How to Watch the Most Amazing Halloween Makeup Videos

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"I downloaded some Halloween makeup videos, but I can't open them. Who can help me?"

Do you know that there are different video formats? With the existence of these files you could download Halloween Makeup video of different formats online to your computer and watch them freely. However, you should take note that not all media players support all the video formats. That is why you will find out that your media player fails to play some videos. If you come across such a scenario, you should convert you videos, lets say Halloween Makeup Videos to a compatible format with your Mac or windows player. In this article you will learn how to convert your videos to compatible format and play them on your PC.

Simplest Way to Watch Any Halloween Makeup Video with UniConverter

UniConverter is a software that is taking video conversion to another level. This software was well thought and build in that it not only let’s you convert videos but also edit them. Using this software is very easy and fast. The beauty of this mind-blowing software is that you can use to convert and watch all your Halloween Makeup videos regardless of operating system. It supports both Mac and windows operating systems.

UniConverter - Video Converter

Get the Best Video Player:

  • Quickly convert videos and images to different output formats while retaining its original quality.
  • Support both standard and HD video formats such as, MOV, FLV, F4V, HD MOV, HD FLV etc. the supported audio formats include MP3, MKA, AU, AIFF, FLAC and etc.
  • Allow you to stream and download videos and audios from any sharing site like Facebook, Vimeo, MySpace, and YouTube etc.
  • Edit videos feely by adding watermarks, subtitles, rotating, clipping, and adjusting aspect ratio. As you edit them you will have a real time preview to exactly look at the outcome.
  • Burn videos and audios to Blank DVDs enabling watch them of your giant TV screen.
  • It allows you to download videos and audios from web sharing networks like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and others.
  • Convert videos to formats supported by editing softwares such as iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut Pro, and others.
  • It has an in-built browser that makes it easier to search and upload media files.
  • Support macOS 10.7 and above, Windows 10/8/7XP/Vista.
3,981,454 people have downloaded it

Easy steps watch your Halloween makeup videos on Mac

By now you have an insight of UniConverter magnificent features. The only thing that is remaining is to understand how to use. Just grab a bowl of popcorns and follow these simple steps on how you will convert your Halloween Makeup videos and then play them on your PC.

Step 1. Upload Your Halloween Makeup Videos

After launching the software on your computer, open it. Then upload the desired files to the program. On Mac platform you will drag and drop the videos to the program window.

watch halloween makeup video

Step 2. Choose the output format

Next, you need to select and output format of the videos. If you are using Quick Time player on your mac select the MOV format. For VLC select VOB format. At this point you can also choose if you want to convert it to your iPhone, iPod or any supported device. It is also worth mentioning that you need to define a folder to save these changes for easy access.

watch halloween makeup videos

Step 3. Convert Halloween Makeup videos

After changing the settings you can now click on "Convert" button to begin the conversion. This process will start automatically and you will be able to see the progress on the program window. The time it will take depends on the size of files and number of files.

Halloween Makeup Video

Step 4. Play the converted Halloween Makeup Videos

When the conversion process is done, the program will prompt you to open the converted videos. Click on open and watch your Halloween Makeup videos freely.

Top 5 Amazing Halloween Makeup Videos

#1. Voodoo doll

This is a ten-minute video by SFX makeup showing you how you can make a Voodoo doll face. In this video you will learn how to stitch your eyes, mouth and neck without hurting yourself. It is interesting because you only need a tape, latex, needle, thread, and a toilet paper. Ear buds will make perfect needles that will be pinned on your face. The steps provided by SFX are very simple and you can do it yourself. You need to check out this video if you want to come up with simple but amazing idea this Halloween. A little shade of blood on the stitched parts makes it real.

#2. Kids Face Painting

If you are looking for a makeup idea for your kids then you can borrow a leaf from Lily Pebbles video. In this video lily and her make up artiste sister shows you how you can creatively do a face painting on your kids face. Since kids have poor concentration you should go for a quick design such painting something simple. For their case they painted a simple Spiderman and pumpkin on their face. Any parent can do this since you just to be creative and leave a smile on your child’s face.

#3. Corpse bride

Looking ghostly is also a perfect idea that you nail it during Halloween. In this video Dope 2111 shows how to makeup like Emil the character in the Corpse Bride. For her she uses blue, white, and grey cream makeup to bring out the theme. She uses these colors to come up with Emil’s big eyes and white skin. She then uses pink lipstick to illustrate Emil’s pink lips. What creativity. You can also try out this look during Halloween and I am sure it will not let you down. You can also go for other characters like in the movie Walking Dead.

#4. Trippy Double Vision Look

Ladies, do you know that your make up kit can bring out a devil trippy look on you? You should watch this video to get exactly understand what I am talking about. Although the double vision drawing is crazy and freaky, it is idea that you can make your friends stare at you. Phil draws a duplicate of her eyes and eyebrows on her cheeks and she really looks strange. In fact she goes ahead and says the look will give you headache if you stare at it for long.

#5. Skeleton Face

There is nothing scary than a skeleton face. Jennie shows you how you can use your eye pencil, translucent powder, and black eye shadow to come up with creepy skeleton look without incurring any cost. She draws a skeleton face on her face using this products and it brings out that skeleton look. You need to watch out this video the get the real picture of this image. The jaw borne comes out clearly when she defines it with the white powder. If you paint this face and get out at night you will definitely scare your friends She goes ahead and additionally paints skeleton of her collarbone. Scary indeed.

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