Xbox Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality Games for the Xbox 360

by Brian Fisher • Jun 13,2018 • Proven solutions

Microsoft doesn't see the need to deliver its own particular virtual reality headset - and regardless of the possibility that it did, that headset likely wouldn't connect to an Xbox diversion console in the same way that opponent Sony's PlayStation VR headset works.

In spite of the fact that Spencer recognizes that numerous Xbox One owners would need VR to be a piece of their gaming background, he says there might be an excessive number of cooks in the virtual reality kitchen. "On the off chance that we didn't think any about the gadget manufacturers were putting forth that, we'd need to go accomplish something to help fill that hole," he said.

Microsoft may also be sponsorship off from building its own VR headset because it doesn't have to. The organization has a concurrence with Facebook's Oculus VR to give Xbox One amusement controllers with every Oculus Rift headset, and to give Rift owners a chance to stream their Xbox games to a virtual lounge room.

Until further notice, the Xbox chief says he wants to ensure Windows is an incredible stage for virtual reality diversion improvement, one that supports Facebook's Oculus VR and Valve (co-maker of the HTC Vive) in their attempts. He seems content giving them a chance to be the ones to interface specifically with gamers - so long as Windows is the stage where they live.

"We unquestionably need to be the middleman," Spencer said.

How to Play VR Games on Xbox?

With the landing of Windows 10, the capacity to stream console games over a nearby system was acquainted with the masses. If you had a full version of Windows 10 and a Xbox One console, games could be wireless streamed when far from the lounge room.

Microsoft has now revealed the Xbox One Streaming application for Oculus Rift – permitting owners of the headset to play their Xbox One games in virtual reality. Offering a vast, bended display in an assortment of virtual locales, players can immerse themselves in their own immersive theater.

Here's the manner by which to begin with the application, and make the most of your Xbox One games in virtual reality!

Before jumping into Xbox One streaming in virtual reality, there are as of now a couple of requirements you should know about. To exploit the component your PC should run an up to date version of Windows 10. You should also have admittance to an Xbox One controller or whatever other supported gamepad.

Albeit other desktop VR headsets are accessible, just the Oculus Rift presently supports Xbox One streaming. Despite the fact that outsider applications are accessible that arrange Oculus Rift games for the HTC Vive, the design of the Xbox streaming application render these useless until further notice.

vr xbox 360

Step-by-step Guide to Play VR Games on Xbox

Step 1. Before setup, make a point to empower diversion streaming on your Xbox One. Go to Settings > Preferences and check Allow amusement streaming to different devices.

Step 2. Interface an Xbox One controller to your Windows 10 PC. For more data on arranging an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller for virtual reality, look at our inside and out guide!

Step 3. Install the Xbox One Streaming application by means of the Oculus store.

Step 4. Start Xbox One Streaming. At the point when opened surprisingly, the application will start searching for an Xbox One on your system. In case you're experiencing any errors, ensure your Xbox One is turned on, associated with the same system and is interested in streaming.

Step 5. On the off chance that various consoles are on your system, a list of accessible devices will show up. Choose your console from this list.

Step 6. Whenever affirmed, the console's yield will be consequently streamed to your Oculus Rift.

You should now see your Xbox One dashboard on your Oculus Rift's display, inside a virtual domain. From here you can play any games on your Xbox One, alongside a huge number of applications. Keep an eye out for some of the restricted media apps, because of streaming restrictions appended to the substance they give.

How to Play Videos on Xbox using UniConverter

You want to play your videos on your Xbox 360 or your VR (Virtual Reality) device but unable to play and an error message pops up. This possibly is because the format of the video is not compatible with your Xbox360 or VR device. It means you need to convert your videos into formats that are supported by these devices. Your best bet is to convert videos using UniConverter if you don’t want to compromise the video quality.

UniConverter advanced features help you convert any video into Xbox 360 supported formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, M4V, and MP4V. With the fast conversion, this deluxe converter retains the quality of the video; hence, you can fully enjoy the output video on your Xbox. Download UniConverter and follow these basic steps to convert any video into Xbox 360 supported format.

Step 1. Import videos

First of all, through media browser, browse all videos you want to convert and then drag them into the primary window. Alternatively, you can also go to the main menu and click "Add Files" to select the desired videos.

xbox 360 vr

Step 2. Select output format

After selecting videos chose the Output format. From the Format Tray located at the bottom of the main interface, select Devices, and from there chose Xbox as your output device.

vr for xbox 360

Step 3. Start conversion

You can further modify the presets for your output video with the help of editing tools. You can trim, crop, rotate, add watermark, change brightness and resolution. After necessary editing click the "Convert" button and select the output folder. The video will be converted within minutes.

virtual reality xbox 360

How to Convert VR Videos in UniConverter

Not all VR videos are compatible with all the VR devices as they are saved in varying modes and formats. UniConverter has the ability to adapt all the modes according to your device. Follow these two simple steps to convert your VR videos such that they are compatible with your VR device.

Step 1. Import videos

In the Toolbox tab, select the VR Converter and import all VR files you want to convert.

xbox 360 virtual reality

Step 2. Select output device and video mode

Secondly, select the video mode like 3D 180 or 3D 360 left\right. Then chose the output device on which the video will be played, the software will convert the video accordingly and convert.

virtual reality for xbox 360

Step 3. Editing (optional)

Editing feature gives you an option to add some personal touch to your creation such as a watermark and special effects. Save the video and play it on your desired VR device.

Convert your favorite videos without any hassle through UniConverter and enjoy them on your Xbox or VR device.

xbox360 vr

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