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Best Video Compressor - UniConverter
  • Best video compressor for Android phone and device.
  • Compress video by changing video size, resolution, bit rate, quality, etc.
  • Supports batch process.
  • Supports more than 150 video and audio formats, like MP3, MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc.
  • Toolbox includes: Fix Metadata, GIF Maker, Screen Recorder, Video Compressor, etc.

Top 10 Android Video Compressors to Reduce Video Size for Android

by Brian Fisher

With high-end camera in smartphone these days, not only image capturing, but video recording has also become easier and of high quality. On the flip side, these videos occupy a lot of your device storage space and also creates a problem when you want to share them over mail or social network. To handle such situations, you are suggested to compress video on Android. You can reduce video size for Android using a good application. To help you reduce video size Android listed below are the best solutions.

Part 1. 10 Best Android Video Compressor APK

To compress and reduce video size on Android device in a direct, simple and quick manner a number of video compressor apk tools available. Each of these applications supports their own set of features. Pick up that matches your requirements.

1. Video Compressor by Sunshine

Download Link:

This is free to use app on Google Play Store with 4.1 rating and also codenamed as Sunny Burger. The app allows you to compress video on Android by up to 90% in decent quality. Using the tool you can reduce the size of multiple videos at a time so that they can be easily stored as well as shared over different mediums.

Main features of Video Compressor by Sunshine:

  • Allows compressing multiple videos at a time
  • Facilitates videos playback in an array of formats
  • Allows optimizing space by allowing to delete, save and overwrite the videos
  • Support FHD, SD, and HD video settings
  • Allows sharing compressed videos instantly

Video Compressor by Sunshine

2. Video Dieter 2

Download Link:

With 4.5 rating, this is a popular app on Google Play Store that supports an array of video editing functions including video compression Android. Developed by Outplay Lab, Inc, this app allows you to resize your video files by setting the quality and the resolution without compromising on the quality.

Main features of Video Dieter 2:

  • Allows to edit the file parameters like resolution, quality, and others
  • Unwanted parts of the video file can be trimmed to reduce its size
  • Enables fast transcoding
  • Videos can be easily shared over social media networks, SMS, and through emails
  • Facilitates saving encoded videos to the phone album

Video Dieter 2

3. VidCompact

Download Link:

With 4.5 rating, this is another free app for Android devices. This feature packed app once installed on your device supports an array of functions like video conversion, compression, editing, and others. All major audio and video formats are supported by the app including WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and others. The app comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Main features of VidCompact:

  • Allows converting an array of formats to MP4 to reduce file size
  • Videos can be cropped, trimmed, and cut to reduce the size
  • Allows to compress videos without losing quality
  • Video playback, renaming, and deleting options available
  • Allows changing the frequency of the audio files


4. Video Compress

Download Link:

If you are looking for video compressor free for Android, you can't miss this. Developed by Mel studio app, this is a free program for Android users that facilitates video compression. With a 4.3 rating, the app comes with ads and offers in-app purchases. Using Video Compress, you can compress your desired videos on your phone in high, normal or low quality as needed. Almost all popularly used video formats are supported by the app.

Main features of Video Compressor by Video Compress:

  • User-friendly interface that shows the albums in the gallery that contain the video files
  • After the compression of the video, a new copy is generated, while the original file is maintained
  • Generated videos are available in the gallery
  • If needed, audio can be removed from the video file for further compression
  • Longer the video, higher the compression rate
  • Facilitates converting videos to MP3 audio formats
  • Subtitles from the files can be removed
  • Allows sharing videos over email, YouTube, and other sites

Video Compress

5. Videos & Movies Compressor

Download Link:

This is a free app by SocioSoft that comes with 3.7 rating and allows compressing video files on Android phone. The app used high-end technology so that your videos are reduced in size without losing its original quality. Almost all video formats and sizes are supported by the app for the process. The interface of the app is easy where you just need to add the video file from your phone gallery and select the size you want to shrink. You can also use the slider on the app to select the shrinking level.

Main features of Videos & Movies Compressor:

  • Allows selecting video files from your phone gallery and also select the full-length videos, TV shows, and series
  • All popular video formats are supported
  • Videos can be compressed and shrinked in the background while you can continue with your other tasks on the phone
  • Compressed videos can be shared over social media or with friends as needed
  • Features powerful compression technology for high-quality compression

Videos & Movies Compressor

6. Video Transcoder

Download Link:

With 4.1 rating on Google Play Store, this is an open-source program that makes use of FFmpeg in order to transcode the videos from one format to the other. Using the app, you can edit the settings of the output file by changing its parameters like bit rate, size, resolution, and others so as reduce its size.

Main features of Video Transcoder:

  • Features minimalistic layout for easy transcoding
  • Allows changing the parameters of the file including codecs, FOS, bit rate, resolution, and others
  • Fast and simple video conversion and compression process
  • The supported media formats include AVI, GIF, MP3, MP4, OGG, Opus, WebM, and Matroska
  • A number of video codecs are supported which includes , MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, VP8, VP9, and Xvid

Video Transcoder

7. Resize Video

Download Link:

Another popularly used app on the Google Play Store is Resize Video. This free app has 3.3 rating and facilitates reducing videos to your desired size on Android. The app has a simple interface which makes it apt for all types of users. The process of compression is simple where you just need to add the video from your gallery of the phone, select the size and click on Save. You can select the audio options from the original file or from the gallery.

Main features of Resize Video:

  • Allows resizing your camera videos as well as videos from the gallery
  • Video trimming is supported to reduce the size
  • Allows adding music to your video files
  • Mute videos by deleting the audio part can also be created
  • Allows playback of resized videos
  • Facilitates sharing compressed videos over emails, and social media network

Resize Video

8. Video Show

Download Link:

With 4.7 rating this is one of the most popular video compress APK on Google Play Store that also supports video compression. Using the app you can change an array of video parameters like file size, resolution, bit rate and perform a number of editing functions like trimming, cutting, and cropping so as to reduce its size. The process of editing and compression is done while maintaining the file quality.

Main features of Video Compressor by Video Show:

  • Easy to use interface with high-quality compression supports
  • Comes with more than 50 themes to create professional looking videos, vlog, and GIF files
  • Movies and videos can be easily cut as needed
  • Allows to trim, merge, reverse, split and perform other editing functions
  • The speed of the video file can be adjusted with options for slow motion and fast motion

Video Show

9. Fast Video Compressor and Size Reducer

This app by Photo Edition Solution comes with 3.5 rating and allows compression your videos on your Android phone so as to reduce its size. The app makes use of multi-threading and comes with a user-friendly interface. The videos can be trimmed in three different quality as needed- High, medium, and low.

Main features of Fast Video Compressor and Size Reducer:

  • Supports all major formats and video sizes for compression
  • Save the compressed files to the video gallery
  • Comes with multiple subtitle format support
  • Allows renaming video files
  • Comes with option for video zoom with aspect, full, and custom
  • Additional features include A-B repeat, Timer, and Battery Meter, On-Screen clock, and others

Fast Video Compressor and Size Reducer

10. Compress Video by Loteck Solutions

This video compressor free for Android, contains ads and features 3 rating. Using this simple and straightforward app, you can get some extra storage space and share your phone videos easily by compressing and reducing their size. The app once installed on your device uses multi-threading for compression that results in high-quality files.

Main features of Compress Video by Loteck Solutions:

  • Allows reducing videos downloaded on your phone or already present on your device folder
  • This app allows compressing video on android in all major formats
  • High-quality compression at fast speed
  • Compressed videos can be shared over mail, Facebook, and other sites using the app

Compress Video by Loteck Solutions

Part 2. How to Compress Video for Android [with Steps!]

If you want high-quality video compression with support to an array of editing features, we recommend UniConverter as the best tool to use. This desktop software works with your Windows and Mac system and allows reducing video file size for Android, by changing its major parameters like resolution, quality, bit rate, and size.

How to Compress a Video for Android with UniConverter

Step 1. Add video file to be compress from Android

Free download and open UniConverter software on your system. Connect the Android device to the computer. Click the inverted triangle next to Add Files option, and choose Add from Device. Multiple files can be added at a time.

Add video file to be compress from Android

Step 2. Choose an output format for Android video

Once the videos have imported from Android, open drop-down options and select desired output format from the list of supports Video files. You can choose the same format as original. If you have added multiple files for batch processing and want to keep target format same for all, choose it from Convert all files to option on the top right corner.

Choose an output format for Android video

Step 3. Choose compression settings

Click on the compress icon on the target menu and from the pop-up window, edit file parameters for bit rate, resolution, size, and quality so as to compress the file. Preview for 20seconds of the video is also available.

Choose compression settings to resize android video

Step 4: Compress and convert video for Android

After all, settings are done, click on Convert All button to compress and convert video for Android. The Converted tab shows the list of the processed file at the software interface. On PC, the compressed files can be checked at the location mentioned at Output tab.

Compress and convert video for Android

Transfer compressed files to an Android device

Now the video has been compressed successfully. All you need to do is to transfer them to your Android phone. From the Converted tab, select videos that you want to transfer, right-click, and choose to Add to Transfer List option.

Open the Transfer tab from the program interface that will show the list of the videos and the connected Android device. To move all the selected videos to your Android device, click on Transfer All button.

Transfer compressed files to an Android device

The process of video compression, conversion, and transfer to an Android device using UniConverter are simple and quick.

The compression function of UniConverter gets processed at super fast speed without compromising on the quality. The software supports all major formats for compression and other functions.

There is a complete video editor in the software that facilitates a range of functions like trim, crop, cut, adding subtitles, adding watermark, rotation, and others. The file size of your videos can also be reduced by trimming and cutting the unwanted parts.

Free download it and have a try! You will find more than compression and editting on it!

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