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by Brian Fisher Proven solutions

MP3 is a common audio format that is used widely around the globe while M4R is a compressed audio form that is considered the successor of MP3 and is usually used as the ringtones in iPhone. Using M4R, you can play unprotected music from the iPhone's iTunes store. Plus, the quality of M4R is better than MP3.

If you’re looking to convert your audio files from MP3 to M4R, you are at the exact place. In this post, we’ll list down the 14 best MP3 to M4R converters that you can employ for your conversion.

However, before that, let us brief you on some differences between MP3 and M4R.

Has a lossy sound quality Carries a good sound quality
Unlimited audio format Limited audio format
Compatible with almost all devices Doesn’t support some of the devices. Less compatible
Larger size Smaller size

We hope you have got enough interpretation of MP3 and M4Rs. We are enlisting 7 desktop software and 7 online mp3 to m4R converters. You can choose any of which you find appropriate. Having said that, let’s dive into them.

Part 1: Top 7 Desktop Software to Convert MP3 to M4R (Windows & Mac)

Uniconverter is a powerful and easy-to-use software that is on top of the list in the market. It converts MP3 to M4R quickly without losing the quality of the converted files. You can also employ this software to perform certain functions such as compressing files, recording screens, downloading Youtube, making funny GIFs, and much more.

Steps for converting MP3 to M4R with Uniconverter:

Step 1

Install and Launch the Uniconverter

First, you need to go to the Uniconverter’s official site to download Uniconverter, if you already have Uniconverter on your desktop, it is better to upgrade it.

download uniconverter
Step 2

Upload your Audio Files

After Openning Uniconverter, click the “Audio Converter” option, you can easily drag and drop the MP3 file that you want to learn to convert on the Uniconverter. To add the Mp3 file, you can also click on the “Add files” option to open your local storage.

upload mp3
Step 3

Choose the Output Format

After selecting and dropping the file, Open the Output format menu at the bottom of the window, then you can select M4R as the output format on the window popping up. The next step is to choose the destination by going to the "File Location".

choose m4r format
Step 4

Start Converting and save files

After the above settings are done, you can clik "Start All" to convert MP3 to M4R, With that done, you can check and open the M4R file by clicking "Finished".

start mp3 to mra conversion



iTunes is a music store on iOS devices that usually contains mp3 songs. All iOS devices and Windows are supported by iTunes. One cannot use them with iPhone ringtones. However, we have got a solution. Now you can use your songs as ringtones with the help of iTunes.

use iTunesto convert mp3 to m4r

Steps for converting MP3 to M4R with iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes on your PC. And in iTunes, you have to right-click on the audio file you prefer to utilize as a ringtone and choose Get Info.
  • Now, click on the Options tab and you can set the start and end of the ringtone according to your choice. (Max time is 40 sec). Click on Ok to save the settings.
  • After that, select File > Convert > Create AAC Version. (If you can’t observe the Convert AAC Version, go to “Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings > AAC Encoder”).
  • Now, right-click on the created AAC file and select “Show in Windows Explorer” or “Show in Finder” on Mac.
  • Now, open up iTunes and eliminate the mp3 and AAC files. After that, attach your iPhone and device tab from iTunes. At the right panel, check “Manually manage videos”.
  • On the left side, click on “Tones” present under On My Device. You just have to drag and drop the created .m4r file into the iTunes archive. Tadaa! Your ringtone gets added to your iPhone.

  • Pros
    Super and simple ringtone conversion. If you don't have any music files on iTunes, you’ll have to spend time dragging them from your PC.
    Save new Tones freely.

    Aiseesoft is a professional MP3 to M4R converter. With this converter, you can easily convert MP3 to MP4 with quick speed and outstanding quality. Along with that, this valuable software can also convert MP3 to formats such as MOV, WMV, MKV, AVI, FLV, etc. It supports all Windows and MAC devices.

    use aiseesoft to convert mp3 to m4r

    Steps for converting MP3 to M4R with Aiseesoft:

  • Launch Aiseesoft MP3 to MP4 Converter on your PC.
  • Add MP3 file on it.
  • Edit your MP3 file according to your choice before converting.
  • Select the output format that is M4R.
  • Convert MP3 to MP4.

  • Pros
    Comes with 225 preprogrammed conversion and optimization profiles. Lacks the tool to burn your converted files to DVD.



    Movavi is a simple and easy-to-use MP3 to M4R converter. So the layman can convert it in a few clicks. It is a user-friendly software having a sleek and trendy interface. You can preview your work using this editor using the media panel. There is a bundle of features and effects that eases off the users. This software is available for Windows and Mac.


    Steps for converting MP3 to M4R with Movavi:

  • Install Movavi converter.
  • Add MP3 files.
  • Compress your MP3 file if you want.
  • Convert it into M4R.

  • Pros
    It has many editing features It has no free version now, you need to pay for it before using it
    Supports all formats
    High speed converting

    VideoProc is a good MP3 to M4R converter that you can employ and experience easy to use interface. This software offers x47 times faster speed and lossless audio quality for making perfect ringtones. It can also help you to convert videos, audio, and DVDs from one format to another.

    Video Proc convert mp3 to m4r

    Steps for converting MP3 to M4R with Video Proc:

  • Add an MP3 file to VideoProc.
  • Set the format to M4R format at the bottom of the window and choose the output location at the right side.
  • Click "RUN" to start conversion.export the M4R file.

  • Pros
    Lightweight Limited on amount of editing.
    Easy to use

    Syncios is another M4R ringtone maker app that you can employ to make your iPhone ringtone. The software supports almost all formats. It is very easy to use. Let us tell you the conversion steps of MP3 to M4R.

    Syncios convert mp3 to m4r

    Steps for converting MP3 to M4R with Syncios:

  • Launch Syncios.
  • Choose the MP3 file.
  • Select output format and the output location.
  • Convert the MP3 to M4R.

  • Pros
    It has good Layout and is handy to use No Mac version yet

    Apowersoft Video Converter Studio helps to convert all formats and that too easily. You can convert MP3 to M4R. Plus, you can export a wide range of output formats. Using this app, you can customize many video parameters, including frame size, width, and height, before converting. Apowersoft supports both Windows and MAC.

    Apowersoft Video Converter Studio

    Steps for converting MP3 to M4R with Apowersoft:

  • Launch the software.
  • Add files.
  • Choose the format.
  • Convert.

  • Pros
    It has Built-in editor Resource Hungry
    Convert files without losing quality.

    Part 2: Online MP3 to M4R Converters You Can Choose

    Online Uniconverter is a helpful and entirely web-based converter. It can effortlessly convert your favorite audio songs to M4R format so that you can enjoy your ringtone. Plus, this online converter also carries a compressor as well that helps you save your space.

    Online Uniconverter convert mp3 to m4r

    Supports batch conversion Has a premium version that lets you enjoy advanced features
    Speedy conversion

    AnyConv is another online MP3 to M4R converter. You can effortlessly convert your favourite songs to ringtones using this app.


    Offers a variety of supported formats Often asks to add Pro version, which may trouble you
    you can add multiple effects to audio files There are some ads on the interface

    ConvertFiles is an easy and free online website that helps to convert your favourite audio song into ringtones for your iPhone. You can visit their website to convert your files from MP3 to M4R.


    Supports 300 formats Safety may concern you
    Functions quickly The ads conver its interface



    Evano is another useful online website through which you can convert your MP3 files to M4R to enjoy M4R ringtones on your iPhone. Following are some of its pros and cons.

    Evano mp3 to m4r

    Easy to use and has user-friendly interface Audio has a weak low end
    Offers fairly good quality Unable to recover compressed data
    Universal support

    YouConvertIt.com is an online website that can quickly and efficiently convert your files from MP3 to M4R. You can visit their site to have your conversion in minutes.


    Safe to use Internet connection is required
    Support for many input formats You can just choose one file at once

    M4R Online works from your website and allows you to convert an audio song to M4R audio format to use them as iPhone ringtones. You can easily access the converter online and convert your files. Talking about its interface, it's handy and user-friendly.

    M4R Online mp3 to m4r

    The converted file gets transferred to the iPhone when connected automatically You can’t use all iTunes songs to convert into M4R
    Speedy conversion

    Vidmore is an Online Audio Converter that is 100% free and safe and converts MP3 to M4R effortlessly. We vouch that it is very easy to use. And it not only converts the file but offers editing features as well.

    vidmore mp3 to m4r

    No file size limit Lacks a burning feature
    Offer batch conversion Need to download Vidmore Launcher first


    We have mentioned all the best converters in this post. However, if you ask us the best, it is Univonverter. Having extensive features and easy-to-use functions, you can make use of this software in many ways. However, the choice is yours. Choose what meets your requirements and do not waste your time further.

    Brian Fisher

    chief Editor

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