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SWF to MP4 Converter: How to Convert SWF to MP4 Online

by Brian Fisher

What is SWF format?
In essential terms, the word SWF stands for Small web format that contains applets or vector type of animations and sound. This format is designed for efficiently rendering to and fro from web and can be played with Adobe Flash Player. It draws similarity to SVG and MPEG-4 BIFS formats. For smoother running of format, the SWF format is imbibed with Action Scripts useful in the web based applications.

Why is necessary to convert SWF to MP4?

MP4 is the standard format that plays down in a wide range of platforms. Thus, it is a widely accepted format. But, there are other set of reasons that make it important to convert SWF to MP4:

1. Ultimate Quality of Video
One can rely on the wonderful and high definition visuals of MP4 video file. It assures to render a better and amazing quality of video without having to sacrifice at all!

2. Compatibility
There aren’t many media players/devices that can stretch compatibility with SWF file. While MP4 files are universal in nature, playing them almost everywhere does not pose to be problem.

3. Hassle-free Uploads
The SWF file is not a platform friendly format as most of the renowned platforms plays down the popular websites like Facebook, Vevo, Instagram, MySpace, Twitter, Dailymotion.

4. Ease of playing Video playback
Many of the mobile devices, smartphones etc. runs well with iPad, iPhone and almost all types of Android phones

So in order to convert down the files, the upcoming method will get your SWF file converted!

Part 1. Top SWF to MP4 Online Converter

Here is the list for free SWF to Mp4 converters that performs SWF file to MP4 via online.


The first converter that tops our list for carrying out smoother conversion of SWF files to MP4 is by using Wondershare Apart from stretching compatibility with the popular file formats, helps in making useful additions, edits and export output file aptly! Just perform the following steps in order for making use of this free SWF to MP4 file converter.

Step 1: To initiate the process of converting, insert the desired file by pressing on ‘+’ icon available on the program. Once the file gets inserted, opt for the desired format by searching the file from drop down menu visible right next to ‘convert to’ icon.

Step 2: Now, kick-start converting process of SWF files to MP4, by selecting ‘Convert’ button. The conversion will process accordingly. The desired file is all set, to get it on your PC, just click on download icon.


2. Convertio

Being simple and most apt online tool, Convertio is a considerable converter for converting SWF to MP4 files. This free service covers a range of formats, enabling one to convert, download and play files. Moreover, Convertio features the latest news worldwide.

Step 1: Visit convertio online platform on your PC. After that, you can see a red bar prompting you to import files from your Computer/Google Drive/DropBox or by drag URL of your file.

Step 2: Once files successfully load over program, tap on ‘Mp4’ format from the drop-down menu containing box next to ‘to’ option. Hit on ‘Convert’ and the file will commence conversion process. After completion, click ‘Download’ and get the MP4 file.


3. CloudConvert

To convert the process in a simple manner, you can count on CloudConvert is a simple, user-friendly online application that processes conversion of more 200+ variety of audio, video, eBoook, presentation formats. Follow the guide to convert SWF to MP4 converter online.

Step 1: Go to ‘Select Files’ and double-click on the desired video from the browsing window. Now, choose for the format from the drop down menu and adjust the size accordingly.

Step 2: Click on ‘Start Conversion’ tab. Once, the conversion runs, tap on ‘Download’ button and save the file.


4. Convert Files

The last free converter in our bucket list is ‘Convert Files’ that allows you to convert SWF to MP4 files. It securely converts your file and claims to support more than 200+ file formats. Convert Files can also process the conversion of audio, video, document, spreadsheets etc.

Step 1: To initiate the process, visit and then tap on ‘Select a File’ tab. Once the file loads, customize ‘Quality’, ‘size’ and select the file format from ‘Convert to MP4’ section.

Step 2: After you are through with the modifications, click on ‘Convert’ tab. Allow the program to convert your SWF file to MP4 and download the converted video respectively.


Disadvantages of online converter

While the ease of web based converter is of not having to download the converter over your system. But, it doesn’t lessen the load as there are a couple of loopholes, one need to take care of. Here it is:

  • Unable to perform Batch Processing – One of the noticeable disadvantages is that most of the online converters cannot support multiple files conversion in one go.
  • Mandatory Network Connection – If you want to make use of online converters, your device must have a strong internet connection otherwise the efforts will go in vain.
  • Limitation for large sized files – The online mode can hardly convert files that are of large size.

Hence, after considering the negative aspects of online converters, we recommend you here a desktop video converter to convert MP4 file or other over 500 formats. Although you have to download the software, but getting non-complicated steps and exceptionally good results, one can go for it sans any double thoughts in the mind. Thus, we recommend you to use UniConverter to get the best experience for video conversion.

Part 2. Recommend: Best MP4 Converter to Convert MP4 Easily and Fast

One of the best tools in the market that has a 100 % record for carrying out conversion is UniConverter. Designed with the latest technology, conversion is processed in a super faster speed. Moreover, it stretches compatibility with both the Windows 10 and latest Macintosh and performs equally well in both the systems. Thus, converting MP4 to other formats is no task with this tool as it supports 150+ file formats.

Get the Best MP4 Converter:

  • Users can smoothly convert any range of audio or video files by covering almost all the formats like MP4, MKV, SWF, AVI, DV, MPEG and other 150 + formats.
  • It gives you the liberty of exercising conversion from more than 1000+ websites inclusive of Vimeo, VEVO, Facebook, YouTube.
  • The mind-blowing speed that is 90 times faster for converting huge files via UniConverter.
  • Has an in-built editor that executes trimming, cropping, rotating, adding-subtitles, metadata and hint a special effects to media.
  • Gives access to free templates that one may prefer for burning DVD/ Blu-ray from computer.

Toturial: Convert MP4 File with UniConverter

After making you well-versed with UniConverter, let’s head on to the instruction manual for converting MP4 file respectively.

Step 1. Import MP4 file

To initiate the process of conversion, load UniConverter on PC. Ensure to click on the ‘Convert’ tab from the given 5 tabs on top of the screen. Now, import files by clicking on ‘Add Files’. Now load the SWF from your computer.

import mp4 file

Step 2. Get the output format

Click on the ‘file format’ icon. Now, choose an output format from list of video, audio and device. Here we select "M4V" for example.

convert mp4 file

Step 3. Start converting MP4

The final step is to tap on ‘Convert’ tab visible on the right of video to finish off conversion. Once your file is converted, you can view it on the 'Converted' tab. It is on your computer already.

start convering MP4

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