How to Convert, Import and Export WMV Files to/from Final Cut Pro

The .wmv (Windows Media Video) is the main format used in all videos processed and saved using the Windows system and its video tools such as Windows Movie Maker. It exists in every computer running a Windows operating system and stands today as one of the most used video formats. While the .wmv format is perfect for Windows Movie Maker, it's just inevitable to attempt using .wmv formats in other video editing software such as Final Cut Pro. Since .wmv videos are native to windows, some Mac users may encounter problems when trying to import videos in the .wmv format for editing in Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Part 1: How to Import WMV Videos into Final Cut Pro

Well, converting a .wmv file is always the best resort to fix the problems you're having while or after importing it into Final Cut Pro for editing. Of the third-party media conversion software around, the iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe (Windows & Mac) is among the best and most practical tool to use.

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Guide to Convert WMV Videos to Final Cut Pro Supported Format on Mac and Windows

Below we take tutorial steps for Mac version as example, if you are using Windows PC, you could also follow the steps below since steps for both versions are extremely similar.

Step 1. Load WMV files to the WMV to FCP converter

Drag & drop WMV files to the program. Or choose "Add Files" button to locate the WMV files you want to add. Batch conversion is supported. BTW, if you have several WMV files and want to join all of them, you can just turn "Merge All Videos" option on, you'll see all video will be linked together in the list.

import wmv to final cut pro

Step 2. Select Final Cut Pro Preset

If you want to crop the black borders of WMV movies or you just want to retain your favorite displaying area of the WMV video, just "Crop" it by clicking the second editing icon on the item bar! Actually, the WMV to Final Cut Pro application offers some useful yet easy-to-handle edit functions including cropping. To get more details, you can go to the Editing Guide of iMedia Converter Deluxe. Once completed, select Final Cut Pro from "Editing" tab.

final cut pro wmv

Step 3. Start the WMV to Final Cut Pro conversion

When you finish the output setting, just click the "Convert" button to start WMV to FCP conversion with this Video Converter for Mac. If you don't want to wait around during conversion, this smart program allows you to shut down the computer automatically after conversion. Now you can handle these WMV files and FCP well. And if you want to learn how to import WMV files to iMovie for editing, please check here.

wmv to final cut pro

Part 2: How Do I Export Final Cut Pro Videos to WMV

After editing your converted video files in Final Cut Pro, along with many other videos, you may intend to play it on Windows PCs. If that's the case, having your output file be converted to the .wmv format is the best solution as doing so will make it easier for you to use your finished video in Windows systems.

Do not close Final Cut Pro after you have finished working. Have your finished project exported into the .mov format. Open FCP to WMV Converter again and import your new .mov file by either browsing for it or dropping it into the window. To select the .wmv format for your output file, simply go to the Video category and click on "WMV".

To start converting your video, just click on the Convert button. Just wait for the video converter to do all the work for you and your new .wmv video will be ready soon enough. You might want to delete your .mov file, but it is advised that you don't so you'll have a copy of the video that works well with your Mac PC, aside from the .wmv copy that runs well in Windows.

final cut pro to wmv

Optional: Online Tool to Convert WMV Videos to FCP Supported Format

If you don't want to install a computer program, you can also try online video converter to convert your WMV videos to Final Cut Pro supported formats. Try it below:

Why Can't I Import WMV Files into Final Cut Pro?

For Mac users, .wmv files seem to be those on the other end of various video formats they can work on in Final Cut Pro. After all, .wmv files were made to run and be used perfectly in Windows PCs, not on Mac-powered computers. Given this fact, an error or two will most likely appear if you try to import or edit your .wmv videos in Final Cut Pro. Some of such errors are discussed below:

#1. What could I do when Final Cut Pro successfully loads my entire .wmv video, but it isn't editable?

As you must have read previously, the .wmv wasn't made for Mac systems. It is Windows' main video format and because of that, there's a very high probability that it won't work as flawlessly as .mov files work on Mac systems and software. Conversion to another video format supported by Final Cut Pro would be the best thing to do if you encounter this problem.

#2. My .wmv file is successfully imported, however, the audio is present but the video is not. What can I do to fix this problem?

This problem seems to be rooted in the codecs used in making the .wmv video that you want to import to Final Cut Pro. It is able to detect the audio codec and use the proper audio decoder that's why the import finishes successfully and the audio present. The reason for the video component's absence is Final Cut Pro not being able to decode it. In other terms, it failed to process your video, hence it doesn't show. A workaround for this is to convert your .wmv file to another format, preferably the .move format, using a video codec that can be processed by Final Cut Pro.

#3. How do I solve a problem where every time I try to import my .wmv file, I get an error saying "No importable files - None of the selected files or folders can be imported. Change the selection and try again"?

The error message appears because Final Cut Pro doesn't have the right codec for your .wmv file's audio and video. It cannot decode any of its components, thus, it says that you cannot import it at all. The only solution you can resort to is to try to convert your .wmv video file into something else that'll work fine with Final Cut Pro. You would probably want to convert it to the .mov format using a codec supported by Final Cut Pro.

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