are able to directly download them with it.
  • Supported system: Mac version can be fully compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan or earlier, and the Windows version can work well on Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

[3 Easy Steps!] How to Convert MP4 to MKV Format on Mac with iSkysoft iMedia Converter

iSkysoft MP4 to MKV converter are available for both Mac and Windows systems. Here we show the process on a Mac. Windows users can do the same on your Windows PC. Please make sure to download and install this converter on your system before anything. Click the Free Download buttons to get it. Now let's start.

Step 1. Add the MP4 files to the Mac Converter

Just drop the MP4 video(s) to the primary window, or go to main menu> choose "Add Files" to locate the MP4 files into the program. Also, the Converter for Mac supports batch conversions, namely, it's possible to finish several MP4 to MKV Mac conversion at one time. (Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan and Yosemite included) simultaneously.

convert mp4 to mkv without losing quality

Step 2. Pick MKV as output format

Go to the format tray, select "MKV" from the Video category. If necessary, customize the resolution, frame rate, and bit rate of the output file by clicking the Edit button. For example,  to get a smaller video file in MKV, just set a low resolution.

Note: The iMedia Converter Deluxe for Mac also allows users to edit videos before the Mac conversion gets started. Learn more about the edit functions in the guide of iMedia Converter Deluxe for Mac.

mp4 to mkv

Step 3. Start MP4 to MKV conversion on Mac

Once the MKV output format has been chosen, click "Convert" to start the Mac conversion, and that's all. This smart Mac Video Converter would do the rest automatically. The converter also works on MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac. By the way, you can learn how to convert MKV to MP4 here.

how to convert mp4 to mkv without losing quality

Part 2. Free Way to Convert MP4 to MKV using Freemake

On your PC you can use Freemake Video Converter. This video converter supports over 500 file formats both audio and video. You can also convert your media files to device formats with this software. Other features attributed to this video converter include; the ability to download 4K videos, edit videos, and embed videos online. Without further ado let have a look at the steps on how to convert MP4 to MKV format.

How to convert MP4 to MKV using Freemake Video Converter:

Step 1. Go to Freemake Video Converter website, download the software, install it on your computer and then open it ready for conversion.

Step 2. On the home window click on “Convert” and then click on “+Files” button. You can now select the MP4 file from your computer and upload to the Freemake Video Converter.

Step 3. Next, choose the output format. Select the video format “MKV” and move to the next step.

Step 4. You can either use the default conversion preset or click on “Convert” button. The MP4 file will be converted to MKV format immediately.

mp4 to mkv converter

Part 3. How to Convert MP4 to MKV using FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a program that is suited for different video conversions. It supports batch conversion of videos into a different file format. The program handles media files very well, and thus you will not experience any challenges while using it. The following steps can be followed when converting MP4 to MKV in FFmpeg.

Step 1: Add the MP4 file to the program. Open the program and proceed to add the MP4 file to the program. You can drag and drop the MP4 file on the space found on the top of the application. You can also import the MP4 file by clicking the “Open” button and then browse for the MP4 file that you want to transform from your computer.

Step 2: Select a target format for your file. Go to the “Save As” tab and enter MKV as the output format. Also, ensure that the video codec of your file is indicated in the space provided. You can also change the settings of your video such as bitrate, size, frame rate, etc.

Step 3: Convert MP4 to MKV. Once you are satisfied with the settings, click the “Encode” button located at the bottom right side of the program.

You can also use commands to convert MP4 to MKV. For instance, the basic command is ffmpeg -i input_video.mp4 output_video.mkv.

ffmpeg mp4 to mkv

Part 4. Recommend Free Online MP4 to MKV Converter

Do you know that you can convert MP4 to MKV online? Yes there are free online converters that you can use. In this article we have recommended four free MP4 to MKV converters that are proven and works perfectly well. They are easy to use and output quality files. Moreover, there is also a free desktop converter known as Freemake Video converter. Keep reading this article to see how it works.

#1. Convert.Files

A free online MP4 to MKV converter that you can use is Convert.Files converter. This website lets you upload files from local folder or download them online. The beauty of this free online converter is that is supports different file formats. You can output videos or extract audios from video formats. Apart from videos and audios, Convert.Files website also supports conversion of e-Books, images, archives, presentations, documents and drawings. With this web based MP4 to MKV converter, you can convert your files to your email. However, this website might be a bit slow when uploading files.

convert mp4 to mkv


Another online free MP4 to MKV converter is This website supports conversions of video files such as AVI, MKV, 3GP, WMV and others. website let you upload files in many ways. You can either upload file from your local folder directly, download from online source or get it from cloud storages namely Dropbox and Google drive. An added advantage of converting videos with this converter is that you can edit optional settings like sample rate, bitrate, frame rate and others. Moreover, let you convert audios, CAD, images, documents, archives, eBooks and harsh encryption.

convert mp4 to mkv mac

#3. is well designed MP4 to MKV online converter. This platform supports video output formats like WEBM, FLV, ASF, VOB, WMV and others. You upload thus files by downloading them online or upload them from your local computer storage. Before you can convert the files you can edit the file sample rate, bitrate and frame rate. Moreover, this website provides a free knowledge base of the file formats that you want to convert. Furthermore, supports conversion of audios, images, archives, PDFs, eBooks, documents, HTML. Also you can use it edit files by cropping, cutting, rotating and merging. Above all, all these features are free to use just visit this website and explore its features.

mp4 to mkv converter free


There is also a, which is a free online MP4 to MKV converter. To upload files to this website you can drag and drop them or upload them by clicking on select files button. It has fast uploading speeds and you can cancel upload and remove upload. After uploading the video file you can then choose the output format. This website also lets you edit bitrate, frame rate and sample rate of your files. Unlike the above free online MP4 to MKV converters, File ZigZag converters lets you provide and email address that you will receive the converted file. Moreover, this converter also enables you convert images, audios, archives documents and eBooks easily. A unique feature attributed to this free converter is that it a has an advanced converter that lets you convert many files to different formats that are of high quality.

mp4 to mkv mac

Why Choose iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe for Mac/Windows

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Burn MP4 or MKV videos to DVD

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