Troubleshootings/Problems When Uploading Videos to YouTube

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I'm getting an error when uploading to YouTube, can you help me?

There are some common mistakes you may be making which may result in uploading errors, so try uploading without making any of these mistakes.
Uploading a file that is too large and too heavy for your internet connection;
Uploading lengthy videos since you may not be approved to do so;
Your browser may be outdated and doesn’t support the format of the video;
Firewalls and privacy settings can cause the error;
You may be uploading a video from an external storage device.To troubleshoot, simply transfer the file to your computer, open it to make sure it works and then try uploading it again;
Make sure the format of the files you are uploading is supported by the server.

Part 1. Common Errors We May Meet When Uploading Videos to YouTube

Error 1: “Unexpected Problems”.

Such problems are the most confusing since they arise for no clear reason; the server might crash, causing the upload to fail or the server might just show the message "Upload Failed: An unknown error occurred".

Solution: This error is almost always YouTube's fault and nothing you can do about it. No one knows how long it may take to fix so simply wait a few minutes and try uploading again.

Error 2: “Server Rejects File”.

At times, the server may reject your file or label it invalid. This is because the name you choose for the file is not supported by the server and may contain invalid characters.

Solution: Since this error occurs when the name of the file is not according to required format, it can be solved by using only the standard characters. Avoid using invalid characters such as apostrophes, commas, and accents in the file name.

Error 3: “Error while Sending Data over the Network”.

Another error which you may find mysterious as it does not seem to have a clear reason behind it. Such errors always occur due to outdated browsers, which are not able to support the format of the video.

Solution: Update your browser regularly, whenever it asks you to do so instead of clicking on “Update Later” each time. Older browsers can slow down and cause uploading problems often.

Error 4: “Error while Reading Uploaded File”.

This error is simple to understand. The file itself which is to be uploaded is either not readable, or it cannot be found for reading. This mostly happens when the file in question is on a flash drive or some other external storage device.

Solution: Since this error occurs when the file is being uploaded from an external storage device, the solution is to save the file to your computer. Then run it to make sure it works and try uploading it again.

Error 5: “Security Error”.

This error means that your browser’s security settings are not allowing the video to be uploaded. Most of the time, you may have agreed to this configuration without even being aware of the fact.

Solution: Since the error occurs due to unusual security settings, so check your browser’s firewall and other personal settings and then try again. There may be some which are stopping the video from being uploaded.

Part 2. Recommend the Best YouTube Uploader to Upload Any Video to YouTube

But there is an easier way out than having to go through all these errors and figuring out their individual solutions. Instead, we have a much easier solution for you: UniConverter, which will remove all possible uploading errors before they even arise. Not only uploading, rather any video related problem you may ever have, but this is also definitely the tool to use. This all-in-one video and DVD converter makes it easier to upload any video to YouTube without facing all of the above mentioned uploading errors.

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Get the Best YouTube Video Uploader:

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