Convert MTS to MPG/MPEG on Mac or Windows in Easy Way

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Putting it in simple terms, MTS format is nothing but a very high definition of MPEG type files. For this reason, MPG and MTS can have many similarities in their fundamental properties. But the fact cannot be ignored that they are not the same things. MTS is more commonly found in cameras that are designed to record high definition videos. However, it's always incompatible with most devices, editing software and video sharing sites thus hard to play, edit and upload for sharing. Now that we have an idea about what MTS file is, we can understand the need to convert MTS to MPG or convert MTS to MPEG, better. So, how can this be done? The most common and convenient way is to use a good MTS to MPG video converter. These can be downloaded from the Internet without much trouble. One of these video converters, that have a good reputation with users, is iSkysoft Video Converter.

Convert MTS Videos to MPG or MPEG on Mac/Windows

Converting video using UniConverter is a relatively easy task. Not only is this software known for its user friendly interface, but convert MTS to MPG video with high quality. You can also convert multiple MTS video file to MPG format in one go. Three steps are all that is required to make this conversion happen.

UniConverter - Video Converter

Get the Best MTS to MPG Video Converter:

  • Convert MTS/M2TS to MPG with original quality at 3X faster conversion speed.
  • Directly import MTS/M2TS video from your camcorder or other mobile devices.
  • Edit your MTS/M2TS video before converting it to MPG with features like cut, crop, add effects.
  • Preset formats for most popular devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phones and devices.
  • Transfer converted MTS or MPG video to your phones, tablets or USB disk easily.
  • Download video from 1,000 online video sharing sites as conversion source.

Guide to Convert MTS/M2TS to MPG with iSkysoft

Step 1. Add MTS files to MPG video converter

Open UniConverter after installation. This Mac app is extremely easy to use. Just locate your MTS files and drag and drop them to the application interface. If AVCHD/MTS files are stored in your camcorder, import them to your Mac using a cable or card reader first.

convert mts to mpeg

Step 2. Choose output format

Next, the output format has to be provided. In this case, that will be MPEG-2 (video format for DVD) or MPEG-1 (video format for VCD). To select an output format, go to the Format tray on right side and choose MPEG format under Video section. The format, resolution, bit rate and other video settings have been preset, but you can change them by clicking the "Encode Settings" icon.

mts to mpg

Step 3. Start to convert MTS or M2TS to MPG

The last step is to start the conversion by clicking the "Convert" button. This is how one can convert video to MPG from MTS format, by using UniConverter.

convert mts to mpg

Why Choose UniConverter for Mac/Windows

Free Video Converters
Online Converters
Convert MTS/M2TS to MPG with original quality Limited support Limited support
Convert MTS/M2TS to every video and audio format
The conversion speed Very Fast Normal Slow
Convert popular video formats to Youtube, including MTS/M2TS Limited support Limited support
The estimated conversion time display  
Convert MTS/M2TS to iPhone,iPad, Android phones and video sharing sites Limited support Limited support
Fetch and Add Movie & TV Show Metadata    
Personalize and edit MTS/M2TS videos Limited support Limited support
Support both Mac/Windows Limited support
24-hour custome support Limited support Limited support
No advertisements Limited support

Tip: Learn more about MTS format

Can I convert WLMP to AVI on Mac?

MTS and M2TS are both file extensions for HD format AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition), which is the most popular format used for lots of HD digital video camcorders like JVC, Canon, Panasonic, Sony camcorders. Besides the video and audio data, AVCHD (.mts or m2ts files) can also include menu navigation, slideshows and subtitles.

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