Troubleshootings about Facebook Mobile Uploads

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Facebook Mobile Uploads not working, what can I do?

Is there a problem with your mobile uploads? You may upload many photos to Facebook and have your friends tagging you in other photos. This could become difficult to upload more uploads to your Facebook account. To solve such problem, you may think of making your mobile upload private and creating a new mobile upload album. This article will be of great help to you. We have explained how you can make your mobile upload private and how to create a new mobile upload album. Furthermore, we have described how you can delete the mobile upload album.

Part 1. How to Make My Mobile Upload Private

For any of your mobile uploads, you can make it private. Below is a step-by-step guide to making your mobile upload private.

Step 1: Open the mobile upload that you want to make it private. On your timeline, click on photos, and then get to mobile uploads. Click on the upload that you want to make it private and ensure it is open that it takes up your browser window.

Step 2: Locate the privacy button. From the right corner of the upload, find the date to be able to find the option to change the privacy. The option is beside the date.

Step 3: Click the privacy button to change privacy. Click on the privacy button next to the date. If you are using the mobile app; click the button then scroll down and pick on "edit privacy".

Step 4: Select “Only Me”. Lastly, click on “Only Me” option and your mobile upload will be private.

Part 2. How to Create a New "Mobile Uploads" Album

Mobile uploads is always created automatically by Facebook. However, you can create a new Mobile Upload album if you need a new one. Before creating a new Mobile Upload album, you need to rename your Mobile Uploads album.

Step 1: Sign in to FB by going to web page and login.

Step 2: Get to "More Facebook Mobile Products" icon then Tap on "Text a link to my phone".

Step 3: Choose your country then in the "mobile phone field code" fill in your mobile phone number and code.

Step 4: Tap on “Text Me the Link” button then hit the “OK” button. You will receive an SMS message on your mobile from Facebook.

Step 5: Using your mobile, access the web browser and on the address bar, enter the link you received from Facebook.

Step 6: Click “Upload” link then choose photos that you would want to upload from your phone. Thereafter click “ Upload “ link.

You will have then created a new Mobile Upload album on your Facebook page. This is how simple it is to create a new Mobile Uploads Album on Facebook.

Part 3. How Can I Delete the "Mobile Uploads" Album

The mobile upload album created by Facebook cannot be deleted but you can delete any album that you created. Follow the steps below to delete the mobile upload album you created.

Step 1: login in to your Facebook account and tap on "photos". Click on "Albums".

Step 2: Select the mobile upload album that you want to delete. Ensure it opens.

Step 3: From the right corner above the photos in the album, click the cog icon then select ““Delete Album”.

Step 4: click "Delete Album" again to confirm. There you are! Your mobile upload album has been deleted successfully.

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