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by Brian Fisher Proven solutions

Where there is a positive, then there must be a negative and as much we love subtitles because of the various advantages it has towards our viewing experience, there are other people who detest the use of subtitles and one of the main reasons is that it clouds the screen and prevents them from being able to view the whole screen. However, if we look at it from neutral ground, we would find that the advantages far outweigh the cons. Some movies are not just meant for the country it is being shot in. Take the Avengers, for example, it was a worldwide sensation and you don’t expect only Americans to watch it right? So how does it reach the other countries who don’t speak or don’t understand English? It is with the use of a subtitle and probably dubs in some cases. Dubbed version however is not always available, most of the time companies only dub shows that are already famous. When a dubbed version is not available, we can opt for a subtitle for a particular movie. Here we have compiled the top 20 websites that let you download subtitles for free

The first on our list is with no doubt the biggest and most convenient subtitle downloading website ever. It is said that Open Subtitles has the biggest collection of subtitles from around the world and it is readily available in numerous languages. It has the widest collection of subtitles including subtitles for XviD movies and TV series. You can even find subtitles for DivX movies.

Open Subtitles


This website is one of the people’s favorite, although it may not have as much collection as the above-mentioned subtitle downloading website, it is the first go-to for free subtitle download. The website design is incredible and you can find subtitles for popular movies, TV shows, and series. The subtitles from these sites are zipped when downloaded so you would need to unzip them to get the srt file out. Videos can be played DirectShowFilter for Windows media player as all the videos are in DivX or XviD format.

Another big name in the realm of subtitle downloaders. Subscene is host to over 300,000 subtitles and still counting. From the search tab, you can just search for a movie’s subtitle and make sure the movie is coded in DivX or XviD format. Additionally, make sure you have java installed and enabled on your system before downloading.


Subtitles for DivX and DVD Movies are another must-visit site for subtitle downloaders. They have subtitles in multiple languages and you can find a lot of subtitles on this site, make sure not to get lost though. The only minus to this site is that it is not user-friendly especially with its search functions. Nonetheless, it is a very great subtitle downloader once you discover how to navigate the website

Subtitles for Divx and DVD Movies

While the name might sound foreign, this is no doubt an English website hosting millions of subtitles for TV shows, series, movies, and videos. It is extremely easy to navigate and you can find your subtitle in no time. Its advanced search function lets you easily find any subtitle you want from their amazingly big database.


Not very popular but not weak either. Those who know and visited this website would know in terms of good quality subtitles, it can rival any of the websites that are extravagantly created and have a wide array of other functions. Its collection of subtitle is at the number that it can be called massive and you don’t need to look around searching for files in SRT format, this is because all subtitles on this website are in ST format. Download Hollywood movies and TV shows from around the world with ease. This site although not well known is also rated to be one of the most visited free subtitle download sites.

Subtitle Seeker

This free subtitle download website is rumored to have been named after an infamous pirate group but rest assured, this website has been trusted and tested. It is free from ads and any form of spyware. No virus and there is a 99.9% chance you will find the subtitle you are looking for. All you just have to do is search for the subtitle, and it will list it. Even if you are not being specific, probably you only remembered a part of the title, input and YIFY will generate a result based on the keyword you entered.

YIFY Subtitles


TV Subs

TV Subs is a subtitle downloader that is mainly for TV shows. As it can be implied from its name, you can find subtitles for any all TV shows on TV subs but that is not to say that TV Subs only hosts subtitles for TV shows, you will also be able to find the subtitle to some other movies and videos in there as well. You can download any subtitle from the site for free and through some special procedures, you can also upload files on this subtitle website. To make it more secure and entertaining for users, TV Subs has an accounting system, where you can register on their site and in the process gain access to more features.

TV Subs

Downsub takes a different route compared to other subtitle downloaders on this list. It is a simple yet comprehensive subtitle tool that supports downloading of subtitles from video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, VEVO, Vlive, Viki, VIU, and so on. As a subtitle downloader, Downsub works with SRT, VTT, and TXT formats and it never obligates you to download any additional files. It is free, safe, and reliable.


Coined from the ‘Addited’ with a ‘7’ inserted in between but still pronounced the same way, this amazing subtitle download is an all-in-one subtitle tool for movie enthusiasts who have been looking for sites to download subtitles for a long time. TV shows, series from any country, movies, and videos, Addic7ed has got you covered for any type of video subtitle download. However, Addic7ed will require and obligate you to create an account and get signed in to their platform before you are ever able to download subtitles. All these processes are free, so it is still worth it, all you just need to do is log in and access a great catalog of subtitles.


Like all other subtitle hosting websites, English subtitle is home to a huge number of subtitles ranging from TV Shows to movies, series, videos, and online videos. From old, classic movies, to new and blockbuster movies, from action, a mystery to any other genre, English Subtitles has it all. It also keeps updating and places the latest updates on their homepage, that way, recent movies get viewed first.

English Subtitles

If you are looking for a site that offers thousands of subtitles for download for free, the Isubtitles is your guaranteed choice. It offers free download of subtitles and does not require any login or subscription and it can also download in multiple languages. It boasts of having a very user-friendly interface and even beginners will be able to complete a download with no problem.

Isubtitles is another free online subtitle downloader. When it comes to downloading subtitles in high quality with great speed, then TVSubtitles is the tool for the job. It is an excellent subtitle downloader that let you download subtitles for free, with no ads, no signing in, and no subscription, all completely free. TVSubtitle hosts quite many TV shows and movie subtitles. So you can always go to the site to search. The interface is well arranged and there is no difficulty with navigating the site features. It has all of its subtitles in categories to make it easier to search and locate your subtitles.



Movie Subtitles

Akin to a paradise for movie lovers who love to watch their movies with subtitles, this subtitle website holds tens of thousands of English movies with subtitles free download. You can always find subtitles for your favorite movies and shows on this website. Apart from subtitles download tools, this website also holds and displays some interesting news, so that’s one more reason to visit this website and try it out. Movie Subtitles hosts their subtitles in DVD and DivX format for users.

Movie Subtitles



Subdl is not a popular site, you may or may not have even heard of it ever but guess what, in comes one of the websites with the vastest subtitle databases. There is almost no subtitle that they do not have and you can easily bypass the clutter by using their search tool which takes you straight to the video you searched for. It features results for download in English and many other languages and it categorizes its subtitles based on the type of video releases i.e. Blu-ray release, DVD release, etc.




My-subs is another big gun that seems like an underdog website for downloading subtitles. It takes its pride in hosting subtitles with direct SRT formats while most other subtitle downloaders will have a zip file and you will have to unzip to get the subtitle. My-subs lets you download your subtitle as an SRT file straight up. Also, similar to others on the list, My-subs hosts their subtitles in a variety of languages.




To begin with, an advantage of this subtitle website is that it offers real-time functionality in the sense that, once you start typing in the search box, it will generate different movie suggestions based on the keyword you have typed. That way, even if you don’t remember the movie all too well, just type in a few words and what do you know?? It might come out in the suggestions. Megasubtitles is also free and its subtitles can also be downloaded in a multitude of languages as well. The most amazing fact is that, unlike most subtitle pages that will still redirect to their download page, Megasubtitle hosts all their subtitles on their site as such, one click of the download button means that you download will begin immediately


This site is a bit special as it is a subtitled international exchange system. Having a rich database of over 25000 subtitles, it can download subtitles irrespective of the formats either in DVD or DivX formats, although it is also not well known, this site is also one of the best subtitle downloading websites you will ever find.




SubDivX has an amazing feature that we believe to be one of the best features you can ever have in a website and that is; users can upload subtitle files as well. If you noticed that this popular movie doesn’t have a subtitle on this website, you can always upload it for the benefit of everyone i.e. you also get to be a contributor. However, that doesn’t mean that SubDivX loses to other subtitle download sites in terms of numbers, they have just about enough subtitle formats for anyone to be satisfied with the ‘user uploading’ feature is just to get everyone to contribute to the community. They host their subtitles in DivX and DVD formats




Last but not the least, we bring you At first sight, you might think that this subs website is crude and not to your taste but if you do not mind the interface and delve deeper into its corners, you will always discover that hidden beneath that unimpressive-looking interface is a whole world of amazing subtitles. It is said that the developers gave less attention to the look to focus more on the functionality. That is why it is never a good idea to judge a book by its cover. This site also doesn’t cloud your screen and tabs with different adverts as you click, it is ad-free.


As we have come to the end of the list, allows us to say that each one of this subtitle has its advantages and disadvantages and in terms uses and function, only some will be able to stand out with their special features, most of them are all the same except they host different numbers of subtitles and some allow the user to be a contributor to the website. We hope this article can ease your rigorous search for subtitle downloads for movies and TV shows. If you can’t find your subtitle on a site, just check another one. We hope this sure enhances your movie experience as well.

Brian Fisher

chief Editor

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