Twitter Video Compression: How to Post Long Videos on Twitter

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- 'How can I upload longer videos to Twitter?'
Being on the point, videos are highly blooming on Twitter. But, well! If you are also one of those people who wish for posting long videos on Twitter and want to know about Twitter video compression, throw your worries away. Your doubts will certainly be cleared in this post. We are going to equip you with chunk of knowledge on Twitter video posting. Read the article carefully and get your questions sorted.

Part 1. Video Size Limits on Twitter

Prior to upload longer videos to Twitter, you must grasp understanding on the restrictions and limitations with Twitter. Here are the official requirements for videos uploading on Twitter.

  • Twitter allows you to upload video which should be of minimum 5 seconds and maximum 140 seconds. That is to say, your video should be up to or less than 2 minutes 20 seconds. If you have privilege of select publisher you can upload a 10 minutes long video. To take this advantage, you are required to spend some extra money for Twitter’s professional publisher tools.
  • Twitter only accepts MP4 and MOV video formats on mobile apps and H264 format with AAC audio on the web.
  • The size should be no more than 512MB.
  • The minimum resolution should be 32x32 and maximum includes 1920x1200 (and 1200x1900).
  • The accepted aspect ratio is 1:2.39 – 2.39:1.
  • The frame rate is 40 fps and the bitrate should not exceed 25 Mbps.

So, these are the limitations with Twitter video uploading. Keeping these in mind, you are left with two options if you wonder how to post long videos on Twitter. Either you become a select publisher or to compress video for Twitter. Well if you choose the second method, here is the best solution for you to resize video for Twitter. Look on the following section!

Part 2. Efficient Way to Compress Video Size for Twitter

UniConverter is the best option you can have for Twitter video compression. If you want a speedy compression and without losing quality, this is what you need. This is a multipurpose software allowing one to compress, convert and edit video files effortlessly. You get more of the features with its inbuilt toolbox that includes screen recording and GIF making functionalities. Let us now understand how this tool stands out from other in the market.

Get the Best MP4 to MOV Video Converter:

  • Easily compress long video for Twitter. You can customize video size as needed.
  • You can reduce file size, change resolution, bitrate, encode, and output format of the video in a hassle-free way.
  • Compress a wide range of video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, MTS and other 150 formats.
  • Apart from compression, it helps in converting the video file in 90x faster speed.
  • It is the securest tool to compress the files and gives the output without compromising the quality.
  • More than compression, you can use it to convert, edit, burn video, and even download online videos from YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, Vevo, etc.
  • You can compress videos whether you use Mac or Windows computer.

[Guide] How to Compress Long Videos for Twitter with iSkysoft Video Compressor

Step 1. Import Long Video for Twitter to iSkysoft Video Compressor

Install UniConverter on your Mac or Windows PC. When it is done, launch it and look for the Toolbox tab from the main interface. Then choose Video Compress from the options. A pop-up window will show, where and you can hit on the ‘+’ icon to add the video you want to compress and later upload on Twitter.

 Import long video for Twitter to iSkysoft Video Compressor

Step 2. Set the Parameters to Compress

To begin Twitter video compression, start dragging the slider available on the next screen. When you move the slider, you will see the changes with the different settings including video size, resolution, bitrate, quality etc., or you can simply change the settings manually too.

(To change more parameters like encode, frame rate, please see the guide How to Compress Video.)

Set the Parameters to Compress

Step 3. Preview Changes and Get the Longer Video for Twitter

You can click on the Preview button after making the adjustments. This will have you look your video for 20 seconds. When you are happy with the changes made, click on the Compress button. Within no seconds, your video with the set parameters will be with you. Now it's good to go and upload your long video on Twitter.

Preview Changes and Get the Longer Video for Twitter

Part 3. Alternative Way to Upload Long Videos to Twitter

In case you aren’t comfortable with Twitter video compression for uploading, we can suggest you an alternative way for it. As an alternative, you can simply upload your video to the websites that can support large sized videos. For this instance, we recommend you uploading video on YouTube. It will give you the link. You can then share this link to the Twitter. Let us understand this step-by-step.

Step 1: First of all, open your browser and visit YouTube on it. Now, tap on ‘SIGN IN’ and proceed with entering the credentials necessary for signing in.

Step 2: Followed by this, you need to hit on the camcorder icon/video icon/plus icon. On hitting it, you will get two options i.e. ‘Upload video’ and ‘Go live’. Choose the former option.

Upload Long Videos to Twitter step 2

Step 3: Now, you are required to select the file from your PC. Browse for the video to be uploaded and wait for the uploading to get completed.

Upload Long Videos to Twitter step 3

Step 4: On the following screen, you can notice the link on the left panel that will be used in the future for the video. Hit on ‘Publish’ lastly and then you can share the link on Twitter.

Upload Long Videos to Twitter step 4

We shared with you the needed details on uploading longer videos to Twitter. We have always loved equipping you with essentials on different topics and will always be glad to share you the tips and tricks. We hope that you liked this article as well. If one of your friends and near ones are also looking for such suggestions or having same queries, you can share this post to them. Concluding the discussion here, it will be satisfying for us to know if this article met with your expectations. Do let us know your views on it. Thanks!

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