How to Make Fraps Files Smaller in 2 Ways

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Hey, guys, I was wondering if it's possible to make the video files Fraps makes a few GB smaller. Like for example I record a 20-minute-long Minecraft vid, and it comes out like 25 GB, and I want it to be only 20 GB. Btw I KNOW how to make files smaller in Camtasia.

If you could be one of the Frap users and you are looking for a way on how to reduce fraps file size, you have landed on the right article. Fraps is an application that record games and store them as Frap videos. The Frap videos are usually massive, and hence it takes up massive space on your computer. Therefore, to make Fraps file smaller is necessary when you want to save, send or share the video.

Part 1. How to Make Fraps Video Files Smaller

When it comes to making Fraps files smaller or recording making smaller Fraps that are smaller in size, then you need UniConverter software. This program is a one-stop shop for all your media services. This software is built with a compressor tool that compress files hence making them smaller. You will be able to reduce size, bitrate and the Frap resolution. Moreover, it allows you to record videos online in smaller sizes but of high quality unlike recording using the Fraps software. Let us look at some of its main features before we look at how to record video using this Fraps alternative.

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How to Make Fraps Smaller using UniConverter

The following steps will show you how to compress Fraps file quickly. If you have several video files to be compressed, you can use the batch compressing feature. See the guide >>

Step 1. Add Fraps file to iSkysoft video compressor

To make Fraps files smaller using iSkysoft video compressor, you will need to download it on your computer. Both Mac and Windows are supported. Open the program, click on “Toolbox” and then select “Video Compressor” option. A new window will appear which allows you to upload your Fraps file from your computer. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Frap to the window and it will be uploaded.

Add Fraps file to iSkysoft video compressor

Step 2. Set the Fraps video file parameters

Now, the frap file will appear on the screen. You will be able to compress it by adjusting the file size, format, quality, resolution and the bit rate. You can drag the compresisng bar to change the parameters.

Set the Fraps video file parameters

Step 3. Confirm and make Fraps file smaller

Next, click on “Preview” button and check the new quality of the file. After that, click on “Save File” and select where to save the file and complete the process by clicking on “Compress” button. The program will compress the Frap file and make it smaller according to your settings.

Part 2. Frap Alternative: How to Record Video in a Better Way

Below is a step by step guide on how to record video with UniConverter. These steps can be applied to both Windows and Mac version.

Step 1. Choose Record Video option

Open UniConverter on your computer. Click on “Download” and then select “Record Video” option.

Tips: If you want to download online video, you can copy its URL and click "Paste URL" here. It will downlod the video for you in seconds.

Choose Record Video option

Step 2. Start recording

A new recording setup window will appear. Here, you can now make adjustments on the section of the screen that you want to record. You can opt to record the entire screen or simply select the recording area. Also, check on the audio settings and microphone settings before clicking on the “REC” button.

 Start recording

Step 3. Finish record

The program will start recording your screen activities. Once you are done recording click on the “STOP” button or click on the “ESC” button. You will find the recorded video on the “Finished” button.

Finish record

UniConverter offers 2 ways to make Fraps file smaller, which are by compressing Fraps video file and by recording desktop activities or online videos in smaller sizes compared to the Fraps tool. The output quality is guaranteed. Why not have a try!

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