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Find useful tips and tricks for video in any format in this page!
WAV to MP3
How to Transfer Videos from Tivo to Mac or from Mac to Tivo
  • Step 1: Connect your TiVo to network.
  • Step 2: Launch TiVoDecode Manager and find TiVo on network.
  • Step 3: Transfer TiVo shows to Mac.
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Play Movies from External Hard Drive
How to Play Movies from External Hard Drive on TV
  • Step 1: Import the movie to video converter.
  • Step 2:Choose the output format which is supported by your HDTV set.
  • Step 3: Convert the movie to other format as needed.
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QuickTime to MP3
How to Play QuickTime Videos on iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Step 1: Install iSkysoft video converter and drag the Quicktime video to it.
  • Step 2: Select your mobile phone outpur format.
  • Step 3: Start converting.
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Resize Video
How to Resize Video on Mac & Windows
  • Step 1: Install the Video Resizer and Add your Video Files.
  • Step 2: Set the output quality, size and other parameter.
  • Step 3: Resize video with 1 click.
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Add Metadata to MP4
How to Add Metadata to MP4 on Mac
  • Step 1: Import MP4 file to iSkysoft converter.
  • Step 2: Edit the Metadata.
  • Step 3: Choose an output format and export the MP4 with Metadata.
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 OGG to MP3
Alternative to Super Converter on Mac
  • Step 1: Drag the video or audio to iSkysoft converter.
  • Step 2: Set an output formats.
  • Step 3: Convert and export the file in 5 seconds.
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