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Duration: 6/25/2018 - 7/16/2018

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1. Can we really compress video losslessly?
2. Which video format gives the minimum file size to compress 1GB VOB movies with the original video resolution?

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Reasons for Compressing Videos

Failed to send through Email

It is time-consuming to send a video file with a large size through email (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Web-based service, etc.). What's more, there is a video size limit and you may totally fail to do that. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the video size to make the process faster as well as convenient. Learn more >>

Better enjoy videos on mobile phone

It is not true that higher resolution of videos can always provide with better watching experience on your mobile phone. Then you need to find a video resolution reducer to compress the file so that it fits perfectly over your phone screen. For example, you can compress 4K videos to 720P. Learn more >>

Difficult to upload or share

It has become one of the most popular ways to share our life via uploading videos to YouTube. There are millions of videos on YouTube and if you don't compress yours to the recommended size then it might not be successful. Then you may need to compress your videos before uploading to YouTube. Learn more >>

Solutions to Video Compression

One Click to Compress Video by Changing Video Formats (Lossless & Lossy)

Simply select a proper output format to reduce the video size such as MP4, FLV, 3GP, etc. because they are usually smaller than other files due to high compression rate. You can preview the video size on the main window before conversion. But make sure your recipient can play the video in the selected output format. By the way, if you compress videos that are encoded in , UniConverter will always keep the original video & audio quality unless you change the encode settings. But you should know that this method has limited effect on reducing video size.

Edit Parameter Settings to Compress Videos to the Smallest Size

Changing Bit Rate

Normally, the smaller video you want, the lower bit rate. The bit rate also controls the image quality. Please mind that the image will totally be destroyed if the bit rate is too low.

Changing the Resolution of the Video

The resolution of any file determines its size as well as quality. If you are aiming to reduce file size, reducing the resolution with a video resolution reducer will do the trick.

Changing Frame Rate

Changing frame rate is another aspect which can be considered while reducing video file size. The frame rate is directly related to file size and thus reducing one will directly affect the other.

Reduce Video Size by Cutting Unwanted Parts

Aside from the above solutions, you can also reduce video file size by removing unwanted parts from your video. To achieve that, you can use the in-built video editor feature in UniConverter.

Check here to get recommended video compression settings for YouTube & Vimeo

Video compression settings for Youtube Video compression settings for Vimeo
Container MP4 MP4
Frame rate The same as the original video 24, 25, or 30 FPS as the value about 20 does not make any difference
Bit rate 1000 kbps (360p), 2500 kbps (480p), 5000kbps (720p), 8000kbps (1080p), 10Mbps (1440p), 35-35kbps (2160p) 2,000 – 5,000 kbit/s (SD) / 5,000 – 10,000 kbit/s (720p HD) / 10,000 – 20,000 kbit/s (1080p HD)
Resolutions 426x240 (240p), 640x360 (360p), 854x480 (480p), 1280x720 (720p), 1920x1080 (1080p), 2560x1440 (1440p), 3840x2160 (2160P) 640 pixels wide (SD) or 1280 pixels wide (HD)

Why Choose UniConverter

Easy to Use

The compression settings is easy and flexible, which meets your most daily use. You can compress your video within 3 easy steps: import > compress > export.

Compressing Speed

This software compresses videos in an extremely fast speed, while most tools in the market doesn't. You can save a lot of time with UniConverter.

Supported Formats

UniConverter is able to compress HD videos (MTS, M2TS, HD MKV), standard formats (MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc) and audio formats (MP3, AIFF, M4A).

Additional Features

The additional video editor helps you to personalize videos as your wish. After compression, you can transfer the compressed videos to your devices with ease.

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