How Can I Play VR Videos from KODAK PIXPRO SP360

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KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Action Camera is outlined not just to catch what you want to do, yet a great deal a greater amount of it. It will submerge you in itself and will let you catch 360 degrees of pristine 1080p HD video without the requirement for different cameras. Shockproof, solidify confirmation clean verification and sprinkle safe, the SP360 is the ideal buddy to take life's tough times and your enterprises in walk. KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras 16MP CMOS and is controlled wirelessly with iOS or Android.

With this device you can unfurl the video. I am utilizing the frontview mode and the determination 3840x1920. This changed over record can be transferred to YouTube and plays fine in 360 view. Just the opposite side of the half-circle is dark and the side where the camera was indicated is openly noticeable in 360x180.

Then, I was prescribed to utilize Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015. To assist you in this situation, below are the steps of this process.

- Import your Kodak 360 MP4 video.
- Set Format: H264
- Set Resolution: 3920x1980
- Set edge rate to 30fps
- Set target bit rate to 20
- Set greatest piece rate to 20
- Encode. The subsequent record size ought to be about 33% of the first kodak one
- Copy to the video record to your telephone\Oculus\360Videos
- Play it

Part 1. How to Make VR Video after Shooting with KODAK PICPRO SP360

When you are done making your prized videos with the helpful KODAK PIXPRO SP360, you can get to stitching and editing and making a VR video. The procedure is laid out as takes after:

The initial step is to get all the footage out of the camera as the PIXPRO SP360 works on interior memory as it were. The perfect case is to chip away at a PC where you can see each moment detail of each picture that you are taking a shot at and make amendments as you go, particularly on the off chance that you are keen on an exceptionally proficient result. Associate like a USB and sit tight for your documents to show up and simplified the ones you need to utilize. You may likewise need to utilize an application like "Easyfinder" in the event that you more often than not experience difficulty finding your records or your PC doesn't lift them up. It keeps diverse arrangements in various folders for simplicity of finding.

Take this opportunity to 'erase from import'. In the event that you have documents amassing in your PIXPRO SP360 that you know you won't utilize and aren't content with, then erase them when you are duplicating your valuable records. Utilize the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 application to do all the sewing for you since it is truly the least demanding way and the application offers a considerable measure of controlling notes for novices. You can relocate moderately crude information and just press change over. The best a portion of this application is that you can accomplish more than one clasp without a moment's delay and spare time. Go to the official theta site and download the application off from that point.

The next thing you need to shoulder as a primary concern when you are dealing with the footage you have shot to make a VR video is remember the time succession and timetable. Check the exchange take care of which pops in the application or take additional alert when you are sewing the footage together.

Editing is a noteworthy part of a VR video. You have to get the shading rectification, presentation; outlines, blurring in and out and all that without flaw for that practical feel and give careful consideration to sound as that can be influenced in different ways when you are playing around with a 360 degree camera. You likewise need to ensure you are keeping up concentrate on what you are shooting since with these sorts of camera it is anything but difficult to slide out of core interest.

Part 2. How to Convert VR Videos from KODAK PIXPRO SP360 for Playing on VR Devices

UniConverter is such a heavenly gadget to have in your arms stockpile when you will make VR videos and routinely changing over beginning with one course of action then onto the following in order to have videos useful for each one of your devices that you wish to watch them on.

UniConverter - Video Converter

Get the Best VR Video Converter:

  • The converter decision has been known to house more than 150 game plans with all the additionally joining the rule database reliably.
  • The converter decision grants you to exchange clearly to web based systems administration, for instance, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.
  • You are able to preview and edit your videos before converting to VR device compatible formats.
  • It furthermore can download videos from the web and even duplicate DVDs.
  • Intel and NVIDIA GPU hardware animating extends conversion speed.
3,981,454 people have downloaded it

Converting the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 Videos to a VR Device Compatible Format is really simple.

Step 1. Drag the applicable videos in the converter

For changing over video to device good format, you need to import your video records first. Here are a couple ways to deal with finish that:
a. Particularly attract your video to the program;
b. Go to the "File" menu, then pick "Load Media Files" or "Load Camcorder Files".

play KODAK PIXPRO SP360 VR Videos

Step 2. Select the format you are searching for the video to be changed over in

Resulting to acquiring your VR videos, please pick the video mode first. They can be 2D 360 degree, 3D 180 degree beat/base, 3D 180 degree left/right, 3D 360 degree top/bottom and 3D 360 degree left/right. Unexpectedly, 2D 180 degree video is the conventional one, not VR video. After that, select output device from the format tray.

What's more, you can also preview and edit your videos before converting them.

play VR Videos from KODAK PIXPRO SP360

Step 3. Convert your video clips and save them onto your device

At the last walk, please set the yield way and a short time later tap the "Convert" catch to change over your video for playing on any device.

play VR Video from KODAK PIXPRO SP360

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