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by Brian Fisher Proven solutions

MP3 is a supported iTunes format, but many times the files fail to play due to incompatible codecs, incomplete file metadata, and other issues. Thus to ensure that your MP3 files play on your iTunes in a hassle-free manner, conversion to a compatible format like M4A, AAC, and others is suggested. Using professional software, freeware, or an online tool, you can convert MP3 to iTunes for seamless playback. Know about the popular MP3 to iTunes converter in the following parts of the topic.

Part 1: Free Solution to Convert MP3 Music to iTunes

iTunes is a media management application that in addition to file organizing and playback supports an array of additional functions including file conversion. Using the app on your system, MP3 audio files can be converted to iTunes in a simple quick manner. The app allows creating the AAC version of your MP3 file. To convert your MP3 to iTunes, you need to first change the import settings to select the AAC as the desired format.


Steps on how to convert MP3 to iTunes:

Step 1: Open the iTunes app on your system and select Edit > Preferences. A pop-up General Preferences window will open from where select the General tab. Here click on the Import Settings button, and from the pop-up window choose AAC Encoder at the drop-down menu at Import Using: tab. Click on the OK button to confirm the settings.

Step 2: Next, open File > Add File to Library to browse and load the local MP3 file to be converted.

Step 3: Choose the added MP3 file and open File > Convert> Create AAC Version. iTunes will create the AAC version of the MP3 song and will save it to your iTunes library. Thus by changing the iTunes settings, MP3 can be converted to iTunes supported AAC format one file at a time.

Part 2: App to Convert MP3 to iTunes on iPhone

If you are looking for options to convert MP3 to iTunes format on your iPhone, several apps are available. One such decent app to consider is The Audio Converter. Developed by SmoothMobile LLC, this is free to use the app with an option for in-app purchases. Using the app on your iPhone, almost all video and audio files can be converted to a host of audio formats like AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and others. Thus converting MP3 to iTunes supported M4A and AAC can be achieved using the app. The process of file conversion is quick and easy where you just need to add the MP3 files to be converted and select the target format. Using the in-app file browser, the converted files can be accessed. There is also an option to preview the files and share with other apps and computer using the iTunes File Sharing. So when you look for options on how to convert MP3 to iTunes on iPhone, install the app and get the files converted in no time.


Part 3: Converting MP3 to iTunes online

Online tools can also be considered for converting your MP3 files to iTunes supported format. One such MP3 to iTunes converter online program is Online UniConverter that was earlier known as and is compatible with working with Windows and Mac system. Free to use, this online program needs no software installation or registration and works straight from the browser window. The MP3 and other files to be converted can be easily browsed and added or can be dragged to the program interface for the process. At a time two concurrent conversions can be processed using the tool and the processed files can be saved to the local system or directly to your Dropbox account. Popular video and audio formats are supported by the program for the conversion. You can also register with the program to get the notification of the file conversion completion in your mail.


Steps on how to convert MP3 files to iTunes using Online UniConverter:

Step 1: On your system browser open Click on the + sign to browse and load the MP3 files on your system. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the file to the interface.

Step 2: Open the drop-down menu at Convert all files to tab and the list of supported formats will open. From the Audio list, select the iTunes supported target format like AAC and M4A.

Step 3: Click on the CONVERT button to start the file conversion process.

Part 4: The Best Tool to Convert Multiple MP3 to iTunes on Windows and Mac in an Effortless Manner - UniConverter

Online tools are internet-dependent and have file size limitations while converting files using iTunes allows converting only one file at a time. Thus if you are looking for the best solution to convert multiple MP3 files to iTunes supported format in an effortless manner, UniConverter is just the right tool to install. This versatile desktop-based program allows adding MP3 files from your system as well as directly from the devices for the conversion process. Almost all popular audio formats including iTunes compatible AAC and M4A are supported as the target formats. Device-specific conversion is also supported by the program. The built-in editor of the tool facilitates you to get rid of the unwanted parts of the file, add watermark and perform a host of other editing functions. UniConverter also allows transferring the converted files to different devices.

UniConverter(formerly UniConverter)

Convert MP3 to iTunes and a host of other formats and devices.
Batch processing supports to convert multiple files at a time.
Lossless quality file conversion at a fast speed.
Files to be converted can be added from the local system and the devices.
Option to transfer the converted files to iPhone, Android, and a host of other devices.
Additional features include video download, recording, DVD burning, and others.
Windows and Mac version of the software available for download.
Step 1

Add MP3 files to the UniConverter

Launch the software on your system and the Convert tab, click on the +Add Files button to browse and load the local MP3 files to be converted. You can also drag and drop the files. To load files from the connected devices, expand the drop-down menu at +Add Files and choose the device. Multiple files for batch processing can be selected.

Step 2

Choose the target format

Expand the drop-down options at Convert all files to tab at the top-right corner and from the Audio list, select AAC or M4A which are iTunes supported format. Also, select the output file quality.

Step 3

Convert MP3 to iTunes

At the Output tab, select the system location to save the converted files. Clicking on the Convert All button will start the conversion process. On the software interface, the Converted tab can be used to manage and transfer the processed files.


Use from the free, online, app or the professional software for converting MP3 to iTunes depending on your conversion requirements. For high quality files with batch processing and added features, UniConverter works as the best software.

Brian Fisher

chief Editor

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