How to Upload iPad Video to Facebook on Mac

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Why I failed to upload iPad videos to Facebook?

Sharing videos in Facebook is common trend among everyone from all over the world. Even though it provides various features to upload videos, some video formats are not supported in it. It specifically recommends MP4 videos to maintain audio or video quality during uploads. You may fail to upload your videos in Facebook, but there is an ultimate solution for this issue. The one and only UniConverter! It not only supports conversion of any video format in Facebook supported format, you could also use its unique customization features. Apart from converting your videos into MP4, you could also compress it into H.264 video codec or adjust the aspect ratio of your video to 1280pixel to upload them in Facebook. You could just simply follow the user guide and import the videos to directly convert them in Facebook supported video format in your Mac.

Most of the Facebook users don’t know that there are more than 11 Facebook supported video formats, which are: Windows Media Video, QuickTime Movie, Ogg Format, Matroska Format, DVD Video, MPEG-4 Video, MPEG Video, AVI Video, Mobile Video or Flash Video formats. While following the user guide you could choose any of these output formats accordingly. But the recommended output format by Facebook is MP4 due to its ability to maintain video & audio quality.

Easily Upload iPad Videos to Facebook

UniConverter for Mac is specifically designed to support wide range of video formats for social media sharing and other purposes. It is one of the top Mac video converters which stands out for its optimized presets, super-speedy conversions, customization techniques with additional tools & features.

UniConverter - Video Converter

Upload iPad Video to Facebook with Ease:

  • Custom Presets: Optimization video file to any device supported format such as android, iPad, iPod, iPhone, TV and so on before uploading videos to Facebook.
  • Easy Downloads & Uploads: Download videos from more than 100 video sharing websites and upload them to Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube as needed.
  • Editing and Personalization: Make use of its wide range of editing tools to adjust resolution/brightness/contrast/bit rate and so on to enhance video quality before uploads.
  • New-Gen Technology for Speedy conversions: New Algorithm technology induces speedy and GPU acceleration accelerates faster conversion of videos.
  • Multiple Video Uploads: Batch conversion of videos to Facebook supported format.
  • Extract Audio from Video: Unique option to extract audio from video files which is only supported on Mac.
  • Media Player: In-built media player with settings for multiple Playback options.
3,981,454 people have downloaded it

User Guide to upload iPad videos to Facebook using UniConverter for Mac

Uploading videos in Facebook supported format is very easy for Mac users. When your videos are not supported by Facebook, then you just need to import and upload them to Facebook directly via UniConverter for Mac. Follow these 3 simple steps to upload videos directly with Facebook:

Step 1. Import videos to be uploaded with Facebook

Install UniConverter for Mac and open the application. Load the videos to start the conversion process by using either 2 easy methods: Drag & drop videos into the main interface of the software or Select "File" menu and go to Load media files to choose the videos accordingly. You could also choose multiple videos for bulk conversion of videos into Facebook supported format.

upload videos to facebook mac

Step 2. Select MP4 as video output format (optional)

MP4 is the supported video format for uploading videos in Facebook. All the video formats are grouped under 6 categories. So, choose the video format under videos category section at the bottom of the window and go through the list to select "MP4" as output format.

You could also edit your videos by using editing tools such as trim, crop, adjust brightness/contrast or volume, add watermark or subtitles and merge videos easily without any compromise with the data or quality of the videos. Also change video aspect ratio or audio sample rate.

how to upload ipad videos to facebbok

By choosing other output formats like WMV, DIVX, AVI, MOV, 3GP etc. the video and audio quality of the video decreases, but with MP4 you will not face any quality loss issues for sure.

Step 3. Upload iPad video to Facebook

After choosing the output video format, click "Convert". Automatically, the videos will be converted into MP4 video format and before that you could also choose a file destination to be stored in your Mac. You could also observe the conversion status by checking the progress bar. Finally, go to your Facebook account and upload the MP4 video easily without any issue.

upload ipad videos to facebook

Alternatively, you could also export videos to Facebook directly. It’s very simple. When you import the videos to be converted into Facebook supported format, go to Menu and select Export option. After choosing "Export", select "Uploading to Facebook". It will automatically choose the Facebook supported video format and your videos will be converted in a jiffy.

Note: This option to "Export" videos can be used only for Mac users.

upload ipad video to facebook

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