How to Send Large Video Files on Android Easily

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- 'How can I send large files on Android? '
Perhaps, this is a question which has been asked many Android users. Don’t be surprised that your thumb has been stuck on that device screen for a while now, wondering what next after being served with “failed, this file is large enough for an attachment” message.

Despite Android smartphones trying to make the sharing feature to be as straightforward and reliable as possible, difficulties and challenges arise when the file size grows bigger. However, when acquainted with information about sharing these large videos, it will no longer be a problem. For this reason, we have compiled four best ways of how to send large video on Android with the guide.

Part 1. How to Compress Video before Sending Large Video on Android

To send a short video clip via a text on Android is a success after a few clicks. Starting by opening the messaging app and go to compose message area. In there, click the “Attach” icon and follow the on-screen instructions to share the file. Also, the procedure of how to send large videos on Android is very same as that of posting a video clip. But instead, you are required to compress them first.

So, to compress video for Android, UniConverteris a tool perfect for that task. It is a user-oriented designed which comes with a lot of must-have in-built capabilities including edit features from basic video trim, crop, rotate to advance adding music background, video compress, add subtitle and Watermarks. Note that, videos imported to the program has no limit and any format restrictions.

Get the Best Video Compressor for Android:

  • Compress video by change video resolution, bit rate, frame, size, etc.
  • Import video directly from Android or other device.
  • Directly download videos from online sites like Vimeo, YouTube, VEVO, and Facebook, etc.
  • Allows combine video clips to create one video file.
  • Burn, backup and convert DVDs with the help of the inbuilt DVD templates.
  • Zero quality loss when using the tool from recording, downloading, converting or burning the file.

Step-by-step Guide to Compress Video for Android using UniConverter

Step 1. Import large video from Android

Free download and install UniConverter on your Windows or Mac. Open it. Connect your Android phone to the computer with USB cable. Click Add Files to choose your device and import the video files.

Import large video from Android

Step 2. Make compression setting

After you import the video from Android device, click Convert all files to > Device > Android (or your phone model). Then click Create Custom to pop-up a new window, where you can adjust the setting to compress video for Android. You can change video encoder, resolution, bitrate, frame rate, and the audio settings.

Make compression setting

Step 3. Compress and transfer to Android phone

Click the Convert All to compress video for your Android device. Then find the compressed video in Compressed tab. Right-click on the compressed video and choose Add to transfer list.

Finally, switch to Transfer tab from the main menu on the top, and transfer the videos to the connected Android.

 Compress and transfer to Android phone

Part 2. 3 Ways to Send Large Video Files from Android

#1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is one of the most straightforward services you can use to send large video files from Android. The only requirement is the email of the recipient. It allows you to transfer up to 2GB video for the free account. But when you acquire WeTransfer Plus account, you are legible to transfer up to 20 GB of video at a go. One thing that usually keeps coming up in the forums of this particular service is the ability to use wallpapers of your choice which makes its interface look nice while sharing the video. Use the guide below to learn how to send videos on Android.

Step 1. Click WeTransfer icon to open and select the videos to transfer. Note that the videos are arranged chronologically from month to month. Once you’ve chosen all the video click “next.”

send large video on android using WeTransfer

Step 2. Key in the recipient’s email address and your message if necessary. Now, press on the “transfer” option at the top right corner of the screen.

send large video on android using WeTransfer

Step 3. Be patient and wait to complete uploading. Once done, the recipient will receive an email with a download button which will direct them on how to download the files.

#2. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere app functions almost like the WeTransfer and is available for every platform you can think of which include web app, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Send Anywhere gives you multiple sharing options suitable for different people according to their preferences. The video size to transfer is up to 10 GB for absolutely free. However, while using browser extension, you are legible to share files up to 4GB, and the paid desktop version supports up to 1 TB videos.

The following is the guide on how to send videos on Android with Send Anywhere without internet:

Step 1. Open the app and click on the “Videos” from the menu bar. Then select the videos to share. Once you have selected all the videos, tap the “Send” button.

send large video on android using Send Anywhere

Step 2. Immediately after clicking the “Send” icon, a “number key” and a “QR Code” will be generated. Hence either share this key with the person you were sending the video to or allow him/her to scan the QR code using Send Anywhere app.

send large video on android using Send Anywhere

#3. Dropbox

You can also send videos on Android using Dropbox. It is probably the best-known way employed by most Android users. And you can transfer the files whether or not the recipient is a user. You are given 2GB for free which can be updated up to 16GB free through referrals. For a business scenario, paid plans are available.

Step 1. Upload the videos you intend to share. Once the videos are uploaded, share them one after the other by clicking on the drop-down icon beside the video on the right. Then click the “Share” button

Step 2. From the several options provided, choose the most suitable one to share the video link.

send large video on android using Dropbox

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