How to Convert Videos using Kigo Video Converter for Mac/Windows

by Brian Fisher • Feb 06,2017 • Proven solutions

Along with having the ability to convert your favorite videos, you can also use Kigo Video Converter for Mac/Windows to download videos from some of the most popular websites. Recently, Kigo Video Converter for Mac/Windows has added the DVD Creator option. This gives you the ability to burn your converted video onto a DVD. The formats that it supports includes MPEG, MOV, MP4, AVI, and many more. When it comes to downloading video, you can visit sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Google Video to download millions of different videos. The program will support all of the popular video formats.

Part 1. Steps to Convert Videos on Kigo Video Converter

Step 1: Add the Files. Once you have the software installed and program open, you will see that there are two buttons at the bottom to "Add File(s)" or "Add DVD". You also have the ability to simply grab the media from a folder or any other location and drag it onto the screen.

Step 2: Set Video Profile. On the right side of the screen, there is a "Profile" section. This is the format that you want your file(s) to be converted to. If you are converting more than one file at a time, every file will convert to the format that you select. The encoding and decoding of the various video and audio formats are supported by the software, such as Zune, Archos, PSP, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc.

Step 3: Set the Output. Your next step is to set the destination for your file, once it is converted. Select the "Output Location-Folder" to open the drop list, then select "Choose…" Then, you can select the folder. By default, the converted files will go to /Users/Movies/Kigo UniConverter. This location can be opened by selecting "Reveal in Finder" on the menu.

Step 4: Convert. After you have your files and the settings for the format and output, you click the "Convert Now" button that is in the bottom, right corner of the screen. This moves all of your files from the original list to a list under Task-Pending-Converting. At the same time, the conversion begins with the first file, while the remaining files are in queue. Once a file have been converted, it will be removed from the Task-Pending-Converting list. You can view all completed files in the Task-History-Converted list.

Note: Using the converter for the first time, it requires that the application cache font information on the computer.

kigo video converter

Part 2. Best Kigo Video Converter Alternative - UniConverter

With so many converters available on the market, it is best to know which version is the best one. UniConverter continues to be a great choice, alongside the Kigo Video Converter for Mac/Windows.

UniConverter - Video Converter

Get the Best Alternative to Kigo Video Converter:

  • You can convert videos to more than 150 different formats. And, the formats are limitless, because new formats are added as they are discovered.
  • The extensive list of formats does not take away from your video’s quality, when it is converted. This means that your HD quality videos will remain in any format.
  • With its quality, UniConverter delivers quick results. It is ranked one of the fastest converters, thanks to the Intel and NVIDIA GPU hardware acceleration that provides results in record time.
  • It is a DVD toolkit that helps convert, burn and copy DVD files.
  • Edit video files before converting to other formats with built-in video editing tools.
  • The UniConverter allows you to download from over 1,000 sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook as well.
3,981,454 people have downloaded it

Here are the steps on how to convert videos with Kigo Video Converter alternative

Step 1: Load Video Files

With the software installed and running, it is time to add the files that you want to convert. Like Kigo Video Converter, you can easily grab your file and drag it onto the screen. If you have multiple files to convert, this program allows you to drag an entire folder onto the screen. It will add the files from the folder onto the list for you. This saves time from accessing files, individually.

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Step 2: Select Video Format

Now you can select which format is best for your files that you plan to convert. Go to the format tray to get a list of format options, which includes the option of extracting the audio from your video. This option allows you to extract to some of the most popular audio files, like MP3, AAC, and WAV. After you have your format, you select the Gear button to change the settings of the format.

kigo video converter free

Step 3: Convert

You can now move on to starting the conversion. You can select the option to change the output folder for your converted file. You can also choose to have the folder opened, once the conversion is done. Now, select the “Convert” button to begin the process. Next to the file being converted is the amount of the video that has been converted. This allows you to keep track of the estimate amount of time remaining. There is also an alert message that informs you, when the conversion is complete.

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