How to Compress 4K Ultra HD to 1080P HD on Mac/Windows PC

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What's the difference between 4K and 1080P? Is it possible to convert 4K to 1080P? When do we need that?

There are some very well defined differences between the 4K and the 1080P video resolutions. People are mostly familiar with the 1080P video quality which is not only a high definition video but also a very clear and have an outstanding result. This video resolution is not only used for its clarity but also for the ease of usage while using the video cameras and the DSLR. The 4K videos on the other hand are now gaining even more attention as compared to the 1080P videos. These are very high definition or rather the ultra-high quality videos.

The most important differences between the two include mainly the resolution. As is quite clear by the names, the 4K videos are the Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos while the 1080P are simply the high definition videos. Hence, the resolution of the 4K is much higher as compared to the 1080P. To be exact, the resolution of the 4K videos is 3840 x 2160 pixels while that of the 1080P is simply 1920 x 1080 pixels.

In the 4K, the resolution is the 4000 pixels in the horizontal manner. While in all the traditional video resolutions, such as the 1080P, the pixels are in the vertical form. Hence, the high definition resolution of the 1080P refers to the vertical 1080 pixels. In the 4K, the vertical resolution is 2160 pixels. The ratio of pixels is 16:9 on case of the 4K videos, which make it as much as four times higher in resolution as compared to the 1080 technology. This makes the 4K video highly advantageous and good when it comes to quality.

The 4K videos can be converted to the 1080P videos. There are simple and easy steps for converting the 4K videos into the 1080P. You simply need a video converter to avail the option of conversion for your video. One of the most commonly used video converters is the UniConverter. The motivation behind converting the video to the low resolution is the need to compress the videos. In many cases, it is required to convert the videos so that they can be better adaptable and compatible on the device on which they are being viewed. Also, in the case of data transfer, the videos have to be compressed so that they can be transferred easily.

compress 4k to 1080p

Compress 4K Videos to 1080P with the Best 4K Video Compressor

UniConverter is the most amazing and innovative option for video conversions and compression. By using this software, the users can easily convert and edit their videos as they find suitable. Some of the key features of the UniConverter include the following:

Best Video Converter - UniConverter

Get the Best 4K to 1080P Video Compressor:

  • Simple conversions: Changing the video formats and resolutions is very easy and simple if one chooses to use the UniConverter.
  • High number of supported resolutions: There are numerous resolutions from which the users can choose while editing and converting their videos.
  • Built-in video editor: It helps you trim, crop, add effects/watermarks/subtitles to your videos with ease.
  • Easy transfer: You can easily transfer converted videos to your iPhone, iPad, Android devices or external hard drive.
  • Creating DVD: You can burn videos to DVD or backup your DVD to PC easily.
  • Higher support: The support and compatibility of the UniConverter is very high. It can work efficiently on Windows as well as OS.
  • Easy to use: All you have to do is drag and drop your files in the UniConverter for converting your audio as well as the video files.

How to Compress 4K Ultra HD to 1080P with UniConverter

Step 1. Load 4K videos

Once the converter has been launched you can add the video files. This can be either one file or an entire folder. You simply have to click of "Add Files" in the upload option on the main window.

compress 4k videos to 1080p

Step 2. Change the resolution as "HD 1080P"

After uploading the file or folder, the next step is selecting the resolution in which you have to convert the video. Please go to format tray, then choose the desired format and then click on the "HD 1080P".

how to compress 4k to 1080p

Step 3. Save the video

After the conversion and compression, you can also edit the video by selecting the "Edit" option which is present just below the video preview window. Finally, please click the "Convert" button to save the 4K video as HD 1080P.

4k to 1080p compressor

Hence, you can play with different resolutions and also compress your videos by using the UniConverter. Therefore, you only have to get the best converter for yourself and then play with the options that are available to you. Interchanging the resolutions and compressing videos was perhaps never so easier. All you have to do is determine what resolution and format you need. You might be needing compressed videos for data transfer or maybe your phone does not support the 4K. In such cases, all you have to do is convert videos in the resolution and format that best suits you.

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