Easy Way to Play WebM on Mac (macOS 10.15 Catalina Included)

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If you have downloaded some WebM videos on your Mac, video playback is not as easy as you do online via Safari. The native vide player on Mac, say QuickTime, supports playing video in MOV, MP4, M4V and some camcorder AVI clips. So when you click on the downloaded WebM videos on your Mac, you won’t be able to play them on your QuickTime -QuickTime will be gray out. In this case, aiming to play WebM videos on Mac, converting WebM is your fist step.

Part 1. Useful Tool to Help Play WebM on Mac

In order to convert WebM to QuickTime compatible video format, UniConverter is used. This Mac Converter is outstanding in its high quality, easiness in use, and broad formats support. It even provided some optimized presets for Apple products including iPad, iPhone, iMovie and more so you needn't to set the output video setting by yourself.

Get the Best WebM Video Player:

  • 150+ video and audio formats - UniConverter will convert more videos than you have ever seen; over 150 video and audio formats.
  • Speedy conversion – where time is of the essence, then you can always rely on UniConverter to come to your rescue. It converts at speeds of 90X.
  • Quality is upheld – you do not have to think that fast conversion equals loss of quality; with UniConverter, the quality of your video is left intact after conversion.
  • Editing is a breeze – you can now quickly edit your videos when you are working on them before conversion. Put watermarks and other special effects to make your work unique.
  • Keep videos on DVD – you can now burn your videos as DVD films.

How to Play and Convert WebM on Mac

Before converting WebM files with UniConverter, you should know that this software enables you to play WebM videos on Mac without converting to other formats. But if you want to play WebM files using other video players, please follow the steps to convert to supported formats first.

Step 1. Download the Mac Video Converter and add your WebM videos

After the launch of the WebM Video Converter for Mac, import your original WebM videos into the Mac application: directly drag & drop them to the app or click "Add Files". The Mac Video Converter supports batch conversions so that you can import several WebM files for converting which must save you a lot of time.

play webm videos on mac

Step 2. Set a compatible output format

Click on the format icon to open the output formats list provided, then choose "MOV" as your output format if you wanna play the files on QuickTime. There are almost all popular video and audio formats provided you can convert WebM to, just pick up one you want.

how to play webm videos on mac

Step 3. Start to convert WebM on Mac

Hit on "Convert" and leave the Video Converter for Mac to finish the rest automatically. After the Mac WebM conversions, you can now play the web videos on Mac player with ease. Enjoy yourself.

play webm videos

Optional: Online WebM Converter

You can also try online WebM video converter to convert your WebM files, if you don't want to install a computer program. Try it below:

Part 2. Top 5 WebM Player

Finding a good player for WebM files is never an easy task because most browsers do not support this format. In fact many apps will support them but with enormous CPU consumption. However, there are other players capable of playing WebM without difficulties as covered in this article.

#1. Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is definitely among the most sought after WebM Players available. This is largely due to the fact that the player has an easy-to-use interface and resource consumption is moderate. Even new users would find it super easy to navigate through the player. Elmedia Player is available in PRO version which enables users to easily stream WebM videos to devices like Apple TV, can play with video settings as well as taking movie screenshots at any moment of interest and save them as either TIFF, PNG, or GIF. If you are interested in downloading movies from the Internet with amazing speed levels and output quality, Elmedia player could be an ideal solution.

• Elmedia Player has an incredible speed levels and therefore streaming and downloading videos over the Internet is faster.
• With this player, the quality of your output is high.
• Elmedia Player is capable of playing a damaged AVI file if you got one.
• Multitasking is possible with Elmedia Player.
• This WebM player has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.
• Elmedia Player supports a variety of formats apart from WebM.
• Users would need a PRO version to access more features.

play webm on mac

#2. MPlayerX

MPlayerX is a useful WebM player with perfect resource consumption. This player is tailored for Mac users and has an intuitive total no-brainer interface. Apart from WebM, MPlayerX offers support to Apple Remote, subtitle size adjustment depending on the user’s requirement, and full-screen mode among others. This player has worked well with Mac and users have simply enjoyed due to the availability of all popular codecs. This tool will hardly create problem to your videos, as the quality of the output video would be high.

• MPlayerX has the capability to play many different videos and audio formats including popular and hot ones.
• This player has a simple and straightforward interface, which makes it super-easy for users to go about their respective tasks. The tool is also comprehensive making it possible to do a lot within the same program.
• MPlayerX works well with subtitles and users can adjust subtitle sizes depending on their interest without having to worry about program’s support.
• With the program, resource consumption in terms of CPU consumption is excellent.
• MPlayerX has all popular codecs for users.
• The player has been created specifically for Mac.
• MPlayerX has a dull user-interface.

how to open webm file on mac

#3. VLC

VLC is no doubt one of the most popular WebM players available across the globe. This player has gained a widespread reputation due to its ability to play videos with ease and on good quality. VLC is a cross platform software which is available for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and even iPhone. This wonderful program meaning you can play virtually all media file formats supports almost all formats of both audio and video. Its versatility is outstanding and makes it an excellent WebM player. Playing these files is simple, just browse the respective files and play them on this media player. Various media file sources such as DVD/CD, and online media files among others are supported. You can also play your media files based on your preferences by adjusting audio and video settings including subtitles.

• The program is lightweight and very flexible.
• With this player, multiple videos can be played at the same time without impacting on the player performance.
• This player is a cross platform software that is available for not only Mac users but also for Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android.
• VLC media player has good support for hotkey.
• VLC has a user interface that is regarded quite basic and is slicker in Mac OS.

webm player mac

#4. Kodi

Kodi is another top rated free WebM Player widely known for its amazing capabilities that makes an awesome experience for users. Kodi is capable of playing TV serials and series and that users can easily their own playlist of videos and audio depending on their preferences. In the main interface, users can access various options like open videos, music, games, and pictures among other media files. Many backends including the popular ones like MythTv, this WebM player supports VDR, NextPVR, and MediaPortal. UPNP is incorporated to enable users stream to stream media files on other devices without any difficulties. Surely, there are a lot that can be done with this player as far as media files are concerned such as import of images, saving them in the library, apply filters, and play slideshow just to mention but a few.

• Kodi is a multiplatform player, which is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.
• The player features an array of useful options that enables users properly manage their media files such as creating playlist of videos and audio.
• With this player, you can makes use of add-ons to get access to more videos and audios.
• Kodi has an easy-to-use interface and users can hardly find navigation troubles.
• The installation of add-ons can be quite confusing.
• Finding the content to watch can become somehow tricky.

webm on mac

#5. GOM Player

GOM is a common widely known free media player capable of playing WebM files and other popular media file formats without difficulties. Some of these formats include MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, and WMV among others. In fact this player can play nearly all formats of both video and audio and hence useful for many users. By use of the Open icon, users can easily browse and play their audio and video files and create a playlist based on their interest. Unlike most other free players, GOM player features both basic and advanced features to allow users manage their media files conveniently. These features include ability to capture screenshots, add, share and download file subtitles, rotate video to different angles for good view, and even the ability to change and download skins or logos. In vase you want to play some media files are missing the respective codecs, GOM has an inbuilt audio and video codec that allows users to directly download codec.

• GOM Player has a wide support for media files including the common ones like MP4, AVI, MKV, and FLV among others.
• This program is a cross platform tool available for Windows, Android as well as Apple devices and is compatible with all window versions.
• The inbuilt audio and video codec makes it easy for users to play a file by directly downloading respective codec if missing.
• The player has a user-friendly interface and hence users can navigate with ease.
• Matching of subtitles does not always work.
• GOM only comes in one skin and color scheme.

webm mac

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