Subtitle Editor

A complete subtitle toolbox to help you create, add, and edit video or movie subtitles, an intelligent app to auto-generate subtitles.

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Multiple Options to Add Captions for Video

Create SRT Files with Rich Fonts

Help you type and edit subtitles for a movie
with customized fonts, size, position settings,
colors, transparency, and backgrounds.

Ready to create a srt file for your video?


Upload Subtitle File in Different Formats

No matter the subtitle file is in .srt, .ass, or .ssa,
you can add subtitles file on UniConverter
by draging it.

Ready to upload your own subtitle file?


Auto-Generate Subtitles from Video in
100+ Languages

Intelligently analyze the video's audio and
automatically generate subtitles according
to what the speakers say.

Ready to auto-generate subtitles for videos?


Advanced Features to Edit Subtitle

Batch add or remove watermark of video

Diverse methods to add subtitles to video

Make subtitles for a video by copying the text, uploading subtitle files, or using AI.

Remove multiple watermarks from a video

Supports multiple import and export formats

Add captions for videos in 18+ formats, and export the new files in MP4, SRT, and USE.

Remove watermark from video by time duration

Apply various styles to all subtitles quickly

Edit subtitles with different settings and apply the settings to all subtitles with just one click.

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Useful timeline for real-time preview

Enter subtitle content and adjust the time position with the help of the subtitle timeline.

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Movie Lovers

For a better watching experience, use this app to auto-generate subtitles for movies, or search for srt files with the built-in searcher.


Social Media Users

Add subtitles to YouTube videos or Instagram content, and edit subtitles to gain more subscribers and fans.



An efficient subtitle maker to help create teaching videos that students can better understand.


Language Learners

Generate captions for videos in the language we are studying to learn more deeply.


Q&As about Subtitle Editor

How to download subtitles for video?
UniConverter has a built-in search tool to help you access different subtitles. You can download subtitle files in your local language. Many popular subtitle download sites can also be good solutions if you can not find the subtitles you want in UniConverter.
Many free subtitle tools are available on the internet, such as Subtitle Edit, VisualSubSync, Subtitle Workshop, and more.
It is not complicated to add subtitles for video on VLC, but you have to download subtitles or create an srt file first, then embed subtitles to video. What's more, you may experience some troublesome crashes because of some bugs. If VLC is unsatisfying, more advanced tools like UniConverter can help you.
SRT is perhaps the most supported subtitle format, but not all of our subtitle files are in this format. So, we need to convert subtitle files to SRT. Then the toplist of subtitle converters may offer some help.
Extracting DVD subtitles is quite challenging cause DVD files are not supported by many programs. But with UniConverter, you can realize it with simple steps cause it allows you to load DVD files.