What is the Difference Between Lossy and Lossless Compression

by Brian Fisher • Feb 21,2020 • Proven solutions

When it comes to file compression, the two most common words that we come across are – lossy compression & lossless compression. In most general terms, these words define the type of compression process and the loss of file quality during the process. Thus to reduce your file size as needed it is important to know in detail about lossy and lossless compression. The following part of the article discusses these methods in detail.

Part 1. Lossy Compression & Lossless Compression

1. What is Lossy Compression?

Lossy compression is a process where the size of the file is reduced by permanently deleting some of the file information. Generally, the redundant information is deleted during the process which does not even come to the notice of the users. Image and music files are generally compressed using the lossy format. The process created files which are smaller in size that makes them easy to store as well as share.

2. What is lossless compression?

Lossless compression is a process of reducing the size of the file without losing the quality. Advanced compression algorithms are used in order to compress files in a manner so that data is rewritten in the same manner as the original file. All the redundant information of the file is maintained during the process in lossless compression. This method is apt for situations when a new analysis of the data will be done. As compared to lossy compression, lossless compression has a larger file size. Some of the popular techniques used in the process are Run Length Encoding, Huffman Coding, Lempel-Ziv-Welch.

3. Different between lossy and lossless compression

The table below shows the major difference between the two methods of compression.

Lossless Compression
Lossy Compression
Meaning Method of compression where data encoding takes place with loss of some redundant information The method involves creating exact copy of the original file without any loss of information
Majorly used in Text files and program including images and files Video, audio, and image files
Capacity to hold data Less in comparison to lossy method More
Main applications BMP, FLAC, ALAC, RAW, PNG GUI, JPEG, MP4, OGG, MKV, H.264
Date recovery Original data can be recovered after lossless compression Data compressed cannot be recovered completely
Distortion Less More

4. Advantages and disadvantages of lossy and lossless compression

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with Lossy and Lossless compression. Depending on what are your requirements from compression, you can choose the method.

Lossy Compression


  • Reduces file size to a great extent thus creating more storage space for additional files.
  • The process of compression is apt for the image files.


  • The process removes the redundant information during the process of the compression.
  • File recovery cannot be done as information is lost during the compression process.

Lossless Compression


  • Allows recovery of original data when the file is uncompressed if needed.
  • Creates an exact copy of the original file without removing any data.
  • This compression process is apt for audio and video files where original file data needs to be retained.


  • The size reduction is less as compared to lossy compression.
  • Part 2. How to Make Lossless Video Compression with UniConverter

    To compress your files using lossless method, professional software is needed. UniConverter takes care of all your file compression needs without the change in original file quality. With support to over 150 formats, the program allows compressing almost all types of files be it video, audio, and others. Moreover, you can process multiple files in a different format at a time using the batch processing feature of the software.

    The files can be compressed by changing the parameters, selecting smaller format, and by removing unwanted parts. Files can be added from a PC or directly from a device as needed.

    Get the Best Video/Audio Compressor:

    • Allows to compress media files in over 150 formats.
    • Batch processing supported to compress multiple files at a time.
    • Lossless quality compression at fast speed.
    • Download online video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
    • Built-in video editor allows you to trim, crop, rotate video, and add subtitle, watermark, effects, etc.
    • Burn video to DVD; burn music to CD.
    • ....

    Guide to Compress Videos in Lossless Quality using UniConverter

    Step 1. Open iSkysoft compressor and load video files

    Run UniConvertersoftware on your PC and on the Convert tab click on +Add Files to add the videos on your PC that you want to compress. Multiple files in an array of formats can be added.

    Open iSkysoft compressor and load video files

    Step 2. Select an output format and change compression settings

    UniConverter supports batch compression. First you need to select an output format, and the enter the compress video window. To select target format for batch files, open drop-down menu at Convert all files to: option. Choose an output format for your compressed video. Then click the edit icon next to Original resolution.

    This will pop up a new window, where you can change the parameters to compress your video.

    Select an output format and change compression settings

    Step 3. Convert and compress videos

    On the Output tab, select the location where you want to save the compressed files. Finally, click on the Convert All button to start processing your added video files. At the software, the files compressed can be managed from the Converted tab.

    Convert and compress videos

    So for lossless compression in a quick and simple manner, UniConverteris the best software. Just install the program and compress all your needed files in high quality.

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