Best Virtual Reality (VR) Movies You Can't Miss

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There are a considerable measure of incredible approaches to watch video on your Gear VR. Significant spilling applications like Netflix and Hulu are a fingertip away, the Oculus Store has its own motion picture buy benefit for a ton of new movies, and a few awesome 360-degree video applications are accessible to download. The thing these video applications have in like manner is the way the video is exhibited. It's about each of the 2D video, even the 360-degree stuff.

These are the top 10 best VR movies you can watch for an amazing experience. You can watch all of these movies easily on Netflix/ YouTube.

Part 1. List 10 Virtual Reality (VR) Movies

#1. Enter the Void

Shot completely in first individual, Enter the Void is as of now the best film on Netflix with which to involvement in VR. The film was produced by Gaspar Noe as a "hallucinogenic melo-show," yet it likewise fabulously fills in as a first individual virtual motion picture. The film takes after a street pharmacist as he trips to his past, present and future in an out of body involvement after he's shot by police. The strange excursion his soul takes sees him go from skimming above Tokyo to the first snapshots of life.

#2. Jungle Book

The "cutting edge" undertakings of Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera wowed in the cinema world as the magnificence of Jon Favreau's Indian jungle story unfurled on screen. The rich world Disney's Jungle Book was made in shocking subtle element with a similar tech that James Cameron used to make Avatar. The situations made for Jungle Book were semi-rendered virtual spaces where he could discover a camera edge he needed inside the 3D world.

#3. 11:57

How frequently have you turned away amid an especially terrifying minute in the theater? 11:57 looks to deny you of that capacity. In a progressive interpretation of the blood and gore movie industry, this short places the watcher as the primary character in a 360 degree thriller; you're strapped in a seat in a storm cellar, and the terrible folks are wanting you.

Created by the Sid Lee Collective, 11:57 guarantees to change the way blood and guts movies are expended. Furthermore, perhaps cause a couple heart assaults all the while.

#4. Kung Fury

Time travel, dinosaur cops, and kung-fu activity all join into an evil short film that will in all probability be changed into a full VR world individuals will need to live in sometime in the future. Subsequent to increasing super powers and overcoming monster arcade machine robots, Detective Kung Fury must backpedal so as to murder Hitler.

#5. Blade II

Guillermo Del Toro's film are hyper-adapted, nitty gritty, and shot for all intents and purposes at whatever point conceivable, each of the three things make for immersing VR motion picture seeing.

Blade II sees Wesley Snipes' daywalker collaborate with vampire sovereignty to chase down another strain of creature. Depicted as a "fairly splendid vomitorium of viscera" by Roger Ebert, the film's battle scenes pack an additional punch in a computerized theater.

#6. Across the Universe

Julie Taymor has a storied life as an executive, having adjusted both The Lion King and Spider-Man for the Broadway organize, one more darling than the other. In the middle of those two profession highlights Taymor coordinated the film Taking after the lives of Jude and Lucy through the turbulent '60s, the characters of the motion picture break the fourth divider as Paul and John's great songs lead us through their inconveniences and triumphs.

#7. Zootopia

Zootopia was a genuine true to life astound for some in 2016. Indeed, even from the Disney film's soonest scenes delineating the historical backdrop of creatures as a school kids' play, watchers would have a feeling of disclosure as the motion picture moved however its reality.

#8. Alumette

Alumette is the second generation from Penrose Animation, the makers of The Rose and I. Alumette is the French word for 'matchstick'; a fitting name, since the film is construct freely in light of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Little Match Girl."

Alumette is approximately 20 minutes in length. Despite the fact that that might be short, the film will require numerous viewings to guarantee you don't miss anything. Wired calls it the "First VR Film Masterpiece." They might be correct.

#9. Black Hawk Down

With a pledge to military authenticity and a sublime eye for the littlest subtle elements, Ridley Scott's delineation of the Battle of Mogadishu is an epic film regardless of what scale you watch it in. In virtual reality, be that as it may, Black Hawk Down's cinematography and commonsense fights make for a hypnotizing knowledge.

#10. Comet

Not all that we do in VR must be some super immersive fight against an outsider crowd. The film Comet is the straightforward sentiment of two individuals who discover each other at a meteor shower in Los Angeles. Depicted with beguiling interest by Emmy Rossum and Justin Long, the couple plays out the intricate details of a six year relationship. Comet jumps around through the match's course of events and into option "What uncertainties?" until you start to feel as if these may be situations playing out in the characters' heads.

The film emerges as an unquestionable requirement watch in VR however on account of the one of a kind structure and nuances defined by the chief, Sam Esmail.

Part 2. How to Watch VR Videos on HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift Successfully

UniConverter is such a heavenly gadget to have in your arms stockpile when you will make VR videos and routinely changing over beginning with one course of action then onto the following in order to have videos useful for each one of your devices that you wish to watch them on.

Best VR Video Converter - UniConverter

  • UniConverter is the best video converting tool to convert videos to 150+ video/audio formats.
  • Convert videos for playback on any player or device, including HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, etc.
  •  It furthermore can download videos from the web and even duplicate DVDs.
  • Before converting for playback on VR devices, you can edit your videos with its built-in video editor.
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How to Convert Videos for Playback on Different VR Devices

Step 1. Drag the applicable videos in the converter

For changing over video to device good format, you need to import your video records first. Here are a couple ways to deal with finish that:
a. Particularly attract your video to the program;
b. Go to the "File" menu, then pick "Load Media Files" or "Load Camcorder Files".

virtual reality movies

Step 2. Select the format you are searching for the video to be changed over in

Subsequent to bringing in your VR videos, please pick the video mode for the source video first. They can be 2D 360 degree, 3D 180 degree beat/base, 3D 180 degree left/right, 3D 360 degree top/bottom and 3D 360 degree left/right. After that, go to the format tray and then select “HTC Vive”, “Samsung Gear VR” or “Oculus Rift” as the output device.

Step 3. Edit your VR videos likewise

You can add picture or substance watermarks to your VR videos using UniConverter until further notice. You should tap the edit image on the basic interface to incorporate watermarks as required.

movie virtual reality

Step 4. Convert your video clips and save them onto your device

At the last walk, please set the yield way and a short time later tap the "Convert" catch to change over your video for playing on any device.

virtual reality in movies

With the help of UniConverter, you are enabled to watch the best VR movies on your VR headset.

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